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  1. Skipped work to go get in line at Wal-Mart at 4pm Nov. 15th 2006 for the release of a PS3. Slept in the layaway in the back of that Wal-Mart that night on random Wal-Mart crap. Most horrible night of sleep I can ever remember because they play the worst music imaginable during the day and then you just want to kill yourself with what they play at 3:30 am. Spent ALL DAY sitting in the layaway of a WAL-MART waiting its release at midnight Nov. 17th 2006. Got the 60 GB Model the second it was available in North America. Ended up returning it..... All the days of my youth playing Zelda:OoT & FFVII with my brother and buds are quite possibly some of the best memories I have. Too many hours...........
  2. So I usually don't post much but I had to tell of my Play! adventure. It was pretty crazy. Classical music is my favorite type of music and I like video games(fav being Final Fantasy series) so it was kind of a no-brainer to go see Play! I had first read about it in an EGM magazine and was like "hmm... that'd be cool to go to." I called up a bud(also a FF fan) to see if he wanted to go, he was game. Called up some relatives that live in chicago and told'em I was going to be dropping in on'em for a stay for a couple of days to see a symphony (not mentioning it was a video game symphony). They said "C'mon up." We drive from Bama to Chicago for the Play! premiere. I had read on the website that all the big name composers(Kondo, akira yamaoka, O'Donnell) were going to be there so I thought that was quite cool, but when I read the Uematsu was gonna be there I was like, "Now him I'd like to meet." I found out that there was going to be some kind of autograph signing that Arnie Roth, Angela Aki and Uematsu were going to be at there in chicago in a Tower Records... so I dropped by there. No offense to anybody who was there but you should've seen this place. Geeks of every size and shape were there. There was even a lil' geek garage band playing video game music at the start of the ginormous line from the entrance of the place spiraling all the way down on to the sidewalk into the street. They didn't sound bad but... c'mon.... lol. Well anyway, I wasn't really into hanging around in a line with a buncha goobs so me and my bud kinda just went on in to look at some magazines and CDs. I had just begun to read into some guitar amp magazine when I hear my bud say "There he is!" I look up to see him pointing at the one and only, Uematsu. So here we are face to face with the legend. All I can really force myself to say is "We're big fans of your music and we just think your great." I had forgotten that he spoke Japanese but he seemed to understand what I said. He smiled and bowed his head and said some things in Japanese to us(still don't know what the hell he said) but we got some pictures with him and said we'd see him the next day at the concert. So that's pretty much my story. P.s.- The symphony was great. It really was. I really enjoyed it but I couldn't believe how much the Zelda Melody blew pretty much everything else away. Even Akira's marshall amp and the One-Winged Angel (finale & encore) was outdone by Zelda IMO.
  3. Well, I know I'm still a noob to the forums and everything but I've been a guitarist for several years. Both sides of this argument have their points but I'm going to have to agree with Rose. If you want realistic sounding guitars, how about you get a guitar and a nice rig and make those chugga chuggas sound the way they are supposed to. I'm not saying you can't make synth'd guitars sound good/real; this site is filled with artists who do just that. However, listen to the best synth'd guitars you've ever heard and then go play a Gibson or a nice Ibanez through a Triple Rectifier by Mesa Boogie . Simple win. A lot of times when I listen to remixes on OCRemix and I hear synth'd guitars I'm like "man that'd sound 10 x's better if it were real guitars." I'm not knockin' remixers usin' synth'd guitars, I promise. Many remixers just use what they have and that's fine and a lot of times it sounds fine, sometimes great. Many instruments can be replicated through synths and VSTs but if you really want to get the authentic sound of the instrument, no matter which one it is, nothing will sound more authentic than the original instrument itself. Synths and VSTs will sound very very close to the original sound and that's the thing... it's close enough. Find the sound you want, if synths can do it, great. Don't fight with armies of effects, layers and patches just to prove a point that synth'd guitars can sound good... Getcha a Guitar! I do think it's kind of funny that everybody kind of came down on Rose and the dude did exactly what Tensei-San & Rose said and got the exact sound he was looking for. That's the kind of help people look for on forums.
  4. ....Meh.... (bombing mission clip)
  5. BAMA here... When not at the University in Bama, I'm usually found in the Florida Everglades catchin' sharks.....
  6. Amen to that Urban. CFW 3.80 M33 should be released for psp here soon... Dark_Alex and his colleagues really are quite amazing. CC should be neat I think (& hope) but most of all I wish Square would just remake FFVII for Ps3 and just be done with the damn thing, lol. EDIT:CFW 3.80 M33 Released btw...
  7. Finished my vid, it comes in at 304 Mb at 4 Minutes 29 Seconds... wonder which song I'm using Another Soundscape? MPEG-2, 720 X 480, 29.97 fps, 9 Mbs, interlaced. Audio - Stereo 48 kHz, 16bit, 320 kbs, 4:29, 304 Mb It is raw meaning footage and audio. I don't want someone snatchin' my stuff so I was wanting to put some credits either at the beginning or end (just like a music video off of Mtv or something) but I don't want to null my submission because I broke the golden 10th rule. So what are the guidelines here? Is all that needs to be submitted is the raw video (just footage and audio)? No Credits/text whatsoever?Also, what would be the best way to submit the large file? Youtube? Torrent? USPS? Apresheemahtate it. Thx Mattoco Here is the low-quality version of my submission on youtube if anybody wants to check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h0Zz-YsmGk
  8. Like many others I've listened to songs from the OCR community for some years and have always been impressed. I've played music for years in different bands and groups but I've never had the patience (until now) to sit down and actually learn a bit of software good enough for it to make the sounds I want it to. It has always seemed easier to tell the drummer what to do or tell the 2nd or 3rd guitarist "play this." There's always too much to fiddle with in the softwares but I know that if I can ever grasp these concepts... I'll make some cool stuff. Looking forward to learning. P.s. - Main instrument is electric or acoustic guitar but I also can manage on drums, piano, and some violin. I'm sure I'll be asking for a lot of pointers/help on the "help me I suck" forums.... harharhar
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