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  1. Relevant to the whole Daft Punk thing: I love samples and covers, it's one of the things that led me, uh. Here. Cover game music? NOWAI! I should point out a background story: I got the Talkboy like you saw in Home Alone 2, and spent about 3 hours making a DKC soundtrack with it at funky flights and the King K Rool theme. Back when it first came out and I was 10? To find people doing this stuff is great. As long as the integrity is there. Yeah, cover that. Just don't claim it as yours if it ain't. VERY RELEVANT LINKS! http://www.cracked.com/article_18500_the-5-most-famous-musicians-who-are-thieving-bastards_p1.html
  2. Welcome to the dark side, brother. We have cookies.
  3. 24 ish hours to vote if you haven't already.
  4. Great stuff here. Lets see... what did I learn from video games... They said hurry, the world is ending... But there might be stuff laying around. Whatever they needed can wait while I get 3 more coppers and a hi-potion from the crate. (RPGs) Everything has a weak point. SHOOT HERE FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE! (arcade light guns, super scoop) Use the bombs. If you die you won't need your stash of bombs that you were saving for that rainy day. (Star Fox, anything bullet hell)
  5. An update I missed you say! While I'm being dramatic WOE IS I! I HAVE FAILED YOU! ... You edited the main post or 'm I just dense? *cough, cough* Will did friend me recently. Perhaps I should teech him zee error of ez vayz. Besides, all the cool superstuds are remixing dire dire docks. The coolest superstuds are actually... critiquing, remixes of dire dire docks... Anyways, see my previous disclaimer, and last few posts. Question all that follows It's prolly all opinion and... the guy writing it (don't tell him) might not be (shhh!) all there. Let me add to this that it is a real talent to edit a track say from V2, to V3, and keep the file the same size... down to the byte. Guess what I just spent 20 minutes listening to... In my defense... I did eventually notice. This gets right into the sound and that first idea right away. Part of me loves that, but part of me thinks that the very nature of the beast makes it seem. I'd like to hear the first 4-5 notes of melody in this almost over humanized. I picture that first note longer, then the others ALMOST in time with just a hint of being too slow, before that awesome main idea really gets into a rhythm. It's a painstaking task in a DAW cause you have to screw with like every note (or I do) to get what I want. Even then I don't get what I want usually. As a point of conversation about the track feeling incomplete: @MrSneak's comment: I've seen a great WIP on the forums here fall by the wayside. (this is the ONLY time, due to my poor trolling skills no doubt, I've seen DJP in the WIP forums) It was a star fox tune, orchestrated, flawlessly. It had intro-itis. The whole track was an amazing intro. It had builds, great instrumentation, the sound was wonderful and balanced, the instruments complemented each other perfectly... but the arrangement never really reached that place it needed to be to keep up with the intros. IMHO, this track doesn't have that feeling yet, the progression is better in this version than the last. But the possibility is there, making it feel like while not incomplete, it needs another minute or so to hammer that theme in. I tend to favor the 'extend the track' option. But I like long epic tracks and I always want more. Still prolly want to get more people to weigh in on this though. If you go the route of expanding this, It seems to me a natural place is 2:41-3:06 The idea after that and the end of the song are a natural come down. And the theme is only repeating (in that section 1 time? 2 times?) Seems to me a natural place to really break out solos. All the elements, including the heavy distortion rhythm and the lighter alternating notes(in my previous post) are well established. We're just getting into the groove, that feeling that everything is right and good in the world... Just feels... Right. (In my mind, which may not be the best neutral ground) That is, of course, if you think