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  1. David Copperfield. And I'm chipping away at reading The Hobbit in French.
  2. It's a shame about SNES emulation, but at least a lot of the better games have already been ported to the GBA. I dont find the cost difference between the SP and the Micro to be that prohibitive, as I was searching ebay and am pretty confidant that I can pick up a micro for less than 40 bucks if I am content to wait a little. About emulating GB and NES games, I'm assuming I'd be using one specifically designed for the GBA. Does the emulation run well, or are there often bugs and other problems involved?
  3. I'm a little confused, mainly because you didn't post any WIP date. What you're saying is that the tracks that are in grey and have not been claimed are now open to the general public? If so, by when should we submit a WIP to you to see if we have the track? Also, I noticed that the song "Klubba's Reveille" was not one of those listed. Was that intentional to cut down on the length or just a typo, because I would like to give that song a shot if I could. If not, I think I'll work on "Disco Train" Finally, is there any limitations in terms of genre. Are solo piano mixes acceptable?
  4. So what's the word on Snake and Diddy Kong? I'm probably not going to have a chance to play until I get back home, and these two characters interest me the most. I heard that Diddy has a pretty interesting style of moving and is really acrobatic. Confirm/deny?
  5. Holy crap, I was just thinking about starting a mix of this song. Guess I'm decided then.
  6. Wow, I never even knew that the Gameboy Micro existed before I read this thread. I've been thinking about getting a handheld system for bus/train trips and this seems to fufill my main requirement: cost. I do have a few questions regarding using a flash cartridge to upload ROMs. 1.) The cartridge I was looking at, Extreme Flash Advance, said that all you had to do was drag and drop the ROM onto the cartridge like it was an external drive and you would be good to go. What if you are putting NES or GB roms onto the cartridge, will it still run? 2.) I didnt see anything about SNES emulation. Does it work with on a GBA or no. 3.) I'm 6'4, so I have massive hands. Can anyone here tell me about their experiences with the micro being too small?
  7. I assume you're talking about the piece "Lordearon Fall." Truly amazing song, but I wouldn't have the first clue how to approach it for a remix.
  8. The part with Vulcan Raven got me, because who the hell can actually take on a tank with a few grenades? Now I'm waiting for part 3 so I can see his disturbing and creepy death scene. And Sniper Wolf shoot Merel with a high powered rifle about 4 times and somehow not smash her body into a bloody pulp.
  9. These cartoons make me realize how insane the plot of the MGS series really is.
  10. Dark City. Just try not to get too outraged at the Matrix while watching it.
  11. Care to elaborate? Any action on the DKC2 soundtrack would be amazing.
  12. After reading that EVE Online appears to be a much cooler game than I ever gave it credit for. Though I do feel bad for the one guy that loaned him his starting money; he should have returned his investment to him after the scam was completed.
  13. Tock


    Wow, I definatly wasn't expecting the level of the responses to be to such a high degree. I went ahead and saw Ghost in the Shell, which I found pretty entertaining, the sole exception being some of the main character's voice acting which was pretty atrocious. Anyways, I think I'll check out Cowboy Beebop, which is one of the few that I'd heard about before really looking into anime. That or Batman, because he's one of my favorite superheroes and I feel bad for Mark Hamil's post Star Wars career.
  14. Thanks for the speedy work, Doulifée
  15. Tock


    Before I start, I'll admit that I have long held a rather biased opinion of anime, partly because I always thought the style made really odd looking people and partly because most of the people that watched any anime that I knew of were complete freaks about it. So I've tried to give the medium a better chance to prove itself, because I know that there must be something deeper than the DBZ crap that I come into contact with on an irregular basis. I've checked out the most famous animes to mainstream audiences, namley Akira, Spirited Away, and Howe's Moving Castle. I really liked the whole neo-dystopian Tokyo and political vibe that Akira gave me, until it ruined it with the giant flesh monster wierdness. Spirited Away and Howe's Moving Castle were both quite entertaining, but I'm looking for something a little more grown up. My question is, then, what would you anime devotees reccomend to someone like me, who knows nothing about anime and would like to learn a bit more. Keep in mind that I really cant stand the cliche wierd Japanese fighting sequences. Oh, and I'm absolutley in love with the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, if it's any help. I've heard that Ghost in the Shell is a good series that is a lot like Blade Runner, which is one of my favorite movies ever. Can anyone confirm/deny?
  16. I posted this in the Newbies/Help forum too, but I guess it doesnt really matter. I'm looking for a sig using Tock the Watchdog, found here: http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/images/n0/n4388.jpg As for colors, I couldn't really make up my mind, but I was thinking either red or blue. Other than that, I leave up to your individual discretion.
  17. Well, if the sig shoppe is still open for business, I'd like to make a request for my new profile. I was thinking about something using the drawing of Tock the Watchdog, which you can find at http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/images/n0/n4388.jpg
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