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  1. Remixer name : jmabate Real name : abate jean marc Email : website : https://www.youtube.com/user/jmabate userid : 35644 Name of game(s) arranged : Sonic The Hedgehog Name of arrangement : The Final Zone remix Name of individual song(s) arranged : Final Zone Composer : Masato Nakamura System : Sega genesis / megadrive Original : https://youtu.be/1nVwm4aQS_E Track infos : This track was arranged and performed for a month contest on reddit VGM cover thread ! I wanted to try some indian tones with percussions and some folks instruments and my orchestral metal wor
  2. Ooo, Valkyrie Profile as Death Metal? That can work really well. I've never played the games, but I do remember my brothers and I used to listen to music downloaded from that game. Sounds like good quality stuff, to boot.
  3. *Ahem* Yeah, I gotcha. I think almost everyone has their tracks submitted now, so a good deal of the work left is on my end. Things have settled down now that the new judges are finally announced and doing good work for OCR (I did a lot of work behind the scenes making sure that would happen smoothly), so hopefully I can be in a position where I can make some more official announcements this weekend. Also, on the down low, much of the panel so far is pretty impressed with your track, so I'm glad it got the second chance it deserved. Thanks for the bump; here's hoping I can bre
  4. I am literally incapable of hating on a PsyNES remix, so once again thanks for sending us some more lovely remix goodness. The arrangement is bouncy and fresh, and as always the relatively basic synths are used in such a way that they never get boring, with those stutters and shifting beats. I will echo Larry's comment on the treble-heavy mixing on this, though; throughout the track the bass is noticeably lacking. It doesn't drag the piece too much, but in moments like 2:40 the build sounds lacking due to the mid/high EQ focus of the mix. Other than moar bass, I'm loving this. Get it up t
  5. Well let's also be fair, it's legit a great little album, here; it reminds me of Mutherpluckin' B's guitar work, which is literally never a bad thing. I'm glad I got to finally check it out! Times are different now than in 2005, too; maybe you should ask OCR if they could permanently host the album themselves and replace the link on the homepage? It IS listed on their album listing, so we could probably work something out if you ask the staff about it.
  6. Downloaded for safety reasons; hopefully OCR can host the album once again. Thanks for doin' the LORD's work, Black_Doom.
  7. I'm with MW on this one - the sounds are pretty vanilla, but they're used very well throughout, and the track never feels empty or dull because of it. Some instruments are overused (like that sine, though nice work not making it too piercing while making it audible, that's not easy to do), but overall it does change it's soundscape enough to avoid being too static. I hear Larry's concern about the lead mixing after 2:33 (it does get buried into the arrangement), but I don't think it's enough to sink the piece, nor do I think something is at all a small or quick fix to justify a conditiona
  8. This sounds like a nice, space-y arrangement of a classic. I like the instruments used in general - a touch vanilla, but used really well for the genre. The SNES sampled lead in the beginning has some weird dynamics going on there, though - unsure what we're going with there, but it would probably be better if the dynamics aren't so extreme, since it sounds like the instrument is just droppnig in and out, there. From the 1 minute mark on, the harmonies and textures don't sound like they're changing at the same time, which is pretty disorienting. At 2:22, the lead comes in and things line
  9. Very light performance, and some excellent ocarina playing in this, slight mixing snafu notwithstanding (the ocarina is not terribly loud - it's just not perfect, is all). There's some really nice orchestration throughout, with the timbres shifting throughout the textures. The quality of instruments is quite good, too, though the opening could've focused on the other instruments pointalisticly covering the theme rather than the piano part. It's an artistic choice, though, so I won't braze the track much for something like that. Overall the quality is up to par, and it's just a lovely rend
  10. For the technical aspect brought up on the "wind" lead (more likely a synth), it sounds like a minor mixing concern - it's mixed considerably louder than the other instruments surrounding it, which makes it punch through the rest of the mix too much and gives you less sonic space to work with overall. It presents a twofold issue: it makes one item sound out too much over the other items, and it limits how loud you can make the rest of the track (since it only takes one loud instrument to hit the -0 mark for a limiter to consider it "clipping"). It's not THAT problematic an issue, but it's some
  11. Contact Information: Remixer name: Adnarel Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiEcODvDGbXW7rd93SpPQMg OCR Forums UserID: https://ocremix.org/community/profile/23418-adnarel/ Submission Information: Game and system: Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Game Boy Advance (2002) Name of arrangement: Madra Catacombs Name of songs arranged: Beneath the Surface Link to original material: Linky Comments: I have typically been a reflexive dissident to the larger trend within video game remixes to make 4/4 dance music (my last submission to OCR was rejected for being "too avant
  12. I love this track - the arrangement really is just to die for, and the style chosen for this really helps everything come together. It really is quite brilliant. The production values aren't perfect (sounds like the entire track has too much low pass on it), but in general they're quite good (at least, good enough for OCR). The levels of this track, though, are concerning - it's just a very quiet track overall. It's close to hitting the limiters, though, due to how much the snare punches through. I put a picture of the waveform to show this issue in particular: Th
  13. EDIT (07/26): Track has been updated to address prior concerns about levels. - Gario So two of the most remixed tracks on all of OCR are Aquatic Ambience from DKC and Stickerbush Symphony from its sequel, but as of this submission, no one’s attempted to combine them yet. They’re both terrific tracks and fit their aesthetic perfectly on their own, and are easily two of the most memorable David Wise compositions so far. These themes make the games themselves much more memorable and it was cool the SNES could pull them off. From childhood, having played these two games for endless hours
  14. Contact Information ReMixer name : Reuben Spiers Real Name : Reuben Spiers E-mail: Submission Information Game: Donkey Kong Country Name of Arrangement: OSHA Violation Name of Original Song: Fear Factory Featuring Earth Kid on harp and Sean Leffler on strings. Power drills and wine glasses will forever be my favourite instruments.
