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  1. I'm stepping in to put an end to this madness. You people are arguing like a bunch of fishwives, and I can't really say I like it. This is a remixing project, not a Dr. Phil episode. If you need to resolve some of your personal issues, you can do that away from the other members. And as a friend of all three of you musketeers, I'd appreciate it if this stupid teenage-bitch tension were finally over, because it's making me feel really uncomfortable (and I'm probably not the only one). You're grown men, please act like it. Instead of crying because "the big bad boss is being mean to you", just
  2. Yeah, I also think Silver should be enough. I think Nutritious uses Silver for his arrangements, or at least he did at one point. You can check out some of his stuff just to get a feel of what you can expect.
  3. I've had a really lousy day, but this cheered me up. Thanks a lot. =D And to all you pseudolurkers out there: leave emulator alone. If it were his call, the album would have been out a year ago. Wait patiently in the shadows where you belong. =P
  4. I'm really confused. The SPC soundtrack I have has both Flight from the Holy Land and Reincarnation, but they're exactly the same apart from the first one being shorter. Also, I really got my hopes up when I saw Swedish in this thread, but then it turned out to be just some Google Translator rubbish. English is boring. =P I am currently remixing the main theme for the SECOND TIME for this project since I've decided to include it in Return to Forever. Angel's Fear. Oh, the IRONY!
  5. You're the almighty project directors, PRINT it and SIGN it. =P
  6. I'm still working on Return to Forever. In my defense, I had to move to a new apartment this week (all by myself, bah) and clean the old one (all by myself, bah). In addition, I had an exam last Friday and another one on Monday, so no grief for me, thank you very much. =P With almost 25 minutes of music on this album, I think I deserve a get-out-of-jail-free card. =P
  7. Почему так быстро?! XD There's no hurry, take your time. =D

  8. Да. =D Brandon's doing a remix of one of its tracks, so yeah, it does count. =)

  9. Thanks, both of you! Not to toot my own horn, but I've also submitted my Witchmakers track, and to my surprise it was marked as a direct post. I'd take it in a heartbeat if I weren't helping HoboKa with his Where Angels Fear to Tread track. If you can't find anyone reliable for it, I can whip up something. Anything to get this project done.
  10. This is great! Thank you so much for posting this! Commander Keen has always been one of my favorites, even though I'm more of into RPGs than arcades. I've recently played through ceilick's The Universe Is Toast trilogy, and I enjoyed it a lot! I'm definitely looking forward to trying out the stuff you've been working on as well. Kudos for the music! I especially enjoyed Thin Air and The Core. The scrolling story really brought back a lot of memories. Keep up the good work. You've done an awesome job so far!
  11. Thanks a lot for your votes, everyone! I really appreciate it! I'm glad you liked their music! И да, можно понимать словенский язык если говоришь по-русски. =D It's called Slovenian, although I have to admit I like your name better. =D You don't need to thank me for that! I should be thanking you! If you hadn't recruited me, I never would have joined. I love this word. =D Hvala ti puno! Actually, that's a pretty good idea! If they get a bunch of votes from this community, they might as well give something back to it. =D Thanks! I'll let them know. =D
  12. (Sorry if this doesn't belong in the Community forum. Moderators, please move the thread if it's in the wrong place.) I'd really appreciate it if you guys did me a small favor. My brother's jazz/rock band wants to play at Rock Otočec, a big rock festival in Slovenia. The organizers are choosing some of the less known bands based on the number of votes they get on their website. You can only vote once and it takes five seconds (ten if you're slow). Just go to this site, choose Divje jezero (which means Wild Lake, by the way), and click the button Glasuj (Vote). Type in the security code and
  13. Ooo, it's great to see there are more people who are disgusted by the lack of PC music here. =P I've always liked The Wingless' arrangements. According to his profile, he hasn't been on the site in quite a while, though. Too bad. Don't feel obligated to start working on another track if you're busy. There's no rush, and you're welcome to join any time. When/if you've decided to remix a track, just give me the title and I'll put you on the list. =) I'll put you on the list, so welcome aboard! Great choice of source, but if you're planning on remixing it as part of this initiative, don't m
  14. Thanks, Melbu! I'm glad you liked it. Well, I've done some minor adjustments and submitted the track to the panel, so keep your fingers crossed. =) You can download the final version here. Enjoy! Thanks again for all the feedback, everyone. You've helped me a lot!
  15. Of course it was useful! It's always useful to have another pair of ears, so thanks a lot for all your effort with this feedback. It was very thorough. But before I continue, I have to say that I've just realized I uploaded the wrong version of the new WIP. XD The correct one's pretty much the same, though, except for that compression problem at the end, which you've mentioned. I completely agree with this. I think the main problem is the fact that I was mixing this with my earphones, and they're pretty boomy. If i listen to the track on my speakers or with my earbuds, I too feel that the
  16. Of course it's allowed. It would be pretty hypocritical of me to allow Diablo 2 and not Deus Ex, hehe. Just let me know when you've chosen your source tunes and I'll put you on the list. =) This could be your opportunity to try doing something by ear. It's not a project, so there's no rush or deadlines or directors. =) Lego Island is definitely a great suggestion, so if you decide to remix it, you have my full support! Thanks! You're welcome to hop on board if there's a specific tune you'd like to arrange.
  17. Uh, this is the first time that's happened to me. I feel kind of violated. And they even had the audacity to list me as THE Archangel. Some nerve. Also, I've finally got the time to listen to the entire album. Extremely enjoyable. I love it when there's so much genre variation in an album, so thanks a lot to everyone who contributed their music! I've never played Wild Arms, but after hearing this album, I'm certainly tempted to try, to say the least. =)
  18. The introduction to Eye of the Beholder II. You can check the list of claimed tracks in the first post. I keep updating it, and there's a couple of links to WIP threads as well if you want to listen to the tracks and maybe post a comment. =)
  19. Yup! I've already finished one of my claimed tracks and I'm planning on submitting it to the panel this week. =)
  20. OK, the track is now more or less done: WIP 4 I'll wait a little while before calling it completely finished in case I get some more polishing ideas, but I'm planning on submitting it to the panel as soon as possible. I'd appreciate some feedback. =)
  21. I'm still planning on finishing my track. I'd like to see if the other people on this project want to do the same, though.
  22. I like that sound too. I think a lot of percussion libraries include presets like that. However, I've been looking for something like that for quite a while, but haven't found it yet. I've experimented with bit-crushing various percussion and this is what I got: Example Also, if you listen to that loooong mix I sent you the other day, the one which shall remain unnamed, you know why [shifty eyes], there's some bit-crunched percussion at 0:55. That's the best I can do right now. I hope it helps.
  23. I have that! It's wonderful music indeed! I usually pan things when the arrangement is complete. It's easier to position the instruments so that they don't clash. Also, the song would sound more open with some more reverb. It help tremendously, in my experience.
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