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  1. I went and watched it. Pretty darn solid if you ask me - go enjoy it.
  2. Track comments would be solid, the permission form so that we know we can use your music for the album will also be necessary (which I need to go through the forms we already have). Otherwise, I'll need to talk to DjP after the project finishes up to see if there's anything else that we need from the artist.
  3. Oh, I like this idea. The mashup element really does wonders with this track, and as far as I can tell no one else has really gone in this direction with the sources (which considering how well it works is a surprise). I'll add a minor note for the fade-out ending (would be better with just an actual ending), but that's a minor complaint compared to the solid idea you present here. As far as production it sounds a bit flat. It could use a touch of stereo spread and/or panning on a few instruments (not too much - just enough to give it space!) to help the track pop off the page, so to spea
  4. One of the greatest necro's I've seen. This is definitely some smooth arranging. This is from 2008? Could be submit today and probably accepted (if the timestamping worked out), lol. Regardless, very nice work man.
  5. Contact Information Your ReMixer name - gravitygauntlet Your real name - Adrian Wahrer Your email address - Your website - gravitygauntlet.com, soundcloud.com/wahrer Your userid - 35645 Remix link: Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged - Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver, Pokémon Platinum Name of arrangement - Ruins of Alpha Name of individual song(s) arranged - Arceus, Battle! Giratina*, Distortion World, Mt. Coronet*, Pokéathlon Finals, Sinjoh Ruins, Spear Pillar*
  6. ReMixers: Konkey Dong, BallinFatty Real names: Matt Forbis, Kerry Jamerson Email: Original Soundtrack: Name of game: Sonic the Hedgehog Name of arrangement: Trapped in Marble This song was originally started as just my friend and I playing around with the Marble Zone melody on FL Studio. We liked what we had going, so we decided to expand upon our work. This is the result we got after about 3 weeks of on and off work. This song is intended to be a trap-style remix. Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to hearing from you.
  7. Bumpity bump response! Yeah, sorry 'bout the mod review thing not working as it should as of late; the staff that normally run it are experiencing a critical existence failure. I'll give some thoughts on it to help you out (you might've actually asked me earlier, but the message got lost in the discord shuffle - really sorry about that!). I do like the overall quality of your instruments - much better than the Silent Hill instruments, even - but I'll be straight and say this is likely too conservative for OCR. The instruments are pretty close, and the overall arrangement is simi
  8. Overall, I do like where this track is taken; it follows a conservative interpretation for the first half of the track, followed by some really cool arranging and embellishments that spice things up. It really sets up the listeners expectations and delivers something very different as it proceeds into new territory. I really enjoyed it, and disagree that this breaks any sort of OCR requirement. My biggest issue with the track is that the instruments sound dry and mechanical. It's like it's a PSX version of the game rather than an SNES version, as far as sound quality. Better than the sour
  9. lol, you're good; I count your last submission for this due date. No rush. ... TBH, I think I'm the only one in trouble on this due date, so... git on it, Gario!
  10. Y'know, I don't think anyone would complain if you did symphonic metal forever. Or is it Operatic metal? Either way, at least I wouldn't complain. Quick reminder of the few people this impacts: Semi-final deadline is today. We have three weeks to get our stuff in order, so let's push this thing through!
  11. RebeccaETripp Rebecca Tripp http://www.crystalechosound.com/ ID: 48262 Game(s): Golvellis: Valley of Doom Song Title: Kelesis with a Mandolin Songs Remixed: Overworld 5
  12. Hello, Attached is my submission and below is the info. Contact Information Your ReMixer name - Moro Your real name - Alex Your email address Your userid - 35618 Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged - Wario Land - Super Mario Land 3 Walking on Water ~Trance Mix~ Name of individual song(s) arranged - Water Levels Link to the original soundtrack (if it is not one of the sound archives already available on the site) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPs1ei4oDSE&
  13. You can't go wrong with Smooth4Lyfe. You just can't. His vocals are really a dream, when it comes to this kind of arrangement. Great stuff, highly recommended.
  14. Oh, this is a fun little arrangement. I agree - leaning into the artificial aspect of your instruments (like your flute-ish instrument) rather than trying to make them sound realistic gives the arrangement a more unique and pleasant flavor. The mixing of the guitar is too much to the front for essentially being the texture, but otherwise the production is pretty good, as well. Nice work, and I'm glad to see you makin' some music again.
