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  1. How neat, I didn't know anything such existed... Cool
  2. Your thoughts and opinions.... Personally, I'm not much on their music(pretty much insanity + noise) but, I have to say that they crack me up. I thought I would mention HORSE since they use a lot of the old school "Nintendo-Core" sounds, some of which are heard on OCR quite often. They've even referenced some old Nintendo songs in their own songs. Birdo and cutman... THROW IT BACK! They even play the Zelda 1 Dungeon theme(or Labyrinth, whatever) in their song "The Immense Defecation of the Buntaluffigus." Yeah........
  3. Yeah I've played Portable Ops and it is pretty neat, especially how you can recruit the enemy and make your own army and all that jazz. Pick new soldiers up at different wireless hotspots(i think you can recruit a new soldier for every new IP address you tap into). It was a while back when I played it but I remember thinking it was a really cool concept. Now they got Portable Ops Plus which is supposed to be bigger, badder, blah blah blah might b worth chekin' out
  4. Bombing Mission PWNED by Big Giant Circles Uematsu...... not so much... Is it really supposed to be like that?
  5. No. ppl will always find a way to "fight the system" and hack&crack software, games, etc. til you die it's just the way it is
  6. Computer Science! I'm in the final year stretch..God I can't wait to grad
  7. Upon second listen through the entire album, I've come to the conclusion the the album isn't necessarily horrible... It was just not what was expected. Being a guitarist, I have to say that even though the music is kind of "cheesy" with some(most) of the synth sounds they use throughout the album, the guitar prowess is there. These guys are going crazy throughout most of the album. Their sound seems to be a whole lot cleaner and tighter compared to their previous (heavier) albums. They are all very talented musicians. It's those other cheese sounds that hurt this album I think. I have no clue why they wouldn't use better sounds. It just baffles me... Anyway, I enjoyed the album a little bit more the second time I listened through it.. EXCEPT for the Opera.. kind of wanted to kill myself listening to it but I made myself listen to the whole thing as I knew Uematsu and some of the other mages did actually sing choir parts for the song. The album is still, however, not up to par with the previous two albums but I do recommend giving this album a couple of closer listens all the way through(EXCEPT for the opera) to try to see why they called this album their "best one yet"... P.S.- Big Giant Circles' "Every Story Begins With A Name" (Opening:Bombing Mission FFVII) off Voices of the Lifestream totally owns the Black Mages version on this album IMO.
  8. there definitely needs to be more FFVIII remixes IMO c'mon on with it
  9. Might I suggest stepping outside the bounds of OCR for this type of music. Just because... think about it. There's jazz, man................ jazz is key.
  10. Sadly, it seems like quite a step down from the previous two albums. I really enjoyed the first two albums but I can't really get into this one. On the Black Mages website, all of'em were talking about how this album was their masterpiece and "the best one yet"... They also said this album was the "heaviest" of all their albums so far which I also have to disagree with. Just doesn't seem up to par for some reason... how sad tsk, tsk, such a shame
  11. Just want to say that Coop makes an excellent argument.
  12. That's just... Creepy... Some people must have a lot of free time...
  13. I've never submitted to OCR before... at least not yet, but I play music with different people as often as I can at different places but as for a greatest achievement? Hearing music in your head and then making the music in your head a reality and afterwards sitting back and hearing your creation with all its full movements is definitely a great achievement and is extremely gratifying... every time.
  14. Been playing Smash since the very first day it came out for the 64. I'm big into turning off all items and whoopin' ass with pure skill. I used to get pissed about ppl playing with items but I've come around... Adapt and blow someone else's ass up witha mine
  15. Labyrinth #1? ................. The Zelda theme didn't get #1? ................. oh my....
  16. The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon were all good.... never scene Hannibal Rising. Secret Window & the Village suckamaballs. Phone Booth was just ok... The Sixth Sense was good... Original Saw was excellent, the sequels have never matched it IMO. Anyone remember the Butterfly Effect? I liked it... ah shut up. And *some* already mentioned are good: Apocalypse Now, Momento were really good Donnie Darko was just weird btw...
  17. Man these vids turned out pretty cool.... I kinda shot myself in the foot with makin' mine because I didn't want to use a lot of footage from crisis core simply because I haven't even played it yet and I didn't want to see every scene in it b4 I got to. So I just made do with what I had at the time... Anyway, Congrats to the winners, their vids are indeed excellent, indeed.
  18. Pretty wild stuff, Very creative & cool. Everybody needs to give this a listen!
  19. Freakin' Hilarious. Should have been ok'd IMO but what do I know.....
  20. I'd have to say I agree with ya. Spot on. When I started watching I figured the vid had some "yahtzee" to it and sure enough.... Got to love yahtzee
  21. Only every now and then... I just like hearing how people can interpret the same song differently
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