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  1. That's a pretty neat source, and the metal guitar work is definitely up to our par. Some of those lines are difficult to execute, and you handle it like a champ. The production, while sounding a little heavy on the low pass, sounds solid for a heavy metal track, with pretty good mixing to boot. The arrangement, however, is pretty conservative. Not only does it hit all of the same overall beats as the source, the melody and textures also follow the source nearly note-for-note - it even continues to repeat until fading out, as if it were ripped straight from a game OST. While it's a great c
  2. No worries! To be honest, it's the directors' responsibility to get into contact with y'all, as well. We just gotta give a bump and a nudge to people to keep em' on their toes. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Well I'm looking forward to it, for sure!
  4. Shoot, you're right - I totally forgot about that one, but that game was fun as hell. I'm personally hoping they manage to put Contra Hardcorp and Golden Axe 2 on there - those miiiiight actually tip me toward a purchase, if they go there.
  5. Sega is pulling out all of the stops on this one - Wily Wars? Bloodlines? Gunstar Heroes? Phantasy Star IV? They are not fucking around; unlike the PS Mini, I only see good things coming of this one. I wasn't even a Genesis kid and it STILL makes me want to pick one up.
  6. Alright, I admit I've been distracted for the past few weeks working on other OCR staff projects behind the scenes, so I've neglected to properly follow up on the last WIP update. I see the next one has passed, so because this was on the head of the directors I'm pushing the last two dates back by three weeks. It won't happen again, folks, so be thankful for the breathing room. I am literally not allowed to delay this project again (it will likely simply be cancelled if it's on delay again), so please take these dates seriously even if I'm slow on updating the thread. @Moseph and @Ivan Ha
  7. Mmm, very space-y, and very different from your normal fare. I like the almost analogue sound this has thoughout; the instruments sound very warm, and the added crunchiness the saturation adds to this is very welcome. It has a light soundscape, but it never sounds empty - not an easy thing to do. The source checks out, so I'm all for gettin' this on the front page. Nice work! YES
  8. Fun source choice, and honestly it's a great approach - it does lend itself well to the trance genre. The arrangement does some interesting things with the track, keeping things fresh with some subtractive arrangement midway & some fun new textures built on top of that, to boot. The ending is lackluster - almost sounds like the track is incomplete - but that's a pretty minor complaint in comparison to the strength of the rest of the arrangement itself. The production doesn't have any immediate red flags (like clipping, unintentional overcompression, etc.), but the instrument choices d
  9. The combination of this one is really good - the acoustic guitar blends with flute and e-piano so darn well. The electric guitar sounds very muted and doesn't blend quite as well and the timing of the notes is ever so slightly delayed, but it's not an unwelcome change in texture, regardless, which overall helps prevent the track's soundscape from becoming static. Some of the flute notes hit a half step sharp (like at 1:26, and similar instances), which is distracting when you know they're there (sorry 'bout that, y'all!), but otherwise the performances are quite good. A little jank here a
  10. ReMixer Name: DS Real Name: David Sylvester Email: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ds_music_official Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/DSMusic394 UserID: 34014 Game: Star Fox 2 Arrangement Title: The Lost Legend of Lylat Link: Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eM3_Tabpro Comments: I originally made this piano cover when Star Fox 2 was officially released on the SNES Classic since I was so hyped that after years of only being an unfinished ROM, this classic game could finally receive recognition for what it almost brought to the Star Fox franchise. In this c
  11. Mmm, those are some tasty synths used throughout, and honestly the vocal clips from the game are some of the best in the business. Love me some Deus Ex, and I'm glad to hear it represented on the boards.
  12. Ah, sniped by Meteo Xavier - took me a minute to figure it out myself, was gonna relay that info, lol. Thanks for giving the answer, here - sometimes questions like this one are missed.
