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  1. Chances are, it's because after a year and a half of work, they only have about 8 definitive tracks that are going to be on it, and they'll probably be released on-site here seperate because of a lack of team cohesion on the overall project. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  2. Happy Birthday The Damned. Hope you enjoyed it.
  3. http://www.pokemon.co.jp/special/platinum/02.html Seems like that form of Giratina, along with those screenshots, are official.
  4. My brother's be piss-jealous of me if I had one. Any more left or has The Damned called dibs on the last one available? My friend code is here.
  5. Agreed. Yellow was different because instead of taking the game standard, it tended to follow the same route as the Anime did, and it worked pretty well. The Anime was popular, so they decided to do a special version with Pikachu as the starter. The word "Win" best describes that. That's something the 3D games should think about: Environmental Hazards. Think about it, using your team of 6 in coalition with each other all at the same time. Get these right, for possible examples. Water-based gym: basically a big swimming pool, so there's nowhere for Pokémon to stand. Now, apart from maybe the Lotad evolution chain, not a lot of say, Grass types would be able to swim efficiently. So here's an idea: Call out someone like Lapras and make a block of ice using an Ice Beam, as a platform for other Pokémon to stand on, meaning they don't have to focus on swimming and their full potential of using their attacks like Giga Drain, Razor Leaf or Vine Whip would work a bit better. Inside a cave: I'll go for grass-type again for convenience's sake. Group of Zubats attack, so Bayleef uses Razor Leaf to cut a stalactite from the roof of the cave, catches it with Vine Whip and uses it to slash at the Zubats until they faint or retreat. It might rely too much on set-pieces I know, but you have to admit, it would still be kinda neat.
  6. http://www.garagetv.be/video-galerij/9lives/Gears_of_War_2_Gameplaytrailer.aspx I just seen that video of Gears 2 and I've got to say, it looks really impressive. I haven't even got a 360, but knowing my experience when I was round at a friend of mine's: the campaign will probably suck and the online will be the main highlight. That is, until a new Halo or Call of Duty gets released.
  7. I'm inclined to agree with you TD. A G/S/C remake would probably suck. While they did have their insanely cool moments, they just wouldn't be right to bring forward. While FR/LG were valid remakes that were in need of being done (to complete the Pokedex), G/S/C would serve no purpose to that. If it came out (and I'm a big Pokémon fan), I wouldn't buy it. I'd sooner dig out one of my 2 Game Boy Colors and play the original cartridges.
  8. Quoted for truth. He had some damn awesome ReMixes, like Snake Vs Dragon (as Palpable mentioned above me), and Ascension to Cosmo Canyon. *raises glass*
  9. Well, looks like Sammy L.'s gonna be in a lot more superhero movies seeing as all these marvel movies are set in a continuous universe where they all link in with each other. Although Ultimate Nick Fury was directly based upon Samuel L, there must have been a clause in his image rights contract that said something along the lines of:
  10. I thought it was pretty damn cool, actually, though Kotaku's title is a bit deceiving.
  11. I quite enjoyed that actually. After listening to the original (which I wasn't familiar with) it 's pretty close to the real thing, well done with that.
  12. I quite liked that, and as you said, it's still work-in-progress so hopefully we'll see more of that so it doesn't end straight on that note or anything. Ire you going to try and implement other "bike" themes from the other Pokémon games into this, or are you sticking to Red/Blue/Yellow? And will this be included in the MissingNo Tracks OCR project, or is this just a little something you were working on by yourself?
  13. My local retailer isn't doing this, he says that the shop'll get looted (because it's in the middle of a shopping centre) and the regulars will be left with nothing good left by the time they get in (assuming they're not queueing at 7AM )
  14. Marvel's building up to the Avengers movie in 2012, and everyone that's in the Avengers-based movies (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America) will all be reprising their roles from their individual movies. It's partly the reason why Marvel waited this long to bust out the big names they really wanted to focus on. The movie rocked for one reason. Marvel Studios themselves made it. They didn's sell some of their comic properties as they knew they'd be building up to the Avengers, and with Cap high up on the roster, they particularly didn't want to sell him up the creek. And you have to love Stan lee's cameo where Stark mistakes him for Hugh Hefner. Brilliant. Overall though, Downey Jr as a recovering alcoholic? That's genius in itself. As for the Nick Fury thing, at least it's promising to be better than David Hasselhoff's turn as him in the made-for-TV movie that Fox had about 10 or so years ago.
