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  1. Radio Hyrule (a longtime supporter of OCR music and VGM in general) is holding a live event at the local barcade near the Phoenix area. I'll be spinning a set of purely Zelda-based music for a couple hours starting at 10 PM PST. You can tune in via their website: https://radiohyrule.com/night
  2. Not having heard the original, all I can say is this sounds clean, I can hear a good arrangement, and I'm digging the throwback feel. Also, great choice of source--for sheltered former homeschoolers like me who've never heard of a game like "Lawnmower Man," this is a great introduction to a funky, not-as-mainstream source. Great work! YES
  3. It is indeed some very sweet art. Downloading the MP3s right now!
  4. Milo, you already know I love you guys, but.... THAT WAS FREAKING GREAT. I absolutely love how you guys integrated the themes, the jazz reharmonizations were on point, and the musicianship was through the roof. The video concept was really neat as well. Love, love, LOVE this one.
  5. Ooh, groovy stuff! I dig it quite a lot. The slow burn suits the song well. Love the little organ stabs, and of course the bass work is fantastic, as I'd hope from a session bassist, haha. Love the vocal work. Full-sounding mix, great attention to detail. Nice work!
  6. Super interesting, thanks for sharing! I'll be perusing this more thoroughly at a later time, I'm sure.
  7. It's tasty and I love it. Really nice guitar work here, Stevo. My one complaint is it feels rather overcompressed--you could probably let this mix breathe a bit more and have a bit better dynamic range, to suit the emotion of the piece. That might partially solve Chimpa's complaint, too, about letting the song have a breakdown section at some point. Anyways. Nothing too major, beautiful arrangement, love the guitar tones. YES
  8. Super creative combo of stuff, I love what you've done with the source (dat groove tho). I almost feel like the drums could have been fattened up some more with some different samples alongside the chippy stuff, but it works well enough as-is. Playing is good, arrangement is catchy, and there's nothing I can say that would prevent this from getting passed in my eyes. YES
  9. Oh no, an 8 minute song. *gulp* Honestly, this was actually...really enjoyable. I like the personality you infused the entire thing with, and the ride you took us on was varied, dynamic, and interesting. After reading through Deia's vote, I'd really say the exact same things. Smooth out the transitions a bit, maybe shorten up and make it a little less of a trek to listen to, and improve the instrumental sequencing (and possibly some samples). No mix issues stand out to me, though. Really, the main thing that stood out to me was when it dropped to just a couple of instruments--a real orchestra probably wouldn't do that nearly as often, so you'll want to support the transitions with backing instrumentation more effectively. Fun piece here, just give it some more polish and send it on back! NO (please resub!)
  10. I think I agree with Emu--it certainly "feels" like a NiGHTS remix, and it seems to use source effectively. The atmosphere is there, I love the treatment of the little bell arp, and it's super chill and enjoyable to my ears. Repetition doesn't bother me in this instance, since I don't think it gets stale. The production is spot on (at least in these crummy Skullcandy headphones), so no issues there. Love what you've done with the stereo field, etc. YES
  11. I'm just chuckling at the fact that a user registered just so he could give his two cents on a five-year-old topic. XD (which is completely out of date, since both DAWs in question have matured drastically since the original post, haha)
  12. I love my Corsair K90, but it's been replaced by the K95 (fully mechanical), which is even better. However, if you don't want the inordinate amount of macro keys, then the Corsair K70 or the K65 may be just the ticket for you. Cherry Red switches, which are very nice and tactile without the super-distinct "click." If you want a more distinct clicking feel, then look into something with different color switches--perhaps Blue or Brown. Steelseries, Das Keyboard, and even Razer themselves have good mechanical keyboards, although Razer uses their own custom switches, meaning they're a bit less standard.
