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  1. I didn't listen to the early versions since it seemed a bit redundant, but the last version is pretty neat! I especially like the beats, they're very - hm, how should I say this in English - decisive? =D I don't know what else to say, actually. I'm not sure my headphones are all OK so I'd rather not comment on any mix-related stuff, I can only say that I found it a very enjoyable remix with enough variation to not make it repetitive. Good job, I hope you get posted!
  2. Wow, so many replies, I'm overwhelmed with joy. XD Thank you for the nice comments, everyone. I really appreciate it, it's so nice to hear that people enjoy my music. Thanks a lot for such an eloquent and thought-out reply. I'm glad the song inspired you so much! Now I wish someone made a short CGI movie of the story you've written, I can totally visualize it too. =D I've listened to it on another computer and I think it has something to do with my headphones/speakers, I didn't notice it before. No problem, though, it's just a simple matter of adjusting the volume a little bit. =) You
  3. Great work, one of my favorite songs from Donkey Kong Country. I enjoyed your remix very much, although I do agree with halc about adding another a few more bars to make it longer. You've made some pretty nice melody arrangements and it's all very funky! I realize it's hard to make a long remix of such a short song, but in my opinion this sounds too good to have less than 2 minutes of it. If you're out of ideas, you can repeat a certain segment, but with a different instrument playing the melody. The part I like the most is the one at approximately 1:06, I like the rhythm change or whatever
  4. I don't know the game or the source music, but this sounds amazing! I love this genre, it's so light and breezy! I feel like I'm on a beach and it's still winter where I live. =D You guys have done a great job! Congratulations and keep up with the good work!
  5. This is wonderful, there's so many details and I'm loving it! I like that the percussion keeps changing but still keeps the groove. I also like the Gameboy/Famicom instruments you used. Sorry, I'm babbling, I'm just writing this while listening. I do have a question, though. How did you make that beat from 0:18 to 0:26, it sounds like it has a degrade effect on it or something. It sounds really cool and I've tried to make that sound but I just can't seem to be able to. =D Anyway, you've made a remix that's full of details, and at the same time it's still very easy and pleasant to listen to,
  6. Although I'm not too big on trance music (or electronica or whatever the word people use today to describe this type of music is), but I like this one a lot. Stickerbrush Symphony has always been one of my favourite pieces from the DKC soundtrack. I like the fact that you made it sound more upbeat and less ethereal than the original, it sounds very simple and clear. The only thing I think you should improve is the ending. Is there even the whole mp3 there? It sounds like a part of it got cut or something. But overall a very good and enjoyable remix, congratulations, I think you've done a wo
  7. Wow, thank you so much for the wonderful comments everyone, I really appreciate it! You're welcome, hehe, I'm very glad you like it! I may get back to the choir once, I'm just not in the mood for it now, I have so many other projects (plus university stuff) that I just can't afford to dabble in old remixes now, hehe. =D Thanks, hehe. Actually, I've already submitted it a couple of weeks ago, but I never expected it to pass (and I still don't think it will). But that's not really the point now, is it? The main thing is it's nice to see that people like it. =D Ah, could be, yes. Th
  8. Hey everyone! I've been working on this for the past week or so, and I must say I'm pretty proud of the result. =) I'm about to submit it and I thought I'd post it here first, just to see if I missed something I should improve. (However, I REALLY hope I didn't since I'm somewhat sick of these melodies after so much work and I'd really just like to move on. =D ) I'm babbling, I'm sorry, it's late where I live. Without further ado, I give you Dragon Wings (Final Fantasy V Medley): http://www.reverbnation.com/jakacibejarchangel It's an orchestral/soundtrackish/epic remix with lots of exotic
  9. Thanks, I'm glad you like it! =) As far as reverb and delay are concerned, I'm a reverb-and-delay freak and I usually prefer to have too much instead of too little (or just right =D ). Nevertheless, thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep it in mind!