  15. Big shouts go out to Quinton Flynn, David Hayter and John DiMaggio. Some of the more recognised names in VG VOs. Though Dwight Schultz (Howlin' Mad Murdoch from the A-Team) done well as O'Aka XXIII inFinal Fantasy 10 as well. I'm not particularly big into knowing who does VOs in cartoons and stuff, but I still find it funny that Seth Green (the guy that made Robot Chicken) does voicework in Family Guy, and they referenced it in Blue Harvest.
  16. I wasn't familiar with most of the original source material used on this track, but I listened on, and I must say wow. Even from not knowing the original, this is one astounding piece of work.
  17. http://www.bittorrent.com/ The .TORRENT file you (probably) downloaded is just a tracker for the software to use so it knows what files to download. (Well, that's probably worded a bit wrong, but I'm sure you'll get the gist of it once you download it) EDIT: Rozovian got it in one, pipped me to it.
  18. Aquaman's just the guy everyone takes the piss out of really, although I'll give it to him that he's quite cool and all that, he'll probably make it based on popularity rather than the fact that he's got a high standing in the DC universe. Although if you take things that way, I forgot to mention Nightwing. He'd probably make it before Booster Gold would. Still, you have to admit, canonical or not, Rorschach and V would fit the dark MK setting more than the majority of the mainstream heroes or the Justice League/Teen Titans.
  19. Seconded. Although Premonition was pretty damn awesome, the rest of the album was a bit of a letdown really. It just wasn't as good as The Skies Above if you ask me.
  20. Probably not. I can see this game totally bombing. As much as I like DC Comics and MK in their own seperate respects, putting them together should never have happened. How and ever, if the teaser site, http://www.worldscollide.com is anything to go by, by clicking Sub-Zero's eye, 16 "?" blocks show up. Chances are, Batman's eye will have 16 as well. So the big question is: who'll make it, if it's 16 per side? Here's my dream teams: Team MK: Shao Kahn Shang Tsung Johnny Cage Liu Kang Kano Scorpion Sub-Zero Goro Rayden Jax Sonya Kung Lao Reptile Quan Chi Noob/Smoke Stryker (just so you can annihilate him in the first stage) Team DC: Batman Superman Green Lantern Wonder Woman The Flash Aquaman (as hilarious as it sounds) Green Arrow Metamorpho Booster Gold Black Canary V for Vendetta Rorshach (with The Question and Mr. A as alternate costumes ) Atom Hawkman Captain Marvel Martian Manhunter Although they'll want to probably balance out DC with good/bad so more than likely, the likes of Lex Luthor (in a power suit) and the Joker as well as some other recurring baddies like maybe Superboy/Prime from Infinite Crisis.
  21. And here was me looking forward to the DS version >:@ Will probably download at some point within the next 2 weeks.
  22. I certainly echo that Zircon. I often listen to both of them and they both have their different variations on the same idea. It's refreshing to see that, because if we didn't have that same perception, you guys wouldn't be making ReMixes now, would you? But as for my take on the track? Dr Rod beat me to the punch. I absolutely loved the speedy intro, and when the calm drops in, it's just... wow.
  23. I actually have "His World" even though I have never played Sonic 06. Quite a good tune. There any sort of regulations about posting copyrighted stuff up here? Someone let me know, if there isn't I'll upload it somewhere. ReMixing though's out of my reach, I don't have any of that big new-fangled software.
  24. I've no real beef with EA, but in all seriousness their games aren't as good as they used to be a few years ago. I reckon they should focus like getting their own games sorted out first before they try and buy into someone else's. Another thing I don't really get is: Why have they nicked Team Fortress 2's graphics? I know they were responsible for the conversion of the Orange Box to PS3 (which had a dodgy framerate compared to the 360 and PC), but now they're using the same cartoon graphics in both FIFA Street 3 (a game that has been dire in all iterations, but people only buy it because Ronaldinho's on the cover) and Battlefield: Heroes. I study Computer Games Development in college and my lecturer (who likes EA games and plays them on a regular basis, or so he claims) still refers to them as the proverbial Videogame Vacuum. I know though after what happened with NFS: ProStreet, I'll not be buying any more non-sports games from EA without renting first. After Def Jam, Fight for NY, I got Icon, and was also largely disappointed, but then again, I'll give exception as it was a launch title. But the prospect of them buying 2K Games, and an EA-labelled BioShock 2 cash-in, that would seriously haunt me.
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