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  1. eff it.

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  2. This is a link that may or may not have anything to do with the topic at hand, and though everyone has probably seen this already, it is certainly worth sharing.
  3. You always get the easy assignments... -Edit- Shall we create the new thread in the newbies forum? Perhaps the thread creator can accept PMs from the rest of the people involved in the project, and thusly, constantly and consistantly update the first post of said thread until all characters have been identified?
  4. MB support squadron operational as well.
  5. living in japan, it's pretty easy to find video games such as dance dance revolution, pop'n music, and guitar freaks, drum mania and beatmania. actually "easy to find" should be replaced with "impossible to miss!". likewise can be said for their soundtracks. you can go to any store that sells music, and find a song from your favorite dance/beat related video game. oddly enough, this so-called "video game music" isn't made just for the game. for instance, in beatmania 4, you can find a good song titled "the race" by an artist known as captain jack. captain jack doesn't make video game music. he makes dance music. i have 2 of his cds. basically, this is a remix of a real dance song here in japan. i don't think this blurs the line. i think it crosses it completely.
  6. DJP, you never cease to amaze me. I don't think you've remixed a song that i don't like. Jack of all genres, master of them all, as well. Now if only you'd treat us to an interpretation of the Robo theme... That'd be sweeter than leet.
  7. i really liked this one... but i felt it was kinda short. maybe i just got so into it, that i lost track of time? ah, who knows? you know what i think would be cool? i wanna hear Mickey V do a remix of the Guile stage (that one was always my favorite).
  8. i... i can't think of anything to say. everyone else has pretty much stole the words from me. this goes on Mad_Bastard's CD-R of DOOM! along with all of AE's other mixes.
  9. unexpected... and good. electronica = good + zelda = good___ remix = very good
  10. i liked it. my only gripe is that it feels too top-heavy with treble. i'm a bassaholic, so it's not something i can groove to per se... but i really liked the dream-like ambience that this instills in me. it's something i could just sit back and chill to. i just wish there was some bass to balance it out.
  11. i like every part of this song. particularly the ending, where it gets all weird. it keeps the track from being monotonous. this is an all-around good tune. as with all other remixes by AE, this one is on my cd-rw that seems to be permanently in my CD/MP3 player. i will admit though, Stainless Steel is my favorite of AE's remixes, but Windshears is still up to the insanely high standard he set for himself.
  12. i thought it was decent. not bad at all. as a matter of fact, i liked it.
  13. the "Yo, Noodles" was sampled from a Wu-Tang cd. just thought i'd throw that one out there.
  14. well, everything i was going to say was pretty much covered by everyone else, so i'll just say "DITTO" regarding all the other posts. keep up the good work, mazedude.
  15. i like this song. though it's just supposed to be a lighthearted parody poking fun at gamers, this song really reminds me of one of my good buddies back at home.
  16. dig that ambient groove! this is a remix i can relax to. the world needs more songs like this. way to go, protricity!
  17. i fell in love with this track after the first 15 seconds. i love the flute, the piccatto strings,the regular strings, the piano intro, and that weird crystal/electric piano chiming thing that goes on periodically throughout the remix. what a great remix. i believe this falls under the "must download" category.
  18. i think djp is way too humble. i liked this one right off the bat. the fact that this "mere test" has elicited 7 very positive reviews just goes to show that djp was born with talent (talent he should be making money with, but hey...). once upon a time the lead would have made me grit my teeth in the high range, but i'm good and deaf now, so HUZZAH!
  19. i still haven't heard a mcvaffe remix, i don't like. i like the way he pans the drums and the apreggiated (is that right? i don't remember) synth back and forth at 1:52 to 2:23. of course, he does that througout different parts of the song, but it just really stands out there.
  20. this is some really good stuff. i put this one on my playlist. i hope sideways staircase gives us some more songs of this calliber.
  21. what i like most about this remix, is the way it captures the LEGEND OF ZELDA DUNGEON FEEL . the song starts and i'm thinkin' whoa! i'm in the tail cave all over again! download it and you'll see what i mean.
  22. great stuff. i would expect nothing less from the "big dude" of the site. keep 'em coming, djp!
  23. this sounds like it could be part of a soundtrack to some kinda slapstick anime. fun is the right word for it. it's gotta really happy feel to it, and as far as i'm concerned, any song that can make you smile, is a good song.
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