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  1. Sneaky good stuff. Digging the overall warm vibe of the album. VHD really brought the goods on his two tracks. This album kind of takes me back to Relics of Chozo, where a large portion of the tracks are made by one person but different folks step in and fill in thematic gaps. It's charming in its simplicity and a good example of how less can be more. Cutting it down to seven tracks was probably a wise decision although there were some pretty cool tracks in the bonus section that would have fit well in the context of the main album. Well done folks.
  2. This was posted in the comments thread too for the song, but it deserves a re-post here djpretzel - Ghetto Recursive Chicken-fied
  3. Normally I would have no clue when it comes to these kind of requests, but the moment I heard it I thought of Tangerine Dream. The second song also fits their characteristic sound but I can't identify which song it is. Cheers mate
  4. What the hell? LOL. I was listening to this song thinking what it would sound like with rapping over it...only to find this I think this is one of the overlooked remixes among DJP's catalogue and OCR's early history. It sounds unlike anything else on this site produced during that era, and I think it's secretly one of the best hip hop songs here. Great dynamics in this one.
  5. I want to reiterate just how brilliant some of these lyrics are. I've seen a lot of criticism elsewhere for this song, but I don't they get just how clever it is as satire - mocking both death metal and video game villains. This song rocks. The flute in the end is the cherry on top, I'm not sure if it's meant to be another friendly jab at death metal, but it works. BANANAS
  6. Wow. Cool! I was thinking about what this reminded me of and then I saw Imogen Heap mentioned, and I agree. The structure of the song is very simple but it's oozing with style...love it!
  7. Is this still shooting for a MAGfest release? Would be incredible if possible, but seems too good to be true. Can't wait!
  8. Are you asking the artists to pursue a different sort of theme for each album? Or are you granting full creative freedom and just asking for the best track they can make? Basically, I'm wondering if you're pursuing different styles for each album where I can listen to Water for example and have that evoke a certain mood, and then listen to Fire and walk away feeling completely differently... I think you sort of tried to go for that in Wind with the ending flute piece, personally I thought it would have been cool if the entire album was based around wind instruments. I'm wondering how you plan to evoke the elemental themes in the coming albums.
  9. Damn, Germany has only allowed 2 goals all tournament while scoring 13. They are looking dominant.
  10. lol, moon language. I'm just curious what inspired the decision to sing in a language that's clearly not as natural to you. Unlike most everyone else here I CAN understand Mandarin and while the pronunciation is a bit iffy, it's the undeveloped lyrics that kind of bother me. I'm not sure you put much thought into them, and I wonder if that's because you believed nobody would understand them anyway. Now I'm not expecting some poetic Chinese lyrics from a non-native speaker, but it sounds like something a 5 year old could write, no offense. don't get the wrong idea, I've seen some of your youtube stuff and I like your voice, especially adore the Portal cover. Just questioning the appropriateness of the language choice if you knew there would be difficulty expressing yourself fully.
  11. The pronunciation on the Mandarin Chinese is a bit off and the lyrics are really cheesy, so I can't really objectively listen to that song without it bothering me a bit. Anyway, I usually end up being disappointed by OCR albums, so take it as the ultimate compliment that I can't really find any glaring faults with this one. It's really, really good. I'm sure even Prot's digging it.
  12. Geneson


    As someone who's played with this idea myself, I'm surprised this possibility isn't brought up more often. His music did always have a spiritual vibe to it. What if the dude just decided to renounce all his attachments to this world and pursue enlightenment?
  13. I enjoyed the tracks Brandon, sorry to hear that they're being dropped. Are you planning to re-do them yourself?
  14. Yeah I love you guys but that song really is un-toppable. "This a mutha****ing remix"
  15. How about: mellogear vs Fishy & Nutritious Kaijin vs Taucer (I like this matchup of styles a lot) Dhsu vs Willrock Mazedude or Mustin vs djpretzel Mega Bad Dudes collab vs Emperor Salzman on monstrous Final Fantasy war (Kefka/Dancing Mad vs the FF6 hero themes?) AND YOU'RE ALL READY TO ROCK AND ROLL
  16. Remaining challenges on stand-by from the now STACKED Team OCR (OMG STAR): [beyond Good & Evil] Jade / The Domz | Geoffrey Taucer / ??? [Grim Fandango] Manny Calavera / Hector Lemann | djpretzel / ??? [Metal Gear Solid] Solid Snake/Liquid Snake/Revolver Ocelot | Fishy & Nutritious / ??? [streets of Rage] Axel / Mr. X | Willrock / ??? OCR peeps who have expressed interest throughout this thread in participating (from memory, might miss some people): suzumebachi ff music dj (Haroon Piracha) Star Salzman Liz tefnek Bad Dudes who still need to claim a track: Kaijin, mellogear, Dhsu 11 matchups already set Assuming the three remaining Bad Dudes each pick one track, that will be 14 tracks established for each CD. Leaving room for maybe 1 or 2 Bad Dudes to take on a second track (hint hint djp vs Mazedude)
  17. How about letting BadAss release first so it can get all the praise and recognition it deserves, then release this project later on as a sequel of sorts? problem solved?
  18. Man I really hope this still happens, the MGS theme embodies that whole video game hero feeling. And you guys would make it so kickass. and both had their boss themes rehauled for the Gamecube remake of MGS, and maybe some inspiration can be found there. I think at this point you guys, ktriton included, should just chill with your tracks and wait a bit, let's see what happens when the dust settles.
  19. you guys should do Crono vs Gato as a joke bonus track so we can finally see Team Gato 2 and get Dale North in on this shizz also, SnappleMan vs Ailsean is too perfect and has to happen
  20. Nintendo would be stupid not to do a Pokemon MMORPG on the DS. It would singlehandedly extend the life of the DS 5+ years, the same way Pokemon RBY extended the life of the Game Boy
  21. Don't know how familiar he is with GoW, but what about ktriton vs Darkesword? Kunal vs Shariq, for the pride of a heritage
  22. Another Terra mix would be a little bit redundant doncha think? is so much better of a female character anyway, and I hope that one of the Bad Dudes do pick up one of the very cool . That soundtrack deserves a lot more lovin'just a suggestion! hoping it works out.
  23. Holy shit is this really happening or am I dreaming
  24. You gotta title it Only Built 4 Cuban Link (in reference to Raekwon)
  25. Honestly, why NOT have OCR do the entire heroes side while the Bad Dudes do the villains? Not for the purpose of segregating the community, but for the sheer thematic epic potential of it. There would be friendly rivalry between mirror tracks obviously, with one guy trying to out-do the other, but more importantly I'm curious to see how the cohesive wholes will compare with each other. I'm part of the contingent who believes OCR's recent albums just simply don't have the same cohesion that the Bad Dudes' projects have. It would be thrilling to juxtapose the different philosophies the two sides have in creating compilations. I've read so much discussion between different parts of the community about what VG remixing is "supposed" to be, and here is a chance to channel those beliefs into a creative effort. What we'll get, I hope, is not a polarization of remixing philosophies, but an understanding that all these different styles enhance rather than deter each other. Imagine the potential matchups: Taucer vs zyko, djpretzel vs Mustin, zircon vs Mazedude. It's enough to give any fan of the community wet dreams.
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