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  1. Not gonna lie, I have the whole "C-R-A-Z-Y" vocal spelling thing stuck in my head. Wheeee!
  2. Awesome! Very catchy! It actually reminds me of Jet Set Radio. I'm digging the vocal samples a lot.
  3. Alrighty, I've added everyone's friend codes. Oh, I picked up Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition the other day. I do have to say, it's a really good port. The gameplay translates over pretty much perfectly, as well.
  4. Do ittttt. Also, I've started playing around with arranging the beautiful title track. I may post it in the workshop forum soon. Right now, it's sounding like a dark, cinematic industrial piece. I may even submit it to the judge panel for laughs and to see if it actually goes through.
  5. Okay, so one of my friends just touted the brilliant idea of remixing this work of art. Now, I've tried looking up information about this "game". Seems it was written a few years back for the Genesis/Mega Drive, so I highly doubt it was a commercial release. (Probably for a romhacking/coding competition?) With that in mind, would it be totally legal to write an arrangement for this and submit to OCReMix? (as /crazy/ as it would be) CAN IT BE DONE
  6. Got my 3DS this morning! I'm having a blast with Face Raiders. If anyone wants to add me, my friend code is: 4081-5497-7362
  7. Less than 24 hours until I pick up mine. :] Not sure if I should pick up any launch games. I MAY go for Street Fighter IV, but I already have the PC/Console version. Ghost Recon Shadow Wars looks interesting. My roommate (for whatever reason) keeps urging me to get Nintendogs & Cats. Wat do?
  8. Just preordered my 3DS! ...Only to find out afterwards that Dead or Alive: Dimensions is no longer a launch title. /: Sadly, the launch titles don't look so interesting to me. Also, tested out the 3DS at Best Buy again today with my roommates. We unlocked the system features using a button combination so we could try out the built-in stuff, like the AR cards! (simulated the cards using my phone) Those were lots of fun.
  9. Thanks guys! I ditched the pizza idea in favor of pancakes. Woooo!!
  10. Just came back from trying out a demo unit at a local Best Buy. ...my head reallyyyy hurts, now.
  11. So today is totally my birthday. Do I treat myself to a freakin' amazing pizza? OR DO I TREAT MYSELF TO A FREAKIN' AMAZING PIZZA
  12. Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Okay, here are my contributions: Bio-Hazard Battle ( Stage 1 & 8 ): This game's music is certainly unlike anything I've heard, considering the ambient/moody style and when it came out. That title screen music from Gameboy Camera(and pretty much everything else in that game): More to come!
  13. I'll hafta look through the games I've played to properly contribute here. I'll come back with tons of links. Though, I definitely have to agree with Pac-Man 2! Had the game as a kid, and the music is still very familiar to me, especially the city music later in the game:
  14. Already starting my playthrough as Ugly Hawke.
  15. Well, I just completed my first playthrough of Dragon Age II. Overall, I loved it, but as I approached the end of the game, everything started to feel incredibly rushed(moreso than earlier). That was a bit disappointing. The ending hints at a third entry in the series, though. Also, it only took me 25-ish hours to complete my first playthrough. Considerably shorter than Origins. Still, there are many aspects of DAII I absolutely love. I enjoyed the narrative, most of the writing, and the characters were great. I absolutely love Hawke and Varric. So yeah. I feel Bioware should've spent more time with this one. It's a missed opportunity thanks to the story being rushed (especially near the end) and inconsistent. If it wasn't for that, then I feel this game could challenge the original. I still recommend it, though. Now to catch up on sleep! EDIT: So yeah, I hope Mass Effect 3 ends up being awesome.
  16. Yeah, the DX11 effects are subtle, but there's definitely a good amount of tesselation if you look hard enough. It's nothing significant, but it's a nice touch.
  17. Okay, so I'm over 10 hours into the game now. I've been having fun with Steam's screenshot features. If anyone's interested, I've uploaded a ton of DAII screens: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MattInc/screenshots/?tab=&showdate=1&filter=app_47900 But yeah, the game is continuously awesome so far. I actually kind of like how most of the focus is put on the city of Kirkwall. Oh yeah, and the game looks pretty awesome running in DX11.
  18. It's pretty darn awesome so far! The plot seems more character-focused than Origins. Hawk is an awesome character. So is Varric. Femhawk is gorgeousssss. Next playthough, I'll play as Stev-- er, malehawk. I've imported one of my Origins files, and I'm curious to see what variables carry over to this game.
  19. Hey everyone! Dragon Age II came out today, so I've been playing my copy non-stop. I felt it was appropriate to post this: Anywho, any other Dragon Age/Bioware fans gettin' this game?
  20. Well, at least the E3 trailer for Dragon Age utilizes scenes from ingame cutscenes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKeEsG6mmHg&NR=1&feature=fvwp
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