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  1. Happy b-day Alex! Have good one. :)

    1. HoboKa


      Thanks Dj Mokram I'm starting to feel old now...also, I can't seem to find your RL name on this new OCR thing lol.

  2. Nintenjoe! Glad to see you around again, man. Hope all is well. :)

  3. Hey Pieter! I'm a bit better now, thanks. How you've been holding up? Already at work on Badass 3, I see. Bet it'll be even more menacing, ominous and awesome than the previous two volumes combined! ;)

  4. Thanks Eino! Hope you and your family have been well. I'm slowly getting back into the game. Be seeing ya. ;)

  5. Hey Callum! Been a while, yeah. Hope you and your billions guitarz are doing well!

  6. Very kind of you, sir. I'm a bit better now. Guess I was maybe a little shy at approaching the cool people of OCR, outside of albums context I mean. But know I've always kept to heart the feedback you've given me either in the workshop or in the judge panel. :)

  7. Hey Greg! Could you please get back to me about the Gunstar Heroes project. Thanks. :)

  8. Image host deleted it a while ago. Sadly I do not have that picture anymore.

  9. Sorry for causing you to worry, sir. Things should be ok for now. ;)

  10. It was worth surviving if only to read this. Thanks Katie. :)

  11. My music is neither tasteful nor refined. You'll be better off without me. Good luck B.

  12. Awesomeness! You'll definitely be hearing back from me about this one bro. ;)

  13. Well, as I said, it's mostly custom samples being processed with FX plugs. Only times I use VSTi for drums is when transcribing a source to lay a temp drumline (with tools like 'DSK mini-drum Z'), or when composing cinematic/ethnic music (with EWQL Colossus).

    Luckily for you, OCR is packed with talented electronica producers that are WAY better at this game that I'll ever be. Head over to the workshop/production section of the forums and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for in no time. Good luck. :)

  14. A combo of custom-made samples with lots of layering and processing.

    Was there a specific track of mine you had in mind when asking this?

  15. Cuz life is being a bitch right now.

  16. Got some stuff to deal with, don't worry Guilherme.

    Thanks for the concern though. :)

  17. Happy birthday mang! Have a good one. :grin:

  18. Thanks Trism. Glad to hear you've got some enjoyment out of it. :)

  19. Thanks Eino. Might be a little too lively for a lullaby though. ;P

  20. Thanks man. :)

    Btw, check your PM box.

  21. Merci Alex. Looking forward to you getting posted as well my friend. :)

  22. Wait, I did. I voted on all matches. Wtf happened? O_o

  23. T'was an awesome track. So keep at it and be confident about your music. :)

  24. Oh, I believe I saw that post earlier today. That round was amazing.

    As usual, it's very cool of you to have given detailed feedback to everyone. :)

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