  13. Well, this IS certainly an improvement; the overall soundspace improved and some of the offending instruments (static & synth) lowered in the mix, and the stranger clashing notes seem to have been fixed. The arrangement still gets cluttered at 3:34 - 3:58, though, with the lead getting buried at 3:34 - 3:46. The dirty synths take up a lot of sonic space so they're naturally contributing to the muddiness of the mix whenever they're present. It would improve with some sculpting in the midrange EQ so they don't take up so much space, but I don't think the track gets sunk by these things, eith
  14. Yeah - when it comes to actual Greek modal music we don't have too many reliable ways to know how it sounded exactly (though I can definitely say it would be neigh impossible to apply to polyphonic music, as it predates it). Some musicologists have tried to interpret the symbols they used, but it's impossible to know whether this is how it actually sounded or not. The tuning of the instruments from antiquity and the Renaissance was also quite different out of necessity (particularly because of keyed instruments like the Organ and Harpsichord preventing Pythagorean tuning). Renaissance music ut
  15. I could give a short-short answer if it helps: Do not rely on harmony, stick ONLY to contrapuntal rules and voice leading, ignore the V-I (or V#-i) cadence, and end your music with the M6-Octave/m3-Unison sequence in the soprano/bass voices into the key-defining note on your final resolution (raising the 7th if that interval doesn't exist in your mode). While there's nothing particularly wrong with the Ionian and Aeolian modes, they actually came into vogue during the Baroque; Rennaisance music traditionally stuck with the Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian and Phrygian modes. If you want to
  16. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who found the use of Gangsta's Paradise so damn strange in that trailer. I mean, I think I'm still going to enjoy the Sonic movie (ESPECIALLY based on the trailer), all things being said - it looks like an absolute trainwreck, with Jim-fuckin'-Carrey going full 90's Jim-fuckin'-Carrey mode to *ahem* "carry" the whole thing in one glorious fireball, and let's all be honest, we all enjoy watching trainwrecks and fireballs from time to time. I think I might actually enjoy the Pokemon movie on it's merits as an actual movie, though, and not in the "Super
  17. Beginning of the year? Man, I'm almost there in the inbox! In all seriousness I apologize that we're that behind, on that front. I'm definitely missing out, though, since this is a pretty... Cool? Chill? Whatever pun we want to use, it's pretty neat. I think it'll have a fair shake on the panel when it gets there (which will be soon, I've been working my buns off cleaning up that inbox). Looking forward to getting to this one, I've gotta say.
  18. Well, as far as Baroque musical theory is concerned, Zarlino's Treatise was what people had, back in the day. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.2307/3392823 I've read through the third portion twice (it's specifically on counterpoint - it's how I learned the subject myself). Much of it is dated even during the Baroque era (such as the strict avoidance of imperfect parallels), but if you're trying to replicate a style there's no better read for it. As a funny aside, it'd also teach you how to write modal Rennaisance music, so that's an additional plus. There's likely more t
  19. omg we actually nearly did what this post suggested - release the SD3 album for OCR's anniversary - but we missed it by a decade, lol. Can't wait for the actual 20th anniversary - glad I've been along for the ride for about 11+ years, myself.
  20. Man, this is some top-notch jazz interpretation we've got going down, here, and the recording quality is something to be admired. I admit, I enjoyed this all the way through, but the liberal nature of this is concerning as far as postability goes. I'll give a timestamp to see if this hits the bar, concerning source usage. Cutting a few seconds off of the end since it's silence, we get a track that's 260s long, so we're looking for about 130s of material in here. I'm hearing source (either directly or loosely) at 0:12 - 1:10, 2:33 - 2:48, 3:09 - 3:28, and 3:38 - 4:05, which leaves us with 119s
  21. That "original section" ain't original material - the bassline is definitely a connection, and the material on top is subtractively based on the theme of the source - I'm going to disagree that the whole 1:19 - 3:11 is too liberal for OCR purposes, here. It DOES get static and boring after some time, though, to which the near repetition that occurs at 2:28 - 3:11 of the 1:49 - 2:28 section; that part could easily be removed without any significant impact to the arrangement. I do agree with the repetition at 3:36 - 4:20 being a poor choice, and the fact that there's no actual ending to the trac
  22. Love this track - great instrumentation and overall arrangement, and the rock-opera singer is pretty beast. Gotta be careful with such a singer, though - intelligibility gets lost in the mix, in part due to the lack of articulation on the consonants, and in part due to the fact that she shares the same overall range as the rest of the instruments (which obscures the vowels that she's using quite a bit). It's tricky business, but it doesn't take away from the generally amazing arrangement that we've got here. Wish I could make out the words better without the lyrics in front of me, but oth
  23. Alas, I do not speak Portuguese (google translate for the win), but I do know at least one Brazillian who remixes - Lulza. I think Txai is from there, as well, but I'm not 100% certain. Good luck, wish I could help more. Glad you found the site against all odds, lol.
  24. Lots of good music for it. Just keep in mind that a few of the EWJ tracks are Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (multiple movements), so one wouldn't be able to submit those specific tracks to OCR specifically, but considering they're well inside public domain it'd be hilarious to hear remixes of those tracks on an album regardless, lol. Such strange games, such good OSTs, I definitely approve. If anyone gets those rolling, they should get in touch with Tommy Tallarico; he's namedropped OCR in VG concerts he's held in the past, he would probably super appreciate such a project.
  25. Hello OverClocked, My name is Thiago Moreno. This remix was a result of Castlevania being one of my favorite games/soundtracks. The main song mixed is "Vampire Killer" (Castlevania I) with some sections of "Beginning" (Castlevania III). The genre of this remix is Electronic (Synthwave). Follow below the remix's link attached and all the required information: Remix link: ReMixer name: Gamewaver Real name: Thiago Moreno E-mail address: UserId: 35558 Game(s) arranged:
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