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  1. Great games are defined by their music and vice versa. Final Fantasy I - X Chrono Cross Zelda Countless others...
  2. bought a 72-pin connector off of Ebay also for almost nothing. Nes works a treat just like in the good ol' days.
  3. I think anybody who played and beat the original mario bros has felt the exact same way at some point. Princess shoulda put out. Sheeeeeeeeeeee.................
  4. I hate to say it but I'm totally unimpressed with Nintendo's lineup. The DSi, BFD. Punch Out is the only thing that sounds interesting enough to look into.
  5. Computer Science! 4th year! whoohoo almost done! degree time!
  6. Beat Perfect System for psx today. V was good but man... they really did it right when they made TFIV. IV by far the best! Hope VI can hang with IV...
  7. Pretty freakin' sweet. I look forward to the release. Impressive!
  8. Just the other day I was like, "I'm going to get Lightning Force out and beat it again." I remembered how much fun it was to play when I was young not to mention the great music the genesis game had... Then, after I beat it and got my nostalgic fix I found out that there was a Thunder Force II, III, IV and V (little did I know lightning force here in the states is really Thunder Force IV). TF VI for PS2 was being developed but production ceased when the dreamcast was put down. I was like "Dang... that would have been a great game." And now all the news about TF VI... Happiness ensues.
  9. Cowboy Bebop is totally unchallenged as far as music in a show goes IMO. It matched the mood and setting of the show perfectly. Yoko&Seatbelts = excellence.
  10. I can see both sides of this argument. There have been some remixes that I was really excited to listen to when I seen what game and song it was. Well, the remix would not sound anything like the original and it just didn't make for that great of a listening experience. On the flip-side, there are some remixes I've listened to that sound totally unfreakin' believable just because the remixer put his/her own creativity to it and it just make an awesome listening experience every time you listen to it. Just sayin...
  11. Ol' Martin looks like he put on a couple pounds... or is it just me
  12. to me it was dead along time ago... glad there's still adult swim
  13. This is pretty neat with the whole vote and rating system. Thx
  14. Congrats djp! Glad to seeya jump on board. I got hitched mid-August. Say goodbye to life as you know it, everything ends now.... Hah, just kiddin'!................................................................... (run while you still can)..... Congrats again, on to the I-Do's... (God Help you)
  15. Excellent point, you level up. C'mon now, I'm not a heavy trance listener but I know there's some good Trance out there. I just can't listen to it for a long time or else I'll go insane (trance out) from the monotonous pounding.
  16. Synchronicity


    uh... to get the most out of the product, Yeah, you do have to have internet. You're a douche, bestest friend.
  17. Synchronicity


    It's the sheer concept... You buy a product and you own that product. You have it forever and you do what you want with it. If I wanted to put it on all of my computers, I think should be able to. Having this basic right denied as a consumer just sucks, but that's just me. Plus, I don't have my quick cable internet access all the time to even play the game enough, heheh. I miss the cartridge days, seriously.
  18. Synchronicity


    Man, I was so close to getting Spore but learning about the DRM and the 3 installs (I mean wtf, really), this alone was enough to just say no. Sry that I disagree with ya Atmuh. Hope ya don't tell me to "shut up" and call me "internet geek pirate that tries to get stuff for free." We could be the bestest of bestest friends! Who knows, maybe I'll pick up an unused install of my friends copy like 4 years from now, har har har
  19. Synchronicity


    Hey hey hey... mouth young lady...watch it
  20. Man... some people post a lot of info. Here I am in the fourth year of my pursuit of the mystical bachelor degree of computer science. I'm (beyond) ready to graduate, that's for sure. Already got it all planned out... job and all... Degree(s) will get your foot in the door but Experience speaks more to employers than anything else in my experience. Remember this grasshoppa....
  21. It's so small and crafty... I love mess like this, especially the old school controllers It's just amazing...
  22. Synchronicity


    Is spore really all it's cracked up to be? It has looked quite cool/fun but then again it seems like it could have hidden characteristics that could make it turn gay quite fast... When it's out long enough for people to have a founded, truthful opinion on it, do post.
  23. Like the others, I still can't believe I actually won something. Freakin' amazing... Never woulda known if the Liontamer hadn't sent out the email. Thx 'tamer and OCR/Gearcrave
  24. It happens to the best of us. I've been riding my KLR650 for a while now, mostly everywhere(college,work, etc) since gas has gone crazy. I remember when I first got it, I was running around on some dirt roads way out in the country(where I live) and was goin' just a little bit too fast and the gravel pretty much owned me. The bike didn't have a scratch on it but I did(several). I took it as a valuable lesson learned as far as gravel goes... but I've never quit riding. One of my favorite things to do. Anyway, glad you're okay, but I must say that would've been funny as hell to see the bike own ya after you flipped off it. Here's to healing wounds.
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