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  1. I like how IMDB have already listed "Untitled J.J. Abrams Cloverfield Sequel" on their website. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1179933/ Obviously, it's going to carry on from after the end of the first one, but I reckon it could be from more of an "official" perspective than the "home footage" presentation style of the original.
  2. Congratulations Andrew, but it's a bit of a bummer winning a side-prize in which you played a vital role in creating. At least you get to meet the man himself in the end-up though, so that's something in itself.
  3. Cloverfield was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Because it wasn't a movie. It's an experience. Meanwhile, is it cool to post spoilers yet or is it still in that "It's cool but let's still not tell anyone yet" period?
  4. You know what both rules and sucks at the same time? Getting 2 hours a week to play games as part of coursework (I'm doing Games Development, you see), but the hook is they have to be pre-1990. It's the reason I rediscovered how catchy the Chase HQ theme was (the one I requested, and nobody's picked up on it, probably because either these things take up a lot of people's time, or I just don't have enough posts to validate a petty request like that.) and more importantly, I've rekindled my love for International Karate +. Commodore 64 ftw. Back when I was 3, my brothers got it for Christmas and Terminator 2 was our first game for it. Man, those were the days. Still hard to believe that was all of 15 years ago.
  5. I'm pretty sure there's download counters of some description somewhere on-site, even if it's hidden to everyone except DJ Pretzel. The Last.FM files are a bit hard to judge from, seeing as we have 4 different mirror uploads for every song on here, as well as some of them being on Last.FM. I can see what you're trying to do, though, and I reckon it's not a bad idea. But everyone can pick their own favourites and download themfrom hearing some of the sample streams. The site's always been a non-profit one so i can't see that changing any time soon.
  6. What's a Friend Voucher? Has it something to do with Mystery Gift or something?
  7. I was looking at the first post of this thread, that had a different URL. The one in your sig works fine. Thanks.
  8. I go by the name of JAMES in-game. I thought it kept all names in uppercase like old Pokémon games so I named myself in all-caps, but I was wrong EDIT: Off topic, but add me for the PlayStation Network as well. Username's jayc4life, but I'm not online all that often, due to it being at my brother's.
  9. Drack's database isn't loading for me, but here's my Pokémon Diamond code: 0130-0193-1015 I'll add my Final Fantasy 3 code to the list too, if that's of any use in the game for anything except MogNet: 3780-8091-9070
  10. Played this for the first time in a while now, still training to beat the 8th Gym, and have about 5 Spiritombs (Lv:1) farmed for trading, in case you killed the one (or 2) that were in your game. And on that note, my DS won't recognise my router, and the downloadable drivers for the Wi-Fi USB asaptor won't install on my naggy Vista. Any help? EDIT: After downloading the drivers (again) from Nintendo's support website, the ZIP archive is said to be damaged and won't extract. Has anyone got a working driver that they could upload, or where I can get a working driver? FURTHER EDIT: The original WiFi USB installation will work if you take the files out of the CD onto your hard disk, then run the setup in compatibility. After the install, go to the installation folder, and set the 3 EXE files in there to Compatibility as well, and it'll run smoothly, even if the DS says there's a communication error, it will work.
  11. So it's going to be a C&C based, non-canonical storyline that's actually going to be a prequel to something like Tiberium Wars? I'haven't played C&C for a while now, I still only have the very first iteration, but I keep track of the "canonical" storyline through Wiki and stuff like that. Kane's story is the bit that gets me though, and when the Kane's Wrath expansion comes out for Tiberium Wars, I'll be getting it, without a doubt. But I doubt if I'll invest in an FPS that only serves as a mere "what if?" part of a storyline.
  12. Welcome to OCR, Kevin. Hope your class goes well from you and me wight get to see some stuff in due time if all goes well too
  13. Why, oh why does Europe have to wait until February 1st for this? I want to see it sooooo desperately, but I'm made to wait another 2 weeks. If I can get away skipping college some afternoon and get a load of guys to go to a 4pm screening (like we did with Hitman when it came out) it'll be quality.
