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  1. If you right click on the Damp knob and choose Edit Events, then you can edit the knob automation per pattern. If you need more help, just search for 'edit events' in the FL help file.
  2. Awesome. Camel Audio is very quickly becoming one of my favorite sound companies. I'll probably grab the Dance & Trance pack once I can find the cash.
  3. I've been using it since the beta got released, and I have no complaints. I like the improved memory management, but other than that, there aren't any huge changes for me. The aesthetic changes are pretty nice though, especially the waveform views in the mixer.
  4. http://djgram.bandcamp.com/album/wind-up-break-down A name your own price two-parter I put together in the past week or so. The first piece is a chilled, progressive breaks kind of thing, and the second part devolves into some hardcore dnb and then gabber. Feel free to download for free. Thanks.
  5. Oh, I don't know. I have a 2.0 gHz dual core, and it seems to take up a fairly small amount of CPU. I mean, if you used Alchemy for every instrument in a song, that'd be a problem, but just one or two instances seem to be pretty good.
  6. I just got this this morning, and I've gotta say, it's really good. It's worth it even just for the factory presets that come with the alchemy player. I wish that Planet Earth had more spacey leads/arps and less soundscapes and pads, but I can't really complain.
  7. Fantastic! I loved the first and the fourth tracks, especially. An excellent blend of a whole bunch of different genres and styles of music, all produced exceptionally. The ethnic percussion on the fifth track was great, too. Definitely a keeper.
  8. For me, the first soundtrack I actually shelled out cash for was Dark Cloud 2 (PS2). Looking back on it, I'm not certain why, as it's not that fantastic of a soundtrack, but it really resonated with me.
  9. Cool stuff. I especially liked the Foxxy edit. Granted, I don't know much of the source material, but I thought it was all pretty good. Keep it up.
  10. How important is it to you that the internet is generally the same experience, no matter what broadband provider you use to access it? a) Very important . How would it affect your overall internet experience if, depending on your broadband provider, certain content and applications performed better/quicker, and others performed worse/slower? Negatively . How would it affect your overall internet experience if, depending on your broadband provider, certain content and applications were totally inaccessible, and others performed MUCH better? a) Very negatively . How competitive are broadband prices in your area? c) Neutral / Not sure . How many broadband providers can you choose from for home computer access? Two . Think of the fastest broadband available to your home. How many other broadband providers offer similar speeds to your residence (within a few Mbps)? One . Which practices do you think to-the-home ISPs should not be allowed to engage in? Choose all that apply. a) Prioritizing selected low-latency apps such as voice, video, or games Selling content- and application-providers higher priority access c) De-prioritizing applications and content that don't pay a fee d) Blocking applications and content of their choice . On privacy grounds, what do you think of ISPs classifying and prioritizing the types of internet content you send and receive? d) Stop peeking into my packets! . Which best describes your relationship with computers in general? d) Eager enthusiast . How familiar are you with the technical workings of the internet? I've read a little. Good luck.
  11. First thing I remember would probably be Pokemon Yellow. And it's still my favorite Pokemon game .
  12. Very cool. Especially for a first attempt. My only complaint would be that the percussion in the background (the kick drum?) is too constant; It stays a nonstop 8th note beat until the very end, and it would be nice to see some variation.
  13. Cool. I would say you succeeded in creating an atmospheric track. I've gotta know though - what is that instrument/synth that comes in around 1:10? It was pretty awesome.
  14. John Boswell's side project Colorpulse is pretty relaxing. http://colorpulsemusic.com/Just click on download all songs at the bottom.
  15. So I'm thinking about buying the APC40. I'd love to have a fully-fledged MIDI controller for triggering samples and manipulating FX live, but I'm a little worried about compatibility. I use FL Studio exclusively, but the APC40 is designed with Ableton in mind. Now, the Amazon page says that the APC40 comes with a lite version of Ableton, but I'd still like to know if it works well enough with FL Studio - and if not, then if anyone can recommend me a similar controller in the same price range ($200-$300), preferably one that's USB enabled. Buying Ableton would be a last resort, and I'd rather not spend the extra money - though if I have to, I'd like to know if Ableton Lite will be enough. Thanks for your help.
  16. UPDATE: 6/24/10 Yet another bump, and four more tracks. Volcano Jazz, a semi-botched attempt at fusing jazz and DnB, Interstellar Highway, a spacey track that started as trance and turned into something else, Flowing River, an attempt at harder trance that I probably won't complete due to mastering issues, and E-e-e-e-echo!?, a trip-hop-ish track. I'd especially like critique on Interstellar Highway and E-e-e-e-echo!? Thanks for listening.
  17. You may want to add a NSFW tag to that link. In other news, NOOOOOO!
  18. You can download it from bandcamp as a WAV (just follow the link I already posted).
  19. Cool. I liked it, especially the organ/e-piano in the background. The only recommendation I would have would be to tweak the lead a little bit, it was kinda piercing.
  20. Crap. >_< Alright, first thing I thought of: Future (Prophecy Mix). You know, what with the whole future thing. Oh, and I won't be able to re-master my mix, even though I know you said it was pretty loud: I just got a new laptop the other day, and in the process of transferring all my projects and samples over, my sample library got unsorted, and now none of my old projects have their samples loaded, and I don't have the time to go back and re-load all of my samples. Sorry.
  21. Considering that someone already made the topic, can someone help me on how to make a bass like the one that drops in at 0:39 here: It's hard to tell given Youtube's audio quality, but if you listen to the original track, then you can appreciate the full bassline. The link's in the video description.
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