intro-itis, and that it might need something else. Structure and progression ideas are one of my weaknesses. There are great things drummers can do to cheat. I know, cause I'm both those things:wink: Take the open hat parts at 2:55 (also, this is about the 3 minute mark that was pointed out as being where the track feels like it begins AND the drums changed) The drums in the whole tune are pretty good, but a subtle cheat in slower transitions is to add an extra 16th note in areas where full on fills and solos are just too much. It's pretty much an FYI, I could see it used in a few places in here. It's a drum version of the guitar riff at 2:30. Not in your face, doesn't stand out. But interesting. I'd do this with all my stuff if I got something to the near completion point in a mix. It's the final icing on the cake of a drum part. Honestly also, Now that I'm listening to the right track, this doesn't seem as necessary... But... I can't bring myself to hit the backspace key and make it go away after I put all that thought into it. Put the knowledge in a toolbox somewhere, and use it later. Oh yeah... keep yer dirty vocals off! Shoo! Awaywiththat! Hope there's something in that that helps ya. And it's not all crazy rambling. Well, most of it it. Diamond in the rough? Gotta be something in there for ya. -H
  6. AW! I come into the thread, seeing the author made the last post. Mind going *updateupdateupdateupdateupdateupdateupdate!* AND NO! Denied! He's responding to criticism! ¡PORQUÉ! ¡HAY NINGUNA JUSTICIA! Tell the kids there's no Santa whydontcha. No update! I'm over here frothing at the mouth. So cruel. ...It is nice to know we're in your hearts, or at least tracks. That you address the crits. But. Now you know what you must do. Updates. Chop chop. Get on that. Shoo! Off with you, you have stuff to do. <3
  7. k, lemme have a looksee at tis. The atmosphere is really nice in this. I dig. I can't really speak too much to panning with these broken headphones, but it sounds to me like the drums are all panned right. IMHO too extreme. I like the idea of the dancing around/moving panning thing, just has to be toned down some. Admittedly, this isn't really my genre, so I'm not sure what else to say. The whole mix is very heavy in the low sounds, but then again, it really gives a creepy vibe if you've got good bass or subs. I don't see it as a problem, others may disagree. The 'cracking' synths at the end don't work for me. In my mind, they're a repetitive addition. You've pretty much already got the low ends and those frequencies covered in the song. When you add something there, it has to have a new intent. I like the contrast here between the sounds and textures; but I don't know what to tell you to change it too... Hope that helps
  8. At 1:17 this needs lots of, well. Stuff. The sounds you have are okay as far as what they are, but there isn't anything else there. Chords, pads, harmonies. You need stuff to give you a fuller sound on top of just a lead with filter automations. Some EQ would help them a lot, especially the hurty in the high frequencies. I like the idea of that set, but lose the claps and throw in a strong sound there. Rimshots or heavy effected snare back beat. Something. Also, the hats are thin alone, they need some weight to them. Some echo/verb couldn't hurt either. It's a very slow progression getting to the meat of the theme. When it gets there, the theme is very conservative. When you expand on this, play with the bits you like and have fun with it. It's a killer source.
  9. I have been going through teh OCR archives and hitting my favorite games, so this review might be a little... harsh. Remember that I love you, and I express that love in hate for whatever it is that you have for me today... (pokemon track) I'm liking the atmosphere right off. Nice and mellow. I think something should be done to kinda ease into the first piano notes. Either hints of them sooner or a better lead up. Something to smooth that out. Now, the piano solos that you have have the potential to be epic, It's just... Not really epic now. I think epic, like wrong sounds suddenly made right in the 12+ minute songs I'm used to.