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  1. This is one more step for Google to be the undisputed masters of the Internet. Looks interesting, but I'm gonna wait until it's shown and proven to be as good or better than Firefox. After that, I'll try it out.
  2. I loved him in the Ocean's [Number] movies... it sucks that he died, and at 50 too. He had years ahead of him. Looks like we won't see him in an Ocean's Fourteen or Fifteen if they do those sequels.
  3. That looked pretty cool, and that they have 5-person multiplayer ought to rock. I do hope they give something to XBLA or the DS though, since I don't own a PSP.
  4. Should I be concerned at all about fighting Barbaricia? I'm about to get Kain/Rosa and fight her, but I learned that I missed a monster from the Tower of Zot (Gremlin), so I went looking for it and got tired of fighting. I'll be picking it back up soon, and I was just curious if any of you had any trouble with her, and if she acts like she does in the FF4 Hardtype, or one of the american ports. Also, anyone have any idea what Tellah's "Last Stand" Augment does?
  5. lol Nintemdo Choccy is correct, since you can get NES systems just about anywhere online for cheap. The games, on the other hand, are what make the price of what you're selling. If it's generic everyday stuff like Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, or other generic games you see everywhere, not much. The popular and rare titles, however, like Final Fantasy, Mega Man 1/2/3/4/5/6, StarTropics, Gradius, ect, will net you a bit more.
  6. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01313/ There is Funky Monkey Love, but no Funky Monkey Lyrics. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01678/ No lyrics with this one either. LT: Fixed.
  7. The concept of making a Super Smash Bros flash game was a good one, but this specific one was downright horrible. The actual gameplay, the controls, and half of the hidden characters (including the stupid original sonic-fanboy bowel dumps) were just lame. Can't expect the best of everything from Newgrounds, but the idea was good. Execution on the other hand? You're better off playing one of the actual Smash games...
  8. If I had the cash, I'd pick this up, but with no income it'll have to be up on that list of "Do Wants" until I get the cash. I will pick it up when I can though.
  9. I can't remember who submitted it, but a guy made a whole set of album arts with different banner colors that looked rather good and made a thread about them here awhile ago. There's about ten in total, including the default silver of the OCR logo. Here's a sample of what the unknown member made:
  10. The soundtracks for both U.N. Squadron and Darius Twin on the SNES are pretty kickin'.
  11. Sobou

    Xbox 360

    I put like 135 hours into Oblivion, and I never saw anything irritating with the loading times. Granted they're a bit longer than many other games I've played, but they're not that bad..
  12. I finally got it like 6 hours ago, and I'm now starting up the Waterway: I just got Tellah in my party, and I'm backtracking for money and equipment for him. This remake is absolutely incredible, and I love all the extra small things they added in like Whyt, Auto-Battle mode, and the [insert Job]ingway.
  13. Rockin'. Thanks for reminding me that I have that program somewhere on my comp, Ajax. I'll try it out soon enough.
  14. Dammit. I'm jealous of all of you that have the game already. The local music & game store that I pre-ordered it from didn't have it yesterday because their first distributor didn't get the shipment to them for whatever reason, so I have to wait for an indeterminable amount of time before they call me up and tell me I can start to get my FFIV on.
  15. I downloaded it, but I haven't installed or tried it out yet. Does it support a USB game controller, or do you have to play it with the keyboard?
  16. Sobou

    Xbox 360

    I've put like 40 or so hours into Blue Dragon and I have to say it IS a very good jrpg, but it's also completely like many previous ones in it's tradition. However, not using weapons but the shadows instead is a fun change of pace, especially since each one of them has different classes you level up. I also like how you don't start with all the classes at once, but have to choose to obtain them as you level up. Makes for a bit more strategic playstyle than just "lol i has all job" like in Final Fantasy V or something. The boss battle music irritates me to no end though, and I wish you could exchange it for an instrumental version, because that guy's voice is annoying as hell. Definitely a good pick-up if you like jrpgs, but if you're looking for something out of the norm and don't care for them, either try the demo or don't bother. You're better off with getting something like Elder Scrolls 4, or Mass Effect, or something.
  17. Awesome. I can't wait till I pick this up tomorrow and jump into it. I also can't wait to have Kain get the Kick ability (due to the new skill-learning system for this) if you're able to learn it from Yang at all.
  18. Has the dialogue and plot been enhanced since the SNES/GBA versions, Avaris? I heard something that the translation and more of the original script was supposed to be in it, but I wasn't completely sure.
  19. I can't wait for this to come out tomorrow. I've had it preordered for almost a week now, and I plan on picking it up soon as I can and just investing myself in it. Really something for me to do considering my fractured lower back. This really got me into video games, and rpgs especially, as well. It'll be the fifth version of FFIV I'll play, but unlike the hard-japanese or the PS1 port, it'll be completely worth the $40.
  20. This is a really funky and kickin' track that does ToeJam & Earl justice. Plus, it makes me want to hook up my Genesis and play this game again.
  21. But Etrian Odyssey wasn't good... It was a mindless, plotless, first person dungeon crawling wad of boring. The only reason you'd grow hair on your chest is due to how long you'd spend actually trying to beat the monotony that Etrian Odyssey is.
  22. Hadoken. I'm a Ryu fan, and I don't see what the purpose of rising five feet into the air with an uppercut could do for me in a fight compared to a projectile of energy.
  23. I just recently finished reading Starman by Sara Douglass, the third in a trilogy of fantasy books. I really enjoyed the trilogy and the world within it, but I thought that what the main hero and heroine basically were/became was a tad lame. And at points where I wanted action, I continued to get just bleh stuff. Still a good read, and a major change from the usual "swords and sorcery" that so overwaters the fantasy genre nowadays. Right now, I'm on page 26 of Michael Crichton's Sphere. Not sure if I'm going to continue it right now, or pick up a Stephen King novel (I started The Shining a couple of months ago and have neglected to go back to it). I'll probably stick to something Crichton though, since I do most of my reading at night, and while reading IT I got incredibly paranoid. Only time I ever had nightmares from reading a book. It's creepy as hell reading a book and expecting Tim Curry in a clown's outfit to be looking at you from the end of your bed as you're laying there at 3am.
  24. Just finished listening to the entire thing and I have to say this is awesome. Great work all around.
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