  15. Ah yes, the single greatest title that I've ever seen for a remix thus far. I would LOVE to see this posted on those grounds alone. However, I do need to question the mixing on this track throughout. The lead is often buried behind the rest of the arrangement (an issue that actually gets worse as the arrangement gets more dense as it progresses), and as the track gets more dense the mix more and more crowded/muddy. As much as I like how the vanilla synths were handled in general, the mixing is indiscriminate (with the textures often overtaking the leads, an example of which can be heard a
  16. Well, hosting the BIG compos isn't a terrible idea, might be something worth looking into. Just finished getting new Judges on the panel, so perhaps a new side-venture that can be taken? Just me thinking out loud, here. In the meantime, do go on the Discord, it's a pretty active community there still.
  17. Don't you worry - we're still alive and kickin'. Lots of work on the back end of the site going on at the moment in order to make sure that things keep moving on the site, which while less noticeable is important in keeping the site moving along with little problem. Generally, it's easy to think that OCR isn't what it used to be, and in some ways you're correct - what OCR used to be was a monolith of a site where most VG arrangements were vetted and distributed. Today, though, we have sites like Youtube, the Materia collective, Pixel Mixers, etc., that all distribute VG arrangements elsew
  18. It's a very interesting, folksy track. On the one hand, there's a lot going on in this track throughout - so many different textures, and sometimes they're quite subtle. On the other hand, there are timing issues with a few instruments (like the acoustic guitar, for example), which is distracting, once you tune into it. This becomes less of an issue as the piece comes together after the 1:00 mark, though. The mixing, while I could nitpick it (the accordion part at times, like at 1:22, does overtake the more interesting parts from time to time), isn't unbearable, and the production is pret
  19. Well, send over what you got and we'll talk about it. I think your airship theme was close to finished, so that should be really close by now, I imagine. Looking forward to it!
  20. Hello, djpretzel and the OC Remix Community! I hope this e-mail finds you doing well. My name is Chris - or to use my producer name, ichordic - and I'm director of the Sounds Department at Kronotiq Media, a multimedia company in Orlando. We just released a remix of Mighty No. 9 that we'd been holding on to for a minute, and we wanted to share it with the OC community. It's our own take on the main theme song, which was originally produced by the Mega Man-composing legend Manami Matsumae (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc8aXhQFFmQ). This remix takes those feelings of hope and anticipation
  21. Hey there, welcome to OCR! Just giving a heads up, I moved this thread to the VG Arrangements portion of the WIP forums - this is definitely an arrangement of a VG track, and it'll likely get more attention there, to boot. Can't really go wrong with a Chrono Trigger Main Theme cover, and you got some good sounding instruments, to boot. I suggest you play around with the levels of this track, though; it sounds really hot, like it's hitting the limiter constantly. Bypass your limiters on the master track and set your levels so that they're not clipping, then use the limiters/compressor
  22. Gario

    An Apology

    Nope, have no idea who you were. I guess that's a good thing since you didn't really like your own presence on here prior? It was about ten years ago since you last posted anyway, so it makes sense that I don't remember - I've only been on here ten or so years, myself. Doesn't look like you needs any hazing, either, since Meteo's got that part covered. Anyhoo, welcome back, glad to have another person enjoying OCR and it's forums!
  23. Nah, just send the finished WAV. You'd be the last person I'd cut, considering you literally already finished it before. Thanks for the heads up
  24. Not too many people left to submit for the final deadline, which is great. Got a few stragglers, though, so @Ivan Hakštok, @Gario, @djpretzel, @Sil, we're going to need to hear back from y'all. It's wrapping up, so let's push to the last stretch!
  25. Oh, a judge rules question! Here's where we'd come down on it: At the moment, there seems to be a misunderstanding of the rules built into the question (which means we should perhaps clarify on the submission requirements page). When we look for source in an arrangement (rule of thumb: at least 50% of the arrangement should reference the source), what we're looking for is the arrangement/ReMix to be referencing the source at least 50% of the time, not for the arrangement to reference at least 50% of the source. As long as it's identifiable as the source, one could theoretically make a rem
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