(dream theater, x japan...) The off chords and keys is interesting, but just not working for me as is. If you wanna keep that theme and make it work, this must be flawless. It can't sound like a 'hey. look what I can do!' moment. (no offense) Drums in this are on auto pilot. Not much/any variation. Lay down a beat you like, but you gotta change it once in a while. I'm pretty sure the static on the piano is intentional. It's a neat effect, but it's not what I like. (this is me, the me show in this comment, all about me, I personally don't like the static) I'd much rather hear a deep echo, or something else. Just... not the static. The end chords kinda come out of nowhere. The ending needs reworked imho. Or that chord idea needs some coherence with the rest of the song. Hope that helps. -H
  10. Disclaimer: Reviews were fun sober, so I'm trying it teh other way... I AM bored with this... pshhaw... take et avay... I'll be honest, it's nice to read 'ice cap' and go -I know that source- is kinda comforting... Now. onto... de sause. -Length- DUH, only a minute or so long. Anyways, this needs some intro, something to build to that uber-bass thaht joo got coming in. You can't just hit people with that, you gotta line up the shot. Espand meh an intro for that. I love that high muted piano thing. Work with that. The SFX (ring gather sound) , work them into the intro as well. They're sort of, meh now. Have to listen for them specifically. Make em shine! I love the drive, but any sort of drum track you got going is weaksause at best. I wanna hear me some beat *SMACK* snare that I'm just not getting from this. Could be a preference from this being chip-ish, but it's what I want and since this post is all about me... and it is. I want that smack. The lead you've chosen could really benefit from some background noise. I mean. Sounds good. But on it's own it kinda stands out. Since you've got a good echo-ish-ness on it it doesn't seem so stand out. But could use some harmony and stuff to really makes it shine. That piano-lead thing at the beginning is a nice example of the complexity that I want to hear later on. The lead what takes over from that thing I said there ^ Is nice, but I still want to hear the same feel of 'more going on' later on. And that spot is uh... 1:10. Not nuff, boss, just not nuff. There ja go, highly opinionated and controversial critisisisimses, hope it helps ja. -H
  11. GAH! WHY is it, that all the new kids stuff sounds better than my first stuff did! I HATE YOU KING DEDEDE THEME! The emo-ness out of the way. I'm going to *shudder* try to be nice. This is pretty much what I dub a midi rip. A midi file with instruments re-assigned and slight tweaking. It still actually sounds very midi. First things first: Have a plan, or a list of rules. #1 Cardio #2 Double-Tap #3Beware the Bathrooms #4 etc... My first stuff (and we'll pretend I know what I'm doing now... for the sake of argument) Was I want that thing there <-- to sound like this thing here--v I want mega man to SOUND LIKE Metallica... Oh, I have awful things from having both midis open, and not knowing what chords were. ANYTHING about theory... good times. I'm still threatening to take a REAL CLASS. Till then, wikipedia and google. BUT enough nostalgia. Have a plan, a sound you want. Youtube is the best the internet has to offer on teaching you to use a DAW. Providing you can use a search engine pretty well, it will give you a tutorial on ANYTHING. Mastering? Done. Need a sound? Done. Need theory? Done. Need uh. You get the idea. Well, that's like... Uh 3 weeks worth the stuff there... I just want to say in closing, don't get discouraged if your first few mixes don't turn many heads... And I mean... get a thread of 1 or 2 replies. It takes time and energy to do these and the newer stuff just doesn't have much uh. You might say 'content' to critique. I've been told I could prolly do about 10x as many of these reviews if I didn't make them all long and flowery and pretty. TBH, your total review could be 2 sentences: This is almost exactly like the midi. You need to rework it with more originality. But I like the way I do it better. Cause... It's me... And I like it... Hope that helps.