  10. I listened to your remix and overall I think it's a pretty good remix, although it is very close to the source, but I personally don't find anything wrong with that, I'm more of a faithful-to-the-source remixer myself. I like the fact that it's an orchestral remix, I make orchestral remixes too. =) However, I have a few suggestions on how you could improve it. Firstly, I think you should increase the overall volume, the song is kind of quiet. Also, in some places the melody becomes a little muddy because of all the other instruments - try increasing the volume of the instruments that play t
  11. I like your voice very much, it's very smooth! It's also very refreshing to hear this with a male voice like someone else already pointed out. I don't know much about singing as I only do it in the shower and/or on isolated islands, but in some parts it seems like you falter a little bit, as if you were holding your voice back. As for the piano, I agree that the volume needs to go waaaay up, it's definitely too distant. Overall, though, I am very impressed, I wish I could sing half as good as you do! Keep up the good work!
  12. Hey everyone, just a little update - I've added a download link for my arrangement of the Prelude in case anyone's interested. http://www.reverbnation.com/jakacibejarchangel Have fun and enjoy!
  13. Nice remix! I loved the effect at 0:06, what is that? The overall feeling of the song is wonderful, it sounds very much like Donkey Kong style. I do agree with halc about the strings sounding a bit weak. If you don't have any better samples, you could try adjusting the volume a bit, using crescendos and decrescendos, that works wonders. The part at 3:47 sounds a bit clippy to me, I think it has something to do with the percussion. Also, I would lower the volume of the synths a little bit, they're drowning the guitar solo. Other than that, a very creative and relaxing remix, just a little tw
  14. This is great, I love it! I especially like the solo part, that has always been my favorite part of the song. And you made a really cool video, too!
  15. It sounds very groovy, I think it would make a good soundtrack for a car chase movie. I like the synths! I do have one comment though, it's about the taiko part in the middle. I know it's kind of short, but it still sounds a bit too repetitive to me, I would change it a bit or maybe add another form of percussion just to avoid the song being stuck in a loop. Also, a better ending would be nice, it's too sudden for my taste. But overall, a nice mix for a game I don't even know. It's good that there's still someone who's not stuck at Final Fantasy (like myself ). Keep up the good work!
  16. Wow, nice! I really like that intermittent synth you used for the main melody (what is it, anyway?), and the guitar really brings a shady, badass, wild-west kind of feeling to the song. =D Interceptor's barking was also a nice touch. =) I hope you develop this further, it sounds really nice so far!
  17. Thanks a lot for the comments! =) I'm very glad that you like it! As for the choir part being a little choppy, I agree. I still haven't figured out all the tricks of EWQL Symphonic Choirs and sometimes it just doesn't work the way it's supposed to. I might fix it one day if I figure out how to do it, hehe.
  18. I really like this one, the drums are very energetic and the chords are smashingly funky! I envy you, I wouldn't know where to begin to arrange a piece in this genre! I personally would have arranged the piano part a little bit more, but that's just my way of looking at it. Great work!
  19. I hope I'm putting this thread in the right place. I apologise if not, I'm still kind of new here. This is my version of the traditional Prelude. The soundtrack of Final Fantasy XIII doesn't include it, so I decided to make one myself. You can listen to it here: Or better yet (since Youtube's quality is horrible and makes my remix look even sloppier than it already is ): http://www.reverbnation.com/jakacibejarchangel Tell me what you think, I'd appreciate any kind of advice.
  20. I love this remix too, it's definitely hard enough to fit the boss theme! I'm afraid I can't give you much advice because I'm an amateur (), but I'd like to comment on the vibrato violin you're using in the background, at times it gets cut off a little bit, maybe you should try using another sample that doesn't have vibrato for the shorter notes. Maybe that's just me, though. Either way it sounds absolutely brilliant, I hope you finish it soon!
  21. Hey everyone! I'm not exactly sure what to say, this first-post stuff is always awkward for me. =D Anyway, I've actually been registered for quite a while now, I guess you could say I'm a late poster. I'm a huge fan of the site and its music, so I guess it's high time I contributed something to it myself. I've been composing and remixing stuff for a few years now and I'm about to send my first submission to the site, so hopefully it'll go OK. =) My music usually has a soundtrackish vibe to it, but I dabble in a few other genres as well (not very often, though =) ). Well, that's it, I suppo
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