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  1. Alas, I do not speak Portuguese (google translate for the win), but I do know at least one Brazillian who remixes - Lulza. I think Txai is from there, as well, but I'm not 100% certain. Good luck, wish I could help more. Glad you found the site against all odds, lol.
  2. Lots of good music for it. Just keep in mind that a few of the EWJ tracks are Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (multiple movements), so one wouldn't be able to submit those specific tracks to OCR specifically, but considering they're well inside public domain it'd be hilarious to hear remixes of those tracks on an album regardless, lol. Such strange games, such good OSTs, I definitely approve. If anyone gets those rolling, they should get in touch with Tommy Tallarico; he's namedropped OCR in VG concerts he's held in the past, he would probably super appreciate such a project.
  3. Hello OverClocked, My name is Thiago Moreno. This remix was a result of Castlevania being one of my favorite games/soundtracks. The main song mixed is "Vampire Killer" (Castlevania I) with some sections of "Beginning" (Castlevania III). The genre of this remix is Electronic (Synthwave). Follow below the remix's link attached and all the required information: Remix link: ReMixer name: Gamewaver Real name: Thiago Moreno E-mail address: UserId: 35558 Game(s) arranged:
  4. RebeccaETripp Rebecca Tripp http://www.crystalechosound.com/ ID: 48262 Game(s): Chrono Cross Song Title: Font of Life Songs Remixed: Jellyfish Sea Here’s a link to the track:
  5. Your ReMixer Name: Lucas Guimaraes Your real name: Lucas Guimaraes Your Email Address: Your website: https://twitter.com/Thirdkoopa Your userid: http://ocremix.org/community/profile/33965-thirdkoopa/ Name of Game(s) arranged: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Name of Arrangement: Tal's Surfin' Summit Name of Individual Song(s) arranged: Tal Tal Heights Link: other people that helped: Josh Shelton (OCRemix Account currently N/A), Furorezu (https://ocremix.org/community/profile/33297-furorezu/) This track was kind-of a burst of ins
  6. It's a banger. You head shall remain unbanged.
  7. SPEAKING OF MOVEMENT: Gonna be bangin' some heads tomorrow, y'all. This ain't like last time - we're gonna be releasing this soon, so don't sleep on those WIP dates!
  8. Bruh, your promotional material links to this thread, lol. You should edit your link so it links to the YT vid, lol. Otherwise, I listened to a few of the tracks. Gario approves the Nario chips.
  9. Honestly, not too much to say here that hasn't been said by Sir_nutS - it's not inaccurate to call this an upgrade that keeps a similar aesthetic to the source, with an arrangement that expands upon the ideas present in the source. It's clean, the production sounds great, and it's something that I could leave on loop for hours. Love it, hope to hear more from you C64 wizards. YES
  10. Submission information: Game arranged: Star Control II Name of arrangement: The Path of Now and Never Name of individual songs arranged: Ur-Quan Kzer-Za theme Original track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VNul2QETPE Link to submission: Updated for volume as of 8/24: Comments: This track still gives me the creeps after almost three decades. Even though guitar heavy arrangements are not my usual thing, I thought this track would not deserve anything else. I layed out the base for the track and gave my old guitar proficient elementary s
  11. Live remixing panel, eh? Ah, that's a pretty cool idea; I should do that in the next con that I go to. *Ahem* Some juicy action in this one - really enjoying the drums on this one, in particular, and the selective side-chaining is a tasteful way to clear space for it. The arrangement is pretty wet, but in combination with crisp percussion it manages to come together pretty well. That ending is a bit of a bummer, though; it sounds like the track was left unfinished, especially on the note it ends on and the fact that the track just... rings out. Having the release get cut off at the e
  12. (Andrew Luers) Started from the OCR live remixing panel, finished up afterward!
  13. @Liontamer The lead guitar part at about 0:48 does loosely follow the lead part at 0:21 in the source, as does the "arps" in the backing guitar part. Whether or not we could count any of these as close enough to the source is certainly debatable, but it's debatable enough where the panel should have a shot at it, in my opinion. While I'm here, though: I actually like this - it's calm and relaxing (much like the source), but rather than present the atmosphere in a new-age sort of way this instead evokes someone relaxing on a private beach on an island. It's different, and I gotta give cred
  14. Frankly, I thought it was good enough on the last submission. Things have changed around a bit from the last submission, but in general the sounds are thicker, and the arrangement has a bit more focus in the direction it moves in (the samples sound less randomly applied, for example). Overall an improvement to an already awesome arrangement, so I'm all for it. Let's do this thing. YES
  15. I would suggest you pre-mix it to an ideal level (e.g. to levels that would normally be used for OCR submissions). The album and WAVs are quite old at this point, and the people involved are honestly not easy to collectively get a hold of / files have been lost over time, so it would be pretty crazy for me to try to get a set of WAVs with headroom that don't already have it. Thanks for asking, though! Also, I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to your WAV submissions.
