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  1. Yeah what I was trying to say in my PM was that during the album review, that revised edit Jordan whipped up had no complaints, so I can't imagine it having an issue with the panel when it gets there. I think the queue might just be a bit backed up for now.

  2. Tried to respond to your PM but for some reason I keep getting an error :P I haven't heard anything about the track since TD released. I think you should be good tho :)

  3. You know you've only voted in one of the two Robotnik Round 3 rounds this week, right? Make sure you vote in the other so they count :wink:

  4. Nah voting is too close to call right now. It'd could go either way! And no way, I thought that was a guitar in your track! Lol

  5. Round 2 matchups are up!

  6. No problem! Thanks! I hope you've been busy making crazy awesome stuff :wink:

  7. nah, BlackPanther is rendering right now. We're good. thanks!

  8. yo you didn't vote on halc's matchup in SZRC! go do it quick so your votes count!

  9. Awesome, yeah! Definitely still turn in a WIP even if it's not finished! :-D

  10. How's your SZRC track coming? :wink:

  11. How's your SZRC track coming? :wink:

  12. Hi there, thanks for expressing interest in the Sonic competition! As you already know, signup for the competition is over. The competition was setup as a single-elimination style competition where entrants had to remix their Zone with the Zone theme of their opponent in one mix. Then there was a public voting period and the winners move on to the next round and would go through the same process again. So it was setup a little differently than just allowing people to remix anything they wanted and then voting on those tracks. If you want to share you mix and get feedback though, I'd highly recommend you post your song in the Workshop forums here on OCR: http://ocremix.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=16

    Sorry again that you missed the signup period!

  13. Sweet! Looking forward to it :)

  14. For you!


    All the rules are pretty much the same as the last SZRC. Single elimination style tournament. One week mixing rounds followed by one week voting rounds. Winner moves on to the next round and will make a new mix. You're in the Robotnik Bracket which will begin mixing this Sunday, February 2nd at 12pm (noon) ET. Match-ups will be announced at that time. Mixes will be due the following Sunday at the same time! Thanks for joining on such short notice!

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