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  1. Would this eventualy mean the reinstatement of BlueFoxIcy to the forums? He seemedto be good at 'LiveJournal' threads, so if this happens, he'd be good to have. But unfortunately, I can't see it happening. There's no real point to it, when you can just post in the forum and get the same effect. I don't mean to be so negative, but while the occasional interview as such would be good, an entire blog would be posted to a lot during the "honeymoon period" before being largely ignored after about 2 months.
  2. Apparently, it's following The Piccolo Saga from the original Dragon Ball, so it won'thave any of the 'Z' characters. I can't wait to see Cow Yun Fat dothe Original Kamehamea though. It would be worth going to see alone.
  3. CoLD SToRAGE done Shadow of the Beast? Wow, I loved that game, and still have it on a C64 cartridge somewhere. I also like in the standard question set, how he managed to namedrop 3 of my favourite SID composers in Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway and Ben Daglish. It's a wonder how all the C64 and SID-related stuff tends to stick to RKO and very few of it actually ends up here. Either way, a very interesting interview, loved reading it.
  4. Don't worry about it. If you were from Europe, it'd be a different matter, but I suppose I'll let it slide seeing as you're following from a distance. I'll probably not bother actually watching it this year (same as other years), mainly because the Irish didn't qualify
  5. We done a random "names in a hat" sweepstake too. I wanted Spain, but drew Romania. I might as well give up my €5 already.
  6. Congratulations guys, you're already assets to the site, but wel done in making the step up a notch.
  7. I've my money on Spain. But whoever made this thread should do some research. It's called the European Football Championships. Not Eurocup.
  8. I liked one in the E3 trailer of MGS3, when Snake's holding up a guy on a motorbike, and the guy says: "This is no vice city, it's a jungle", and drives off. Other than that, All Your Base is still quite good. Oh and Mr Saturn's famous "BOING!", or a Moogle's "Kupo". It's little things like that that make the whole thing complete.
  9. I agree with both of these on my first listen. Perhaps "The Winds of Himeji" might have been somehow more appropriate Name aside, it's a very solid track, and I can only really echo what Broken said above me. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of your work (as well as FF XII tracks) in the coming months eh? Just for the record too, I've been to Inismore (it's usually spelled without the 'h' but it both are accepted generally)and it really is a quiet and peaceful place. That is, until the now-annual TedFest, a local fundraising Father Ted-themed festival.
  10. I like the new direction it's taking. The update's solid, do keep it up. Good choice in name too. I'm not much of a music buff and don't have an ear to pick out stuff that could be worked upon, but I liked it anyway
  11. That was only 3:42? I want more, that was awesome! I'll check out the other videos as well, but that Space Invaders scene was very well done.
  12. Are we all seriously debating about how this movie "failed" or "succeeded"? You know, this film obviously succeeded. If we weren't talking about it, then it would have failed. Movie-makers aren't out to make good movies, they're out to make MONEY. Which we spent going to see it. Meaning that their job was successful.
  13. The reason it's being remade is exactly that: The Avengers. Plus, the fact that the first version with Eric Bana bombed out big-time, meant Marvel Studios could buy back the IP on the cheap and do it the way THEY want to do it: PROPERLY. The only reason they can't buy back Spaderman straight away is because the trilogy was so successful that Marvel Studios can't afford to buy it back yet. It's also the reason why we haven't had a Captain America movie yet: as one of Marvel's strongest characters on their roster, they felt the only way a Cap movie would do the comics justice is if it was Marvel solely behind it.
  14. I agree with this editorial, even though I'm part of a team that owns a fansite myself (Football Manager, fyi). Not being big-headed or whatever, but I'd like to think that the site I'm a part on is up as one of the biggest of a wider community (which we all kinda co-support through advertising threads and sharing a reasonable amount of the same member base as each other). I'll agree with the fact that there's more and more new fansites opening up with little or no new material or game resources upon opening, and they blame big sites like us for their lack of success, when it's down to their lack of pre-prepared content that's their real downfall. While eventually I'd like to see other successful fansites merge with our own onder one single URL, and create a "supercommunity" as such, most of the other webmasters don't see things that way and like to keep to their own, even though we all get along with each other and we all talk on a regular basis.
