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  1. Great job, I enjoyed this very much! I'm not an expert on music production when it comes to metal (although I do listen to a lot of it), but it sounds like the song is very well mixed and well balanced. I really liked the introduction, and the vocals are great, too! In addition to that, the lyrics are in Finnish, which is always a plus. =D Really great, I'm going to download this!
  2. All the more proof that Sverige is awesome. =D Also, this is a good excuse to visit Stockholm!
  3. I'll be in Göteborg from September to (presumably) June, so I might be able to join you if there's a meet-up next year too. And even if I'm the only non-Swede there, you won't need to switch to English, unless you speak otroligt otydligt. Or skånska. =D
  4. I got your message och kan knappt vänta! And of course I'm OK with you using my tracks in the video.
  5. Frankly, I'm insulted beyond words that my track apparently is not worth enough to benefit from these revolutionary changes. I shall have my revenge. Mark my words.
  6. Hey, everyone. I got bored yesterday so I started improvising with a piano plugin. I added some strings and this little ditty came out. Glimmer seemed like an appropriate title. You can listen to it here: http://www.reverbnation.com/jakacibejarchangel Have fun, you lovely people.
  7. Thank you so much, Brandon, I really appreciate it!

  8. Thank you so much for your support! It's nice to be an official part of the community, finally! =D

  9. I'm sorry if this is a stupid post, but I don't have time to read through the whole thread, and I'm posting this answer based solely on my first impression of what your problem might be. =D I also had problems using Wordbuilder in FL Studio, but then I found a pretty simple solution (with no complicated Midi port stuff). I've put everything you need (instructions included) here on Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?kalb3txgueu5e32 It should solve the problem. You can send me a message if you need any more help. I know Symphonic Choirs can be pretty user-unfriendly, especially in FL Studio.
  10. A new deadline! Nice! I'm actually tempted to claim another track when I finish my Airship Hildagarde remix. I can't decide which one, though.
  11. I agree with Nutritious. I used to have the same problem--actually, I still do sometime--I added too much reverb and too many instruments, and I wanted all of them to play the main role in the song. Sometimes you just have to face the fact that some instruments have to take a back seat (sometimes to the point of being almost inaudible). Plus, it helps if you keep switching them - for example, one of them plays the melody for a few bars, then another one takes its place and so forth. That way you can still use a variety of different sounds AND make sure the song doesn't sound overcrowded. And
  12. I'm glad I've already handed in my track. Otherwise the creepy apocalyptic warning in the title might seriously freak me out! Good luck to the other slackers. XD
  13. I agree whole-heartedly! Ultima's music is superb. I've been planning on doing some Ultima remixes for quite some time, because I was so shocked and appalled to see that there's almost no interest in this franchise here. I've actually already started work on two songs (not Stones, though, although it is on my list), so you can expect to hear something from me as soon as I'm done with my project duties here. It's nice to know there are more Ultima fans here. =)
  14. Dear OCReMixers and whatnot! The year 2010 was my first year as an active member of the OCR community. I had loads of fun remixing, I learned a lot, and I met a lot of nice and knowledgeable people. =D I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate what this site has helped me achieve and all the effort put into this community by the people in charge and by lesser mortals (such as myself) who only hope to partake of their divine wisdom. I'll definitely be staying for many years to come! I have a tradition of composing a song every December and sending it to my friends. I thought I'd share thi
  15. That's just not cool, man, even if it was meant as a harmless joke. Weee, I can hardly wait! =D
  16. Yeah, Annika Ljungberg did a terrific job on En Nostalgisk Sång. =D I'm all for it! Weee, let's DO it! =D
  17. I have another question! What is OCR's policy regarding the language used in a remix? First of all, do all the titles have to be in English? And if not, can a title contain special characters (like č, š, ž and so forth)? Second of all, if the remix is a vocal arrangement, is it okay if it's not sung in English? The reason why I'm asking this is because I have quite a few friends who have very nice voices and would be more than willing to contribute to a nice arrangement, but their English pronunciation is not exactly flawless since English is not their first language. It would be a bummer if
  18. I have a request too! Something from Harlequin Forest, just a verse or two is fine. =D I'd also like both clean vocals and grunts. Thanks! This is probably just an inside joke, but so help me, you'll have to face all the powers of Hell if you're saying Opeth's not good music!
  19. Question - Are ReMixers only allowed to resubmit a rejected track if the judges' decision was NO (Resubmit), or is it possible to resubmit it in any case? If so, what is the difference between NO and NO (Resubmit)?
  20. OK, I'll admit this one would be funny. =D What's wrong with Stockholmska though? I've heard it sounded somewhat snobby, but I actually didn't perceive anything when I was in Stockholm. =D Thank you. =P I also speak Slovenian, Italian and a little Japanese, hopefully that cancels out the overwhelmingly homosexual effect of English. =P
  21. JAG ÄR FÖRTJUST I DET SVENSKA NAMNET! XD Ooo, tack så mycket. Betyder det att jag är projektens officiella översättare nu? Seriously though, I think we should have the title in Swedish, Swedish makes everything sound so badass!
  22. I've just seen this, and I feel so honored. XD However, I think the title is fine the way it is!
  23. I've only listened to a few of the tracks since I don't have the time to listen through all of them thoroughly (which is what I like to do when projects such as these come up!). However, I have to say that this is extremely well done. Especially considering you've only done it using some soundfonts! I've got so used to higher quality samples that it usually bothers me when I hear something done with soundfonts, but I enjoyed these tracks very much, and I can tell that you put a LOT of effort into humanizing the instruments and making them as realistic as possible. If this were played by a li
  24. I've been planning on doing an orchestral ReMix of that theme for some time now, and I may do it sometime in the future. However, I've got some other obligations to finish first. =) It's definitely on my to-do list, though!
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