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  1. Just when I thought the world has grown dull, Japan has blown my mind once again.
  2. I grew up with a Sega Genesis and an NES, so Sonic and Mario took up a lot of my childhood. To this day, Sonic 3 & Knuckles is still one of my favorite games. The Sega Saturn also holds a place in my heart. I play a lot of recent games too. Whatever direction the industry is going in, there are still a lot of quality games out there. With the exception of a few games (Half-Life, Portal, TF2, etc), I couldn't really care less for the FPS market. But that's me! I find myself playing a lot of older games lately(also really obscure ones). It's hard talking to some of my friends about games: "So I play Call of Duty: Black Ops a lot. What games do you play?" Me: "Er... Ikaruga... for the Sega Dreamcast...? :'D " "What are you, some kind of LOSER?"
  3. Oh noes, everyone's gonna think my name is MikeInc now!
  4. Wooooaaah! This is fantastic! I am absolutely digging this beautiful arrangement. No qualms from me! This production is SOLID. GO SUBMIT THIS. NOW.
  5. Gonna avoid the conflict going on here. I just wanna play Minecraft! Anywho, I would love to be whitelisted! My Minecraft name is also MattInc.
  6. Oh, hohohoho, I see you what you did there! And, aw, thanks Akumajo! [:
  7. Woooooo! July 5th is going to be a fantastic day, indeed. I do plan on submitting mine to the panel.
  8. This is sounding pretty amazing! Though I prefer it when people challenge themselves by staying away from using VRC6 or any of the other chips. Awesome stuff, though. I love that this comes in NSF format.
  9. Ooh, lookin' good! Does this apply to all releases or only current and future ones?
  10. Oh mannnn. Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh MAN! I am loving this. A LOT! Once again, your electronic style fails to disappoint.
  11. I've been playing alpha since July-ish, so it's been fun watching the development recently! My roommates recently got into minecraft as well, so now we spend sleepless nights punching wood over multiplayer! I AM SO STOKED FOR THE HALLOWEEN UPDATE.
  12. Woooooah, this project is coming along!! I need to pay attention more! D: Edit: Time for me to step up, too..
  13. MODS: I don't think this has been posted yet, but if it has, please remove this. :3 Saw this on my facebook wall, so couldn't resist posting it. Apparently the makers of Bionic Commando are holding a soundtrack contest for the talented fans! http://www.capcom-unity.com/jimmyrey/blog/2010/07/16/announcing_the_%E2%80%9Cmake_something_radd%E2%80%9D_music_remix_contest!!
  14. Oh yeah, and I also suggest the Black and White series (preferably the first one).
  15. Ohmygod, I'm absolutely diggin' this! I'm a sucker for ambient/moody electronic pieces, and this one takes the cake! The drums fit perfectly, in my opinion. The background synths sound fantastic; a very chill sound that's both driving and soothing. All the production aspects sound very refined and well-rounded to me, so no real problems there. At around 1:47, the mixing sounded a little too hot, but nothing major. Overall, absolutely fantastic! I'd say this is my favorite of the Besaid mixes so far.
  16. I second getting Steam. I recommend Spore, the Sam and Max series, Psychonauts, The Movies, Everyday Shooter, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Torchlight, etc. There's also a lot of non-steam games I'd recommend, like the Sim City series (preferably Sim City 4), The Sims, Diablo II, Starcraft(of course!), Age of Empires II, etc.
  17. Urgh! I'm back! sorry about the wait! D:

  18. Woo, finally on summer break! Now to cram in WIP2! :'D
  19. Problem solved! I bought a new heatsink from the local shop in town, and everything's runnin' well. My temps are around 32-ish on idle, and 40-50 under load. Thanks guys!
  20. Lol, pc building! Sorry, I'm sleepy. I was using speedfan and CPU-ID hwmonitor to check temps. Also my bios indicated my idle temps were at 60-something. When I originally built my machine, I had reasonable temps. Whether the readings were right or not, better safe than sorry! besides, it's about time I invest in an aftermarket cooler!
  21. Awesome, thanks guys! I'll keep that in mind for tomorrow! (: I'm still relatively new to the CPU-building scene.
  22. Edit: Oops, wrong forum, probably. Sorry! EditEdit: Also, my CPU is an AMD Athlon II X4 620 @2.60ghz (stock speed) Hey guys! So earlier today I was running the Dolphin emulator and thought, "Hm, this could go a lot faster! But first I must check my temperature before I overclock." So I checked it and HOLYBANANAS it was at 95C! I thought my computer was about to blow up, so I shut everything down. I attempted to reseat the processor and heatsink, but that was to no avail. Idle temperatures are at 64C, so... What heatsinks would you guys recommend for AM3 processors? Also, I figure I'm gonna need some good thermal compound, so any recommendations there? I'm gonna do some shopping tomorrow first thing in the morning. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hrm... I've been playing piano off and on throughout my life. Around 2004, I started to play around with midi sequencing. Shortly after, I started playing around with many different programs, and eventually I settled down with FL Studio as my DAW of choice. Since then, I play around with it pretty much every day. I continue to practice piano and I'm currently learning guitar.
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