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  1. I'm not a judge and I certainly don't post on OCR very often, but I saw this thread from the home page and had to check it out because I'm a huge Phoenix Wright fan.... This remix is pure noise and gave me an instant headache. Is that the bitcrush sound? Oh my oh my it crushed more than bits let me tell you.... And the gratuitous use of sound clips = total OLR style. Even in your intro to this piece you said "it doesnt sound great and tbh the entire songs a bit of a joke.... so basically this ended up like a mess and i just destroyed it near the end but it was fun." If this doesn't describe every other song on OLR I don't know what does! If this really is a serious attempt, my honest feedback is this: tone it WAYYYY down. Nix the bitcrush and the voice clips. I love PW so my personal standard for a remix is very high. I'm not a musician so I can't even begin to know where to start, but take for example OA's great remix of the ending theme as a shining example of what a really good PW remix sounds like.
  2. Sweet! I will seed as long as possible. Thanks to everyone who worked on this exciting release!
  3. Been listening to this album again... for the first time. Actually it didn't make my regular rotation at first release, but lately I "rediscovered" this one (similar to Yogarine above) and I really enjoy this one. Just wanted to say: Thanks! Oh and I echo the request for FLAC if it's at all possible at some point, but otherwise what we have is surely much better than nothing at all.
  4. Just wanted to publicly thank herograw and garian... this made my day!
  5. I'm planning to pick this one up... I love the puzzle-type games, but what I love about this one is the artsy style of the characters, the music, the storyline etc. Reminds me of the Triplets of Bellevue! I'm going to Europe in about 5 weeks and this just seemed like the "perfect" game for traveling around there, both in terms of the play format (short puzzles you can do in between train rides and what not), and the overall atmosphere of the game.
  6. Hah, email - who knew?? I will try that. Thanks for the tip and I know I was probably coming across as well... But yeah, I DO appreciate the patience!
  7. Ok this is my last attempt... Nobody has a copy of the higher bitrate version?
  8. Great album and a great effort by all involved. My only complaint/request - and this echoes what someone else posted before as well - is for a higher bitrate or quality upgrade. Is there any chance of a FLAC version being put up? Otherwise, it all sounds good. Nice work!
  9. To answer the thread topic's question, I'd have to say that probably half of the remixes I enjoy the most, I've never heard the original source material. It's always interesting to hear the original of course, but I enjoy a great many of these remixes as musical tracks unto themselves. That being said, I think the remixes that top my list of favorites are those which I am familiar with the original source tune. So it's a mixed bag of sorts. Now, another issue altogether is whether or not I've actually played the game. I'd have to say that 95% of the remixes I enjoy, I've never played the game the source material is from. A ready example that comes to mind is Final Fantasy VII - never played the game, but I have the soundtrack and VotL is probably my favorite OCR tribute album to date. Go figure!
  10. Great remix. Love the lyrics and the vocals, some really snazzy instrumentation in there, and just overall a highly enjoyable mix! Certainly saving one of the best of 2007 for the end of an already great year on OCR.
  11. Hate to double post, but does anybody have the long lost higher bitrate version of this ReMix? Song came up on my shuffled playlist again and reminded me about this... need higher quality! Thanks if anyone can help...
  12. Very cool. More SGX aural goodness. I'm streaming the audio right now and it sounds really polished and even more professional. I always love the use of strings/orchestral elements, it really adds a level of depth to the music. I like the pricing idea and hope that works out for you. Interesting hybrid approach to setting a price but encouraging fans to "pay what they feel." Oddly enough it makes me more inclined to pay a little more if it is up to me. Added to my Xmas wishlist/shopping list! EDIT: Side note... VBR vs FLAC. Since FLAC is lossless I can use this format to create my own VBR MP3s as needed, yes? Same idea as ripping a CD to MP3 (naturally some loss of quality will occur). If this is true, then wouldn't choosing the FLAC option make more sense so that one would always have lossless backup version (even if you use/prefer MP3s?) Thanks and sorry if that is off-topic but I was just wondering...
  13. I noticed that a higher bitrate version of the DKC Riptide ReMix was made available from your site and my first thought was "Oh it sure would be nice to have a higher quality version of Blue Lightning!" So I came here to see if such a thing exists, and lo and behold... it apparently did. But alas this link doesn't work anymore. Any chance you could post a higher bitrate version again? Please? (I realize this could have been made a PM but I figured that there could easily be others who would want a quality upgrade on this CLASSIC ReMix, so I figured a post in this thread would be more appropriate.) Cheers, Ken
  14. Ahoy-hoy! I just had to register in order to say - awesome remix and awesome comeback! I've been an OCR fan since 2002, not sure why I never registered here but hey here I am now. Just wanted you to know that this remix prompted me to finally do so! Best of 2007 for me. Also, thanks a lot for the higher bitrate version too - makes a big difference! Hope to hear more from you soon. Disco Dan has been a favorite of mine since day one, so it's great to hear some new stuff! Cheers, Ken
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