  15. Man, I really like this track (I generally really love the work that comes from Moire Effect, actually), but I'm definitely having a hard time justifying this track as far as source usage goes. The first 23 seconds are great (as well as the book-ending part at the end), and the loose connection to the textures in that 0:23-1:03 is arguably alright, but basing the arrangement around the harmonies of the source for the rest of the track is really a stretch to call "recognizable" as the source, as those aren't exactly uncommon chord progressions - it could literally be a remix of thousands of dif
  16. Oh man, this track really is something else. While the texture takes some *ahem* obvious inspiration from Carol of the Bells in the source, it does transform it into something completely different with the themes and harmonies. This arrangement, likewise, takes the source straight at first (with embellishments & improved sounds), but then develops those themes significantly in the second half, taking the arrangement to new heights. It's an excellent piece of Christmas arranging without quite being a Christmas tune - it reminds me of something Mannheim Steamroller would do with a Chris
  17. NOTE: Yes, there's a lot of Carol of the Bells in this (mostly the infamous texture), but that's an artifact of the source, not the artist. There's enough original material in the source as well to merit a shot on the panel. - Gario Contact Information ReMixer name DJ Squid Slap (Id prefer my real name to be used) real name Luke Jansen email address website https://jansen7183.wixsite.com/retrogamemusic userid (I cant find it) Submission Information
  18. RebeccaETripp Rebecca Tripp http://www.crystalechosound.com/ ID: 48262 Game(s): Pokemon Red/Blue Song Title: Purple Screen Songs Remixed: Title Screen
  19. Remixer name: Bluelighter Real Name: Guillaume SAUMANDE Mail: ID forum: 21840 Game & Songs: Asterix (Game Boy) & Egypt, Rome Composer: Alberto José González Egypt : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h32OarxPpCY&list=PLbMoFtAsbzin8a4DaIihGsx7r5brXyEVC&index=5 Rome : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cokC-uzy2n0&list=PLbMoFtAsbzin8a4DaIihGsx7r5brXyEVC&index=3 Hi OCR ! Here is an orchestra arrangement based on Egypt and Rome theme, from Asterix GB. “Egypte “ is really my favorite melo
  20. The arrangement is pretty dynamic, and does a good job expanding the sparce source using overall density and changing rhythmic patterns in order to keep the audience interested. The instruments in this do need some work, however. While there was some work done in order to humanize the dynamics, there's unfortunately more to humanization than altering the levels to simulate dynamics. The articulations, for example, are often the same with stringed instruments as they perform their counterpoints, having some level of swell in each attack. A normal performer would forego such a swell in the
  21. Contact Information ReMixer name: Danilo Ciaffi real name: Danilo Ciaffi email address: website: youtube.com/c/DaniloCiaffi userid: 34668 Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Name of arrangement: The Court of the Goddess Name of individual song(s) arranged: Fairy Fountain Comments:I took inspiration from renaissance music, kind of inspired by Winifred Phillips on Assassin's Creed
  22. ReMixer name: Michael Hudak Real name: Michael Hudak OCR Forum #: 35138 Name of games arranged: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Name of arrangement: "In and Out of Love and Heartbreak" Name of song arranged: "Sanctuary Fortress" Source material: I used the Sanctuary Fortress tune to try and convey (at least some of) the emotions of falling in, being in, and falling out of love. It's a tricky thing. The original title of this ReMix was "Night of the Argument", and maybe I've given too much away with that bit of info, but
  23. Hey! Here is new PsyNES submission for OCReMix. Contact Information Your ReMixer name - PsyNES Your real name - Jari Your email address - Your website - https://soundcloud.com/psynes Your userid - 20309 Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged - Bionic Commando (NES) Name of arrangement - Infiltration Name of individual song(s) arranged - Area 8 Music Additional information about game including composer,
  24. RebeccaETripp Rebecca Tripp http://www.crystalechosound.com/ ID: 48262 Game(s): Breath of Fire 4 Song Title: Reality and Fiction Songs Remixed: Endings and Beginnings (with some nods to Truth and Dreams)
  25. Contact Information Platonist Jonas Loman platonistmusic.com 16372 Submission Information Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers No Hat For Fat Cat Stage J NES Back to full speed, and (almost) everyone is wearing hats! Some of them are thrown, some of them are relatively stationary. I left mine at home.
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