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  1. Thanks! Those are all virtual/sampled piano sounds. I mostly used Pro Tools' Mini Grand (Clutching at Fading Memories, Crossing the Distance Between, Confessions of a Madman, Above the Clouds), an Alien Piano patch from Cakewalk's Dimension Pro (The Meadow, The Sunken Caves), Spitfire's Felt Piano (Gymnopedie, A Strange Encounter), and I think 8dio's 1928 Steinway (Realizations).
  2. Hey all! I'm excited to announce the release of my first album! It's called Big Ideas, and it's a collection of 12 songs I'm pretty proud of from the past few years. Represents a variety of work - video game stuff, chillout, electronic rock, solo cello, and more. A few game remixes on there too. A lot of time and energy went into making these, and I'm excited to share them with the world! Bandcamp link (pay what you want) Spotify link I also just released a collection of some of my solo piano works. Some of these were done with films in mind, some were done simply to convey emotion through music. All of them should make you feel something - whether it be peace, tension, sadness, hope, or something else altogether. Bandcamp Spotify Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome. And if you like what you hear, please spread the word. Thanks!
  3. Hey, how goes the poker playing and game development?

  4. https://soundcloud.com/drakken Mostly original game/film/piano stuff. I've got a few remixes/WIPs up there that aren't on OCR as well. This thread will be helpful; gotta go through and add a bunch of people!
  5. Say what you will about MM1's soundtrack, but the theme song for Mighty No. 9 sounds pretty good to me:
  6. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Here's the new version: http://soundcloud.com/drakken/anodyne-dreamscapes-title Lots of tweaks: -Level adjustments -Added a subtle warm pad that I think fills things out a bit more -Some more variety to the drum part and a bit more 'verb on the electronic drums -Added reverb to the retro vocal pad at 2:58; not as harsh now -Filtering/panning during the drums/bass change-up -Speaking of which, added delayed bass in 2nd half -Managed to get the overall level louder (I'm so terrible at this)
  7. Don't want to sound like I'm complaining here, as I know the mods tend to be busy, but it's been over 2 weeks since I switched the status to mod review. Hoping someone can give it a listen soon.
  8. 1. USA 2. UK 3. Germany 4. Canada 5. France I really wish Soundcloud showed you where people were coming to your page from. I have one song that's been up for awhile that randomly started getting hundreds of plays over the past couple months after essentially being dead, so I know it must have gotten posted somewhere, but even with a Pro account, you can't get that data. That's some potentially really valuable stat tracking SC is missing out on providing to its artists.
  9. Chillout style remix of the title theme from Anodyne, a great indie Zelda-like. Dreamscapes Original track, for reference: http://seagaia.bandcamp.com/track/anodyne-2 Feedback welcome! It was never my intention to submit this to OCR (it was made for an offsite remix album), but I suppose I could if people feel it would be worthwhile.
  10. Bought it; love it. The groove is just so infectious. Can't stop listening (and that's after having listened to the 90-second teaser version I had like literally 200 times).
  11. Oh my gosh. This is sick. Amazing work, Justin. I absolutely love the syncopated staccato guitar hits (particularly the section starting at 2:10, SO GOOD). Reminds me of Stemage's work on Metroid Metal. Can anyone recommend similar remixes? (PM me if so, I don't want to stuff up this thread).
  12. Wow... that was sick. Seriously, props to everyone who worked on this. All the live elements were blended seamlessly to create a great-sounding mix. So awesome David & Robin helped put this together as well.
  13. Nearly four hours of music? Holy moly. Looking forward to the full release.
  14. Wow, congrats on landing this gig! That's awesome. I played through Shadowgate, Deja Vu, and Uninvited last year with a friend, and loved those experiences. Definitely in on this.
  15. This past week I resolved to spend more time playing the piano. I did this for a few reasons: Piano pieces like this are a joy to write, they don't take a huge amount of time like more involved songs do, and frankly, I need to play more if I'm going to improve and one day be able to say I do more than just "mess around on the keyboard." My initial goal is to write a few sketches each week, so this is the first of hopefully many to come! Clutching at Fading Memories (Soundcloud)
  16. Congrats on finishing! Putting this all together must have been no small feat. Downloaded the torrent and will hopefully get to listen this week.
  17. Composed this recently while testing out a solo cello Kontakt instrument: http://soundcloud.com/drakken/title-screen-bgm-dungeon-siege I'm picturing it as the background music at the title screen of a loot RPG like Dungeon Siege or Diablo.
  18. I recently got a new piano sound, and after messing around with the opening chords of Erik Satié's famous Gymnopédie No. 1 (probably my favorite piano composition ever) for awhile, came up with this song: Gymnopédie (Wet) I also have a dry version (no reverb) with a closer, more intimate feel here.
  19. Thanks! No compression on this. Bounced out of Pro Tools and amplified in Audacity.
  20. OK, finally revisited this one, as I'd really like to finish it up for good. Spent a lot of time on it today, making a number of tweaks. Here's the updated version: http://soundcloud.com/drakken/dexy-kong-donkey-kong-land/s-Bk1s3 Looking for some thoughts on this before marking it for mod review. Might be worth noting that I applied some more compression and limiting, though it's still not as loud as I'd like (I suck at getting songs loud). Hopefully I didn't overdo it.
  21. Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions. I'll try taking out some mid frequencies and see if that helps things. This was done with Spitfire's "Felt Piano" in Kontakt. It's definitely a close-sounding, intimate piano (this is really clear in the dry version).
  22. I just finished working on a solo piano piece, and it sounds great on my regular monitors. However, when played back on my iPad or listening with earbuds or lower-end speakers, there's a decent amount of crackle going on. When listening through a nice set of Sennheiser headphones, there's no crackle, but the high notes are harsh at loud volumes, and I end up having to lower it to a softer-than-desired listening level. Any tips on alleviating either the harshness of the high notes or the crackle when played through lower end speakers? Here's the song in question: http://soundcloud.com/drakken/josh-freund-gymnop-die-wet
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