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  1. Busy as can be, but still alive, against all odds. ;)

    How about you Will, got something on your mind?

  2. Ahah, cause despite having been here for over a year, I still have no idea how to add friends...

    What happened up until now, is that people have sent me the friend request and I accepted.

    If you know how to do it, by all means send it. I'll add you right away man. :D

  3. Glad to hear it. As an aspiring artist, I'm looking up to you, and hope I'll be able to create a song at least a fraction as good as this in the course of my lifetime.

  4. You don't need to. I haven't (and won't) forget.

    I know it's hard when you really want something and can't wait, but like I said, you're gonna have to be patient.

    Occasionally, I also happen to have a life to attend to. ;)

  5. For some basic chiptuney sketch or even to make some songs using SFZ (since it comes with a soundfonts player), it works fine.

    After, depends on your system perf, and how familiar you are with Linux distros.

    I know that Skiessi over at OHC did some awesome songs with it.

    In a way, it's almost like FL, but with delightful Linux Alsa config mayhem, to help spicen up the activity. ;D

    Sonar is still my primary DAW though. And from what I've seen in OCR cribs, you guys seem to be using it quite differently...

  6. Well, my memory being what it is (a 1.2M floppy disk), I admit I forgot.

    I was in the process of remixing Magical Bags of Chips myself. But you beat me to it... by a whole album! ;D

  7. I didn't even knew you'd made a new album... wait, who are you and where is my horse?

  8. Yeah, Dyne's show is great isn't it.

    Trust me, I would love to enter one of those over-crowded OHC turbo... but I'm already biting more than I can chew atm.

  9. I won't announce much publicly until everyone starts working on their wips anyway.

    But I do hope you get back on track for the next Lufia Project due date though...

  10. Sup Epitach ^_^

    Still up for the DH project?

  11. That is correct sir. I can rebuild it, I have the technology.

    Just gimme a couple more years and... oh sorry, what was this about again?

  12. I'm not sure you should takle full-fledged remixes yet. Right now, your drum programming is in the way.

    Say, can you make it to the OHC tonight? I've already gave you an advice on my voting for round 45.

    But it would be easier to help you live on the IRC.

  13. Hey Halt! How's the remixing coming along buddy?

  14. Thankfully I can always count on my good buddy Gario to help me pass for the most friendless person in the world. :lmassoff:

    Thanks again, I owe you one! Oh, and nice sig by the way... :mrgreen:

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