  13. Aww yeah, another excellent game-centric guitarist to subscribe to on YouTube! Love this medley, great work!
  14. I love this so much. Like Sir Palpable said, "candy-coated" is a great description. It's sweet, it's shiny, and I feel like it's going to take several licks--er, listens--to truly appreciate the detail. Love the personalization you've given the melodies, and honestly I love the choice of source as well, haha. YES
  15. dude, you're posting on OCReMix. There's a bunch of super high-quality music here, why are you still looking? In all seriousness, you can use Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Pandora, whatever. Just find music that's done well and then listen to that, then mentally compare your music to it. That's basically it. If you want some recommendations as to well-done music, I'm sure a bunch of us can chime in--what genre are you looking at right now?
  16. I like compressed, loud music. I get that it's not always appropriate for every genre, but I like the visceral feeling I get in energetic genres when it's squashed appropriately.
  17. Honestly, I'd personally recommend Logic. There are so many usable presets built into that program, both for instruments and for channel strips, that you'll be able to find something usable without ever having to build something from scratch, just by what's included in the program. Plus, it's a much more mature piece of software on the Mac platform, and it's actually originally built for the Mac OS, rather than ported over. The piano roll in FL Studio is probably superior, but Logic has much nicer quantization and recording capabilities. Plus, Logic supports the mod wheel (essential for getting good expression out of many synth patches) out of the box on a MIDI keyboard, whereas good luck getting it to work in FL if you don't want to do a ton of tweaking. FL is fantastic, but it is going to be spotty on Mac at first, and you should really wait a couple years while they figure it all out on that platform. Finally, you'll be able to import all your old GarageBand files and keep editing them with Logic's toolset, since that's a fun feature that Logic has. Either way, go out and purchase Native Instruments Komplete 10 if you have the cash along with whichever one you pick.
  18. aaaaaaaand my day is made. As far as what I tend to be heavily influenced by--definitely Pendulum, anything by the Animusic team, the Beatles, lots of older Christian bands (dc Talk, Newsboys, Relient K, etc.), BT, Hybrid, Pet Shop Boys, Vangelis, deadmau5, various Hospital Records artists like Netsky/Sub Focus/High Contrast/Mistabishi, lots of Trance Around the World featured artists (hosted by Above and Beyond), Seven Lions....and of course some OCR stalwarts like bLiNd, zircon, SGX, and Big Giant Circles. Gosh, I listen to a LOT of music.
  19. Ooh, I like this one a lot! Gonna have to see if I can slip it into a set somewhere.
  20. I like basically everything about this mix. The vocal harmonies, the instrumental performances, the mix is clean, the attitude is there in spades....oh, and I guess it's a pretty good arrangement, too. Enough words. Let's get this on the front page! YES
  21. I dunno guys, I kinda like this one. It's really clean, and while it's a little repetitive, I think it works really well if you think about it like a soundtrack sort of song. Getting a VERY Deus Ex vibe off of this one. I never got bored, things changed up when they needed to for my ears, it's super clean and well-crafted. Think I'll go ahead and be the dissenting voice this time around. YES
  22. Well, YOURS isn't, but I dunno about everyone else.
  23. Yay, keys are back! Really love this rendition, y'allz.
  24. Sheesh, awfully morbid song description there! Love the atmosphere, and fantastic use of the instruments to really convey a feeling. That bassoon, especially, was a nice touch in the beginning section. Dunno why it stood out to me, but it did. When the electronic drums kick in, they sound a bit too hollow, and the song overall could have really used a better touch to convey the jump in energy--just doesn't really feel full enough in the spectrum to hit that feeling. This isn't really enough to kill the vote for me, but it IS enough to be a bit jarring. Similarly, the sequencing of the instruments is obviously sequencing, but it's not *too* obvious, and again, shouldn't really kill the vote. Gonna go ahead and pass this one, although I can see it going either way. YES
  25. Oh man, the ambiance paired with the heavy guitars...this is one of my very favorite combinations of sounds. Definitely agree with Kris that the sparse bit drags on for too long--I want my energy back, dagnabbit! That's not enough to kill this submission, though. I like the production, the instruments are played really well (as I'd expect--been following the YouTube channel for a while now), and the arrangement--while not taking any giant risks--is fantastic. Let's get this sucker posted! YES