  12. Well, now that's some ambiance that I can get behind. It sounds full. As far as just the ambiance goes. It still stutters a bit in places where that low synth cuts out, some secondary and tertiary effects and sounds would help smooth that out. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Too much of it for my taste in this. I'd advise you in a piece like this to check out some of the effects and ideas used on the DOOM soundtrack done by OCR. As well as monkey machine stuff. I'm not a sound designer, but to me it sounds like TONS of automation. And I really don't hear automation in this. We're talking LOOOOOOONG evolving effects here. A sound that changes and changes, filters, cuts, effects, crushes, distortion, tubes, phasers, flangers, compressors. Tons of stuff. Did you look at Cygnus like I pointed out? It does a good job with ambient noises, but I haven't figured out how to work it into anything I'm doing. Maybe you can get something you like with it. EDIT: That must have been someone else I suggested it to... anyway, it's here http://www.kvraudio.com/get.php?mode=results&st=f&q=cyg and free. EDITEDIT: Here's it actually working: EDITEDITEDIT: Forgot link in last edit:
  13. I feel ya. Put that thing on the site... The in a panic hit the refresh button and stare at your topic screaming at the monitor going WHY AREN'T THEY READING IT! Relax... Take a deep breath. Yoos can figure lots out yourself. My advice is to you is just to read the WIP forums, listen and look at the feedback and advice and just play with it. I spent 5 hours reviewing about a week ago... And I reviewed 10 songs total. It's not a small commitment usually for good crits. Listen, re listen. Check levels, panning. Listen to different things. I tend to pick a few, and (TRY TO) watch them to completion or obscurity... LUCKY FOR YOU, on this fine day, myself, as a fan of the Metroid series, and being a man, of very, very little sleep, with this sentence, which, in fact, I'm putting commas in, because I , , , can... Will listen to this thing. It's a neat atmosphere in the beginning, I'm diggin the piano. But it comes across pretty thin. If this were a solo like, 'piano only' minimalist type thing it could be passable, but I wants a fuller sound there. Some pads, or some more harmony on the piano. Fatter chords. Some something. That, leads to this. Structure: I like the ambiance of the birds as a gimmick or something for an intro or a break with instrumentation. (hell, I did this on the first tune that I was actually proud of. Rain effects and soft piano ) But it's just not going to hold itself up here as the last minute of the song. While we're on structure. It's pretty conservative, at the same time, it lacks coherence. First, it's a neat piano take on the theme, then it changes to the more sparse instruments, the strummed dissonance bit. I support drastic and radical changes halfway through tracks. But it takes a lot more than I know (generally) to tie it together and make it work. Transitions, old ideas reused, key changes, chord changes, different modes. holycrap!I'vegonecross-eyed! This just sounds very close to source to me. My advice is to take the idea that you most like, then have a general idea of what you want to do with it. Find someone, somewhere, in some bit of music that has done it, and do what they do. Look at background and foreground sounds. Tricks to keep things interesting. And have fun and play with it. *in closing, started review at 3:14, it's now 3:50? Total play thrus the track: 7 If I come back to this, I'm going to want substantial changes in the areas that people have mentioned, so the next bit should 'hopefully' be quicker and painlessness-er-err. Part of not getting any feedback on minor updates is just that: they're minor. Anyway. Hope that helps.*
  14. FASTER FASTER FASTE.... Awwww:puppyeyes:
  15. It's gonna be pushin it for me. had to work hard the last few days and haven't had much time to work on this. Plus I had to uh... Give up on an idea I was throwing around. Work tomorrow. I'll get it done, but it'll come down to the wire.
  16. Mine's about halfway done and it's 3:30. I may end up having to uh... work around the size limit. For the record, I blame the signature changes that I had to have... kid in a candy store.
  17. I don't have the know how to take on anything like this. Unless there's a midi to work with, just don't have the theory know how to listen to what's going on and transpose. I can offer my limited crit skills though since this isn't going on the WIP thread here on OCR, send me a PM if you want walls of text detailing my very opinion opinions on the opinions.
  18. Good luck! Right after I wrote that, I went over to look at the judges decisions... Gotta say... I need to figure out how the text thing works with NOs and YESs over there. It's funny to me to see a comment full of praise, then NO I assume it's the amount of no or yes on the scale of 7? I should really do some research... It is inspiring though that for something as varied as music, all the judges seem to have differences of opinion about the same weaknesses. Ima go read a few more prolly. Meybe gleam some incite for my stuff, you know... in 2014 after I've had a few more years to touch up my skillage.
