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  1. Ooo, a fellow soundtrack ReMixer! =D Remixing Lara Croft, no less! Cool! This is sounding promising. I like the oriental flavor of the piece and the adventurous atmosphere later on. I have a few suggestions on how to improve this, though. 1) First of all, the dizi (I think it's a dizi) at the beginning is playing every note with the same velocity setting. That makes it sound quite mechanical, which is a real shame since the samples you're using have so much more potential. 2) Again, the first part with the dizi--it's a little rushed, or rather, a little too rhythmically regular for an epic
  2. I like the way you think! I'm a translator, so I know that everything depends on the context. =D Congratulations to all three of you! I've already got a bunch of advice from Rozo and Gario, and I know Flexstyle from the Double the Trouble project. Thanks in advance for your effort! I for one greatly appreciate it.
  3. Thank you so much! No wonder I couldn't find it. The track's title is Godom Lullaby, not Godom Library. Thanks for the nice comment as well. =) Edit: The choir and vocal samples are all from Eastwest Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs. They're pretty good, but if you're looking for even better solo vocal samples, try Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices. That's something else!
  4. Really nice atmosphere, Wes! It feels like the song is breathing. I like that very much, my songs never do that. =D I have a couple of suggestions, though. 1) The crackling frog sound is really nice, but if I were you I'd use the equalizer to push it a little more to the background. It gets just a little overwhelming at times (0:35-0:37, for example). 2) The vibraphone/celesta/whatever that's playing the arpeggio at 0:45 sounds more like something you'd have in the background of the soundscape, so I'd use some equalizer here as well, and maybe even some creative panning to spice things up.
  5. Thanks! I'll do that as soon as I've polished it enough. There are still a couple of things that are bugging me. Hm, I'm not sure what this elusive 'shine' is, but I think I get your point. =D However, I don't think I can solve this just by adjusting the equalizer settings. I might have to add some more instruments. Not sure what, though. I'd like to keep it as minimalistic as possible. I came across that change in the submission rules by coincidence, actually! I was checking to see if there was a possibility of submitting a track that's bigger than 8 MB (I have a 8-minute track on the S
  6. Yup, I added the piano in the middle to make it a little more interesting. Without it, it would be extremely boring since I've decided to slow down the tempo of the piece to allow some of the strings to be more expressive. I definitely agree with making the piano melody a little more prominent. That was actually something that didn't quite sit with me, but I couldn't really put my finger on it until you mentioned it. Thanks a lot! I've made the change in this new WIP, and I've also added the introduction and most of the final part. It should be done pretty soon. Then I can submit it and spre
  7. I don't think anyone thinks that, but someone might lose their motivation to participate in the project. I hope no one does, though! Final Fantasy VI is a great game with magical music that, come to think of it, deserves at least two projects to be at least remotely covered. =)
  8. I got the joke. =P Thanks for being so enthusiastic, Eino! If there's ever a credits list for this initiative, you'll get special thanks. XD
  9. I agree with Eino, this piece has a really nice vibe to it. It sounds fresh and spacious. The source track was much more stuffy and laid-back. I have to say I had some difficulties hearing the source tune in the mix, so I'd also suggest to use some of the bass lines as the lead in some parts. I can hear the harmonies are the same, but I'd make the source very explicit at the beginning so there's more room for variation later on. The cymbal/snare (or whatever it's called) is a little too repetitive for my taste, but it may just be the fact that it's somewhat conspicuous compared to the other
  10. Thanks a lot, you two! I'm glad you like it! Yes yes YES! =D More threads, more threads! I don't think there was a PC-speaker version of the intro. Too bad you didn't have a soundcard, I was always so impressed by this music!I've worked on the track a bit more, so enjoy the second WIP: WIP 2
  11. Or maybe people just misread other people's comments. =P I said that the hierarchy thing was not true. It was just the impression I got as a complete newbie. I've never been to an OCR meetup, though. I live in Europe, so it's not exactly a short trip to the US for me.
