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  1. Got it and replied. But yeah, the PM system seems to be giving folks some trouble as of late...

  2. Glad to see you getting involved into more community albums bro.

    Now turn it up to eleven and show 'em how it's done! 8)

  3. Thanks man. Been away for a few weeks, now I'm (hopefully) back in the saddle.

  4. Nah, doing good here bro. Just released this little tribute album: http://dhsbp.kngi.org

    Give it a listen when you got a chance, I'd love to hear you opinion on this. ;)

    I still believe you ought to release a compilation album of your works. Your talent deserve some proper recognition.

    Thanks for creating such awesome music. It really makes my day. :)

  5. Dunno your specific taste in games Pieter, but if you're a normally constituted gamer, it's impossible to dislike Bastion.

    Visuals are impressive, gameplay is solid and it's a lot of fun to play.

    The narrative drive is excellent and like I said the soundtrack is fantastic.

    It's just a really good game. So have fun with this one. ;)

  6. I don't think there's a particular consensus against repetition, cause many styles of electronica are based on repetition.

    It's just that there's a large portion of OCR's audience that doesn't like hip-hop very much.

    Sadly, it's cause most people confuse real hip-hop with the lame gangsta/club-rap airing on the radio/TV.

    So it's mostly out of ignorance, not malice. You can't blame people for what they don't know, right? ;)

    Please don't let that discourage you and keep doing your thing.

    Simplicity is a rare quality, and the mark of great artists. :)

  7. Sad fact: 'Racing Lagoon' is much less known than his T-rpg counterpart 'Bahamut Lagoon', even though composers are the same.

    Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi are definitely the shiz, and they've made some truly memorable game music.

    'Darkness' (BGM of the Darkness GP) would have to be my favorite song in the entire OST.

  8. Yup Kuz. The wip is still standing in my "to finish" folder from 2009. Alas, many IRL and OL obligations force me to prioritize somehow.

    Just know that I haven't forgotten your request simply cause I could never forget anything related to my favorite VG composer, Hitoshi Sakimoto. ;)

  9. So B man, what's the plan? Are those Demons ready to dance or what?

  10. Nah, you're right on schedule and this Bliss ends with a bang. Nice work EC. ;)

  11. Sounds good. Looking forward to your finished track then.

    In the meantime, have plenty of fun at MAGfest 9! :D

  12. I hear ya, things are pretty hectic on my end too atm.

    Next deadline is acually the FINAL due date for the project: March 10th 2011.

    So, can I count on you B? :)

  13. I'm missing the micro-updates already...

  14. Hey B! Got any good news for me? ;)

  15. Since it's a brothday wish, I'm dropping Uncle for something more appropriate.

    So, thanks Stevo Aniki! Because srsly, you're the awesome man here, not me. :D

  16. Whatever, so long as you get it done before september 10th. Have fun in Vegas.

  17. Ahah, not sure the part about shower & stuff was integral to the song update, but I get the idea anyway, thanks. Looking forward to the outcome.

    Already done with half the audio-editing, so I'll probably have it completed by tomorrow night. And btw, I don't need the full track for this, just 30 or 40 seconds of it. ;)

  18. I was refering more to the 'thing' that is planned for early next month if all goes well.

    Just need to know beforehand if you'll be willing/able to make it in time for that, since DH is apparently #1 on your list now. ;)

    Though if you don't remember what I'm talking about, well ....PM! ;)

  19. Sure, no prob. Just let me know whether or not you think you can make it in time for the ...'you-know-what'. ;)

  20. Thanks melody. That's quite a compliment coming from you.

    Hope you'll enjoy the rest of the album as well! ;)

  21. Ahah, yeah they were taking almost half a page of something on my tiny screen. ;D

    Why didn't you ask for a custom 'JuneIsBossMonth' sig in the OffTop thread?

    I may be able to hook you up with one, but I'm definitely not as talented as The Coop or Doulifee though...

  22. Careful! If you go that fast, you may even deliver in time for the due date. ;D

    Also, def looking forward to that GoW mix. Sounds like you've brought the heavy artillery for this one.

  23. Glad to hear that, I'm looking forward to it. Keep me posted and have fun. ;)

  24. I forgot you were co-directing BC also. Don't worry, I've already talked with Juan about that.

    Unfortunately update's not gonna happen this month. Got a lot of things to attend to.

    That, and also at least 3 other OCR project deadlines to meet.

    Anyway, stay well, and good luck with uni man. ;)

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