  19. Uh, 50%? I would guess you get knocked for the intro and general flow of this stopping and starting. They might also nail you for the beginning (see below) as a love it or hate it thing. (children of the monkey machine had a Metroid track I didn't understand at all get accepted. First comment on the track was by OA. 'You'll either love this or hate it') I've only actually read a few of the J's decisions. So I don't actually know. I says that because I'm not good enough to actually know something like that. The way I figure it, you want the least number of people to have objections to bits of a track to have the best chances. If you do something one way, and someone says it'd be better some other way. Could be opinion, or person C may have an answer than both like better.
  20. Er, what's the source? IMHO the intro at the beginning needs some music before you can tell there's notes here. At 10 seconds it's fine, but before that the stutter doesn't come across much as notes. AT10 seconds however, there's a bit 'OH, it is music!' So, I dunno. Mixed on this bit. I don't really hear snare, I hear claps, which are okay. I'd still like to hear a snare added. If you really wanna drive it slow, I think this would sound good with a half time snare. Just a simple beat on every 3 where you've got the drums going, in addition to the clap. The lack of snare more apparent that 2:42. It's very funky. I don't even know where to begin with that. Fun stuff. You might consider cutting this down to around 3:30-4:00. As is it's a bit repetitive. If not, you need to do something to keep it interesting before the break at 3:49. Also, at that break, there is some fuzz that I think should be gone. That break ought to be clean to contrast the, well. Stuff and things that's happening elsewhere. All and all this is pretty close to ready. And >.> It's usually when I say that <.< someone else >.> better than me <.< comes along and >.> steals my thunder <.< cause I missed something important...
  21. I'm keeping my name, you may call me Steve if you choose. Can't garontee the effiktevnezz of it. Tiny, tiny name is tiny. I'm not changing my name cause I still think it's cleaver. When I said that earlier, I have been to forums that had open name changes. I was going to wear a comedy tag around if OCR allowed it. NOThewhoisiam
  22. A ride cymbal with no drum kit?! Propostorousnessezzes! Who will hit your kick drum with NO SET?! Can I just take this time to shamelessly promote a brush kit in there? It's soft, jazzy, lays down some beat without screaming 'look at me!' Could be that I'm bias from working with brushes recently too... Either way. I do love me some pancakes... I review everything from the thought 'this is what it takes' to improve not to step on any toes. Of course, I usually get to a thing that Rozovian has already hit and have to twiddle my thumbs at it... Good luck, keep at it o/
  23. No Escape! FOR SHAME! IT WAS BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD! I want the lows lower and the highs higher, or spread out enough so that you can hear the gaps between them. Mostly I'm think about the bass. Right now the pad sound is heavy and the bass is quiet. I picture like the hard bass type mix with a really distinct bass to it. Since this opens up on the bass, I assume you want it prominent. Drums are non existent in this. I mean, they're there... but uh. That ride has no body whatsoever, no ring, no life! I don't hear any kick drum. It is makes me sad. The panning in this may be a bit extreme, if you want some panning that far, that's fine, just bring it together so the whole song isn't over like that. These are broken headphones, and they're surround, so eh. It's rough to be sure what's panned where. But I hear lots of bass right. When you have pads+organ, tone the pads down, they're not as necessary methinks. The same thing when you've got the guitar layered with the piano, it's like they're fighting for space playing the exact same note like that. It can work and sound really good, but here it's just not working for me. Maybe rework the balance or guitar something? Along those lines, there's areas where the piano and guitar parts seem to me like they should be reversed, piano on the higher octave, guitars brought down. I'd have to hear it that way though, so I dunno. Hope that helps
  24. Okay, the name. I thought I was cleaver at the time... He Who Is I Am Just no punctuation. Once you know the words it isn't nearly as hard. If'n I could go back and change it, I might pick something a tad simpler. Sadly can't change the names on OCR... But there you have it. And now you know it, just no spaces and no caps. I lol'd On a note related to the track, going here: http://www.kvraudio.com/get.php might yield some ideas. I know I really want to play with CYGNUS. It's free and creates ambient noises. But they're much more space like, but it's got a lot of flexibility (so I'm told)
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