  15. The whole argument barely applies now, what with people using licenced tracks from established artists more and more these days. I agree with DJMetal though, if the sound's incredible, but the gameplay has its few niggles, then you'd be willing to overlook them and play on just to hear the rest of the soundtrack. As long as the in-game mood is echoed by the music, then it's all good.
  16. According to Williams's Wikipedia entry, Williams acquired Bally's pinball division around 1988, thus getting the rights to all their old tables, as well as Midway arcade games like Mortal Kombat and Defender. So my guesses is that there could be Pinball Classics 2: The Williams Collection featuring a selection of classic Bally tables. Just on a side note, as that for the PSP, yeah? I was tempted to buy it at one stage.
  17. Despite not having heard the source material before (so shoot me), I thought that sounded pretty cool for a work-in-progress. I never had an N64, and haven't even got an emulator (that'll probably change after my exams), but I'll be keeping an eye out for the finished version, no doubt about it.
  18. I think Nintendo would have taken note at how badly Mario was converted, and said "Never again are we selling our intellectual properties". In Nintendo Power magazine, when they were looking at the history of Mario, they done a timeline feature on the series. When it came to the movie the caption read: I think the majority of fans feel this way about Mario, and if it's ever sanctioned, it'll be echoed with Zelda. Though GTA3 proved silent protagonists can work in modern times, but it'd be more suited for Link to remain mute because it'd tie in more with the original game.
  19. It wasn't really a necessary movie to make, per-sé, but I still enjoyed it loads. I thought the story arc it took (without mentioning spoilers) worked pretty well, despite what I'd heard from people who seen it the day before, and the internet gossip and all that jazz. I'd nearly go and see it again for the fun of it, it was that good. Still not as good as The Last Crusade though.
  20. Agreed. Doom was cool, but ditching hellspawns for mutated zombies was not. How and ever, whoever came up with The Rock's line when he seen the BFG (called BioForce Gun in the movie) when he says "Looks like a big fucking gun to me", deserves a pat on the back.
  21. I've heard on on The FuMP of Still Alive (through Bowser's point of view after being offed by Mario) and thought it was awesome. However I think that after the first 2 weeks or so you have to pay the 99c for it. Shame though, it was really well done. Any rules here about uploading stuff that isn't yours if it was originally obtained through Creative Commons? Just in case I get asked for a free link to this and all that jazz, I got it free and legal off the other site due to it being a new release, but if they take it off a free release after a set time, does that change the licensing? Just asking first, to be on the safe side, you know.
  22. Lure of the Temptress if you're after a Broken Sword-esque game. http://www.revolution.co.uk/_display.php?id=10 The company put it up themselves as a free download, happy days. Mac users have to use DOSBox to get it to work, whereas Windows should be able to play it direct. Haven't played it in AGES though, so I might have to download it next month as I'm running close to exceeding my bandwidth.
  23. I agree with the Uwe Boll-bashing. I'm hoping that it'll stick to The Sands Of Time though, and not either go off on a tangent that isn't in the game (like what happened with Doom), and not overlap into the rest of the series. After all, if it's a success, Warrior Within's an obvious sequel.
  24. For the tracks announced, I just read the first post (which was obviously recently updated if I'm right) and got info off there. For the lack of cohesion part, if you communicate with each other fairly often through the project forums, you wouldn't be asking on here how everybody's getting on with their tracks and stuff. For being relatively new around here, it's amazing what you can (and in the case of earlier, can't) pick up just by being around and lurking. Anyway, I'm all right with waiting if it's going to be done properly. Perfection can't be rushed and all that jazz.
  25. Quoted for truth. I can appreciate that these guys have lives away from their PCs, and they have bills and taxes to pay as well as the rest of us. Sarcasm's just better detected through a tone of voice, though in hindsight The Damned actually did sound sarcastic. I could really use some sleep, I got like 5 hours in the last 72 for no reason whatsoever.
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