  16. RebeccaETripp Rebecca Tripp http://www.crystalechosound.com/ ID: 48262 Game(s): Twilight Princess Song Title: Deadly Sands Songs Remixed: Gerudo Desert, Hidden Village Link to the track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jmyDdvY3jY
  17. Hi! I'd like to submit a demo for promotion on OCRemix. The track is called 'Underground Usurper' and it's a remix of 'Nasty Majesty' from Splatoon 2. I tried to incorporate the original's bassy glitch hop elements as well as the game's punk/rock aesthetic. I hope you enjoy listening to it! ReMixer ron day voo User ID 35543
  18. Remixer Name: Von Nebo Email Address: My Website: https://soundcloud.com/vonnebo UserID: 33369 Sub. Info Name of Game Arranged: Stardew Valley Name of Arrangement: Leaves From Tree, Fall For Me Name of Individual Song Arranged: Fall (Raven's Descent) Original Composer: Eric Barone (ConcernedApe) System: PC/Nintendo Switch Original Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idOmc35hlhU My Comments: "I'm delighted to present a cover to a song that moved me greatly. This song [and game] came to me at a time when I
  19. Hi dear judges, hope you're doing okay! ReMixer name: Chernabogue Name of game arranged: Castlevania (NES) Name of arrangement: Dracula's Return Name of individual song arranged: Nothing to Lose Composers: Kinuyo Yamashita, Satoe Terashima Notes: I made this track for Pixel Mixers' Scarlet Night album as a new attempt at arranging this classic Dracula theme from the original Castlevania (after my first remix from VV1). That results in another epic orchestral cover as I'm trying to pay tribute to one of the greatest video games villains. But enou
  20. Contact Information ad.mixx (formerly urdailywater) Aaron Corbitt https://www.facebook.com/admixxofficial 22874 Submission Information Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Run Away Run Away, Fugitives Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JGV-BV5oWo ReMix: Timestamps: First, the whole tune has been moved down (or up) a few tones, so if you would like I could pitch the source and send you guys that, but I feel like I stayed pretty cl
  21. RebeccaETripp Rebecca Tripp http://www.crystalechosound.com/ ID: 48262 Game(s): Chrono Cross Song Title: Anti-Annihilation Matrix Songs Remixed: Chronopolis
  22. - ReMixer name: ANTOX - Real name: Anthony Nemer - Email address: - Website: https://soundcloud.com/anthonynemer/tracks - User id: 18006 - Name of game arranged: Final Fantasy VII - Name of arrangement: JENOVA's Witness - Name of individual song(s) arranged: J-E-N-O-V-A - Additional information about game including composer, system, etc. Final Fantasy VII by Nobuo Uematsu for PlayStation I was inspired by New Age music from the 90s, mainly Enigma for the beats with a blend of Synthwave. Many thanks!
  23. Remixer Name: Arceace Real Name: Ben Clifton Email: Website: https://soundcloud.com/arceace User ID: 25338 Name of Games Arranged: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Name of Arrangement: Knowing Your Roots Name of Song Arranged: Eterna Forest Link to Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0Fg9xtjFxk Comments: Certainly been a while since I've submitted anything, but here we are! Life got pretty busy for me after graduating college, and it's probably been a solid 2+ years since I've really done anything music-related. Bu
  24. ReMixer name: Pavos (artist 9847) Name of game(s) arranged: Seiken Densetsu 3 Name of arrangement: For King and Country Name of individual song(s) arranged: Walls and Steels Link to the original soundtrack (if it is not one of the sound archives already available on the site): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW4kOlQC9BA Seiken Densetsu 3 OST - 05 - Walls and Steels Original soundtrack from Seiken Densetsu 3. It is known as Secret of Mana 2 in Europe and America. T
  25. Contact Information Hyli (Hylianonbi is my username on OCRemix) Jason Clark https://soundcloud.com/hyli 34749 Submission Information Game: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Arrangement Name: A Snowy Wonderland Song(s) Arranged: Snowpoint City Composer: Hitomi Sato System: Nintendo DS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7FkBLIZThY Pokemon Generation 4 was the last Pokemon games I really found myself diving into growing up. One thing I especially re
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