  14. If something kinda ZX Spectrum/Commodore 64 floated your boat, I'd arrange you go and check out some of the in-game music at Lemon64 or other various sites like that. If I could decode SID chips from C64s, I'd reccommend the Chase HQ theme. It's one of those stand-out retro gaming music moments from my childhood and it's one I always hold dear to me. Hold my thought while I go work on decoding stuff (or learning how to, in my case!) I've no idea how to actually make the music, but i know how to adapt existing stuff, if you get me EDIT: There's an MP3 of the arcade rendition of the theme at the link below. Hope it can be of some use to you. http://www.4shared.com/file/35226091/39eb8c59/chasehq.html
  15. I second that. And no offence taken Arek. I actually played 8 about a year before I played 7, so call me a latecomer to the series
  16. I thought having that caption on it wouldn't go down well, but anyway, text changed on it, a bit more "user-friendly". A lot off-topic, but relevant none the less. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Whoever decided getting my mum Brain Training for Christmas is a right git. Because I can't get near the DS any more, she's hooked on the Sudoku on it That git being me
  17. I second that for the European market. While I've found that there's a bit of a learning curve behind it, as well as pretty steep increases in monster levels in certain areas, it's a great game nonetheless. Sure, it's not the best in the FF series by any means (I'll let 7 and 8 battle that one out) but it's still a solid game in its own respects. And after seeing the original Famicom box art, I'm glad they re-done that image with the traditional white FF background, á la the other games in the series since 7.
  18. All Your Base Belong to 2.5D? Possible. Someone set us up the download. Meanwhile, this looks like it could be a tasteful download. Although, with it being a NEs original title, it's a wonder they haven't made a version for the Wii as well. Real shame.
  19. I've commented on the individual songs where I could see them without leaving too much of a "bumping" gap, but I'll just go on record on saying there's probably not a single track on this I would skip over while listening to it. While there are a few songs that could have been a bit better, I still felt overall this is an excellent album. I honestly think that, if this album was commercially released in music stores, game stores and perhaps online through a PayPal order scheme, you really could have made a collosal wedge of $$$$ out of this. Still, I'm not complaining, it's all free but being honest, I really would have paid top dollar (or €uro in my case) for a compilation like this. Now, I think it's time to get down and do the Robot.
  20. happy birthday AnSo, hope you enjoy it.
  21. If you fail to prepare, Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy 8's up there with the best of them, and I'd go on a hunch (even though I've not fought him yet), Yiazmat from FF 12 as well. Another one I spent a lot of time getting owned by as Jinpachi in the original Tekken 5. There's only so many times you can get your ass whipped by him before there becomes a joypad lodged in your TV screen. For some reason, on the Dark Ressurection version, he was almost too easy, and even on Ultra Hard, I could double-perfect him with Marduk.
  22. I'm Irish, it'll make no difference to me. But if more contries encouraged the gaming industry and gave grants to countries to set up shop there, then I'm all for. Seeing as I'm doing Computer Game Design at college here (just finished the first semester last week), I'm hoping something rather similar comes here and multinational companies come over here and create jobs for us. As much as I'd like to, I'd be a bit uneasy about moving abroad just so I can get a proper job with my qualification when I graduate.
  23. Agreed, I seen this method used on a flash version of Portal (which is brilliant I must say) and Stickman Sam (possibly a parody of Serious Sam using stickmen?) and both of these employ that control scheme rather well. Wouldn't be a bad idea for Metroid.
  24. It's one I can't wait for either. TEEM.ROKIT was the teaser for it, and that was tremendous. If the rest of this project lives up to the expectation that track set, then it'll hopefully be well worth the year-long wait for most of this project's followers.
  25. Well, jayc4life has been my username on several forums I visit, along with MySpace, Bebo, Last.FM amongst others. JayC, being my first and middle name initials (James Charles), and as for the 4life. I'd like to think I'll do something in my life that'll be remembered in the following years, and possibly historic (such as suggesting the USB Keys for album sales, see the RIAA thread in off-topic) so my memory, my "legacy", if you will, will live on and my spirit will never truly die. Although for the most part, I've changed my display name to just JC on most forums.
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