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  1. The original is always floating around different sites, but the Bowser one from the FuMP is definitely up there with the best non-Weird Al parodies out there.
  2. I know I might be a forum newbie on here, but is there some sort of posting limit before you're allowed to put an idea out to the remixers on here? If so, I must have missed it, delete this thread if necessary, and so on. I'll repost it once I'm on the right side of the law. Basically, if you remember the original Chase HQ (not Special Criminal Investigation or Chase HQ 2 as it was known as also on some machines), if someone would make a re-hash of the title music. The Commodore 64 music can be found as Track 1 on Lemon64's JSIDPlayer on-site here and the SID is downloadable. I have no idea how to decode them or convert them to MP3 so don't ask, please. I suppose it'd be cheeky of me as well to ask for the loading music from the C64 version too, is it? Preferrably the original, untouched. I can't find the original in MP3 form, only in SID format again, much like most C64 games The SID, made by Jonathan Dunn, can be found under the Music section of Lemon 64 (the same site as above) if you search for "Ocean Loader 5". For some strange reason, there's no direct page, as it's all a subsection under the music tab on the site. Again, I have no preference as to what you can do with the music. As long as it's mainly faithful to the original(s) it's greatly appreciated. I'll not single out a specific genre to ask for either. It'll be interesting to see what one of you can come up with, so i won't restrict your options, should you decide to take this on. This would be greatly appreciated in any form, and I appreciate it if you put in any effort at all into making these. EDIT: Anyone interested can grab the MP3s of the original arcade rendition of the theme, as well as the Ocean Loader, can find their respective links below. Note the Ocean Loader was misnamed as 4 instead of 5. http://www.4shared.com/file/35226692/a46fa151/Ocean_Loader_4.html http://www.4shared.com/file/35226091/39eb8c59/chasehq.html
  3. I'm not the first person to say this piece is interesting, but although I like Fools Gold by the Stone Roses (where the inspiration for the looping drum comes from, I'm assuming. They both sound very similar) and i liked the original Liberi Fatali, this crossover just doesn't tickle my pickle really. Sorry Matt, but as a fan of both pieces by their own, and as good as the splice might sound to others, it just fails to float my boat.
  4. Another of my favourites from the Voices of the Lifestream album. I'm not familiar with any remixer names or particular styles around here yet, so I can't go all personal and say "typical Fishy remix, keeps with his consistent style" yadda-yadda. But I will say that it captures the high-pace of the frantic action well from where the original was used in the game (timed sequences, a few boss battles, and the Battle Arena, if I'm not mistaken) and the style of this particular track suited it rather well, if I must say so myself.
  5. This is one of the remixes I always go back to when I have Voices of the Lifestream on my MP3 player, The relaxed nature of it goes well with the setting of the original Final Fantasy 7's Costa Del Sol - as well as the real one! - lying back on the beach, lounging and instantly losing any stress you have the moment your first footprint is laid on the sand. It's very well done, and the instruments used really make the piece stand out in its setting.
  6. I'm JC (that's how that part of my username is pronounced, people have mistaken it for Jake before), and I'm currently studying Computer Games Design at college. I'm also an office worker on weekends to earn a bit of extra money, and on the side of that I'm also a forum administrator at www.goal-kick.com, a Football Manager fansite. I've been lurking around here for a couple of months so I thought it'd be best to pop in and say Hi and thanks for the music. I'm no music buff by any means, nor do I know how to make it on a computer (aside from software that is a tad expensive for the amount of time I'll probably use it, but I'll pass my opinions on tracks that particularly catch my attention. Most of the stuff I download from here are tracks that I would be able to recognise by previous experiences of a particular game, I probably wouldn't download a remixed track if I had never heard of the original before, so as I know what's going on and I know what improvements (if any) have been made to the original piece. So anyway, hi guys, and I'll probably be seeing you around.
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