  12. As far as solo albums are concerned, I think it's up to the artist whether they want to disclose their album or not. However, they should keep in mind that if they decide to keep their projects secret, they shouldn't blame the staff or the other project's directors if there's a misunderstanding. But then again, why would anyone want to keep their work completely to themselves? Is it really that awful if the community and people in general know that someone somewhere is doing some sort of musical tribute to a specific game in some undisclosed genre? I don't think that ruins the surprise. It ad
  13. I agree that the staff aren't to blame, but in all fairness, someone could have foreseen this, especially with Final Fantasy VI. Everyone's been begging for this project for a long time. There have even been plans for a Final Fantasy VI project about a year ago and I was secretly invited to participate in it. You can imagine I was a little surprised when I saw this thread, but because I hadn't received any new information about the secret project, I just assumed it was dropped. I've never been a fan of secret elite projects. I think they alienate a lot of people because they give an impressi
  14. I've finally polished the mix a little more, so I'm bumping this in case someone else wants to comment on it. Here's the link to the updated version. Thanks for listening!
  15. I'm sorry to say I agree with Eino on this one. First of all, I don't think I'm competent enough to be a project director, and even if I were, I'm not comfortable judging other people's work since I'm a real nitpicker. If someone wants to start a PC-related album, they're welcome to do so (and I'll probably contribute a track to it), but for now I'll just be keeping this initiative as it is. If it works, it'll be a lot more rewarding than just a stuffy project album that stays hidden for years on end. I'm sure we'll get more support and coverage if we stick to the plan. Maybe we can even get
  16. (This ReMix is part of The PCReMix Initiative.) Greetings, you lovely people! I've taken a break from arranging my project tracks and started working on an orchestral arrangement of the from Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon, a classic DOS dungeon-crawler game.Here's WIP 1. Update: WIP 2. Another update: WIP 3. Near-final version (still needs a little tweaking): WIP 4 Download the final version here: Archangel - The Myth of Darkmoon (Eye of the Beholder II Cover) The introduction scene to The Legend of Darkmoon has always reminded me of some sort of opening scene for a
  17. Great job, Chris! I've always admired your violin playing. I hope to hear a lot more from you, so keep it up! As for the song, I liked the quiet, intimate chamber atmosphere it's got. The Elder Scrolls theme at the beginning sounds a little bit like something musicians play at a wedding as the bride approaches the altar (like Pachelbel's Canon in D or Mendelssohn's Wedding March). =D I also liked the way you panned all the different instrument tracks. It makes the entire arrangement sound very clear. You said the arrangement was quite conservative as far as the melodies are concerned. I dis
  18. Thank you so much, Doulifée! I'll put these in the first post and give you credit. =D I love the first one, that .bat really sends me on a nostalgia trip! That's a good one! Thanks for the suggestion. =) I agree with Doulifée, though. Echo on sounds better to me.
  19. All in good time, my friend! =) I'm looking forward to finishing it as well! I've made some progress with my Sea Theme lyrics. I have a really nice vocalist in mind for the track and will probably be contacting her soon. Keep your fingers crossed! Also, I've made this retro DOS signature badge: It's just something I stitched together in MS Paint. I'll try to make some specific game-related ones later on, but for now, this should do. =)
  20. I was already impressed by the first video you posted, but this is something else! You've got a really wonderful voice. I'm reminded of a quote from George Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire: "Like honey poured over thunder." =D I hope we get to hear some OC ReMix stuff from you soon! I for one can't wait to collaborate with you!
  21. Both evktalo and Draconiator have already started working on their ReMixes, which is commendable! I'm planning on making my Heroes of Might and Magic II claim into a vocal track, so I'm writing the lyrics as we speak. That counts too, I guess. =) Great source! I've put you on the list, so whenever you're ready. =D Thanks! It's good to know we have supporters.
  22. I wonder why this thread doesn't grow as fast as that rant from yesterday. That's just wrong. I'd also like to put my thanks in writing. It's been a good year for me. I became a posted ReMixer, a bunch of my tracks got accepted by the Judges Panel (one even got marked as an automatic post just before Christmas!), and my first project album, ARMed and DANGerous, was released. I've grown a lot as a musician thanks to OC ReMix. I'd like to thank all the ReMixers for their wonderfully diverse music, and of course the staff/judges, who are basically running a music university AND a record company
  23. Thanks for the support, Melbu! You can still help out by spreading the word and/or putting one of the initiative's badges in your signature. Once I make them, that is. =D
  24. Diablo 2 was released in 2000, but that's okay. =D It's almost 12 years old and I still think of the 90s when someone says 10 years ago. =D Rogue Encampment also has some Tristram leitmotifs in it. You probably already know that, but just in case. Cool, I've never even heard of that game! I'll put everyone on the list and add their specific tracks later on.
  25. Dank u wel, meneer van Os! Ik ben akkoord! =D Yes, yes, release the hounds! Or maybe we could make a public list and humiliate them. =D
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