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  1. Friggin' awesome. I hope Sega seriously considers this. I would soooo love to participate in something like this.
  2. Hey guys! Thought I'd give EastWest a spin. (After all, it ate up the christmas money!) And so I experimented a bit with Totaka's Song, which is in pretty much every Nintendo game Kazumi Totaka has done the music for (which is a lot!) This is after about two hours of work, so it's short, far from finished, and it's nothing really touched up. Song: http://www.mattinc.net/wip/TotakasSongRemix.mp3 Source: Bed time now.
  3. A... Shinobi game of some sort? The PS2 one?
  4. D'oh! I was hoping that would last longer. XD Time to up the difficulty!
  5. Wow, I like the idea behind this thread! Count me in! Although... I don't know these two characters! :'D The Otaku - is he from any Sega RPGs? He looks familiar. Mr. X - Not sure. Sooo many blue-haired and green-eyed characters in games, so I can't tell! XD KOS-MOS...? (horrible guess) And now for mine. Try and guess this one! (Sorry, I'm terrible at drawing with a mouse)
  6. Awww. ): I'm glad that my first submission was judged in part by you! You'll be missed as a judge! You'll still be around in general, yes? Even though you're off doing bigger and better things, I hope to hear more work from you, man!
  7. Got lotsa mysterious presents under my tree... I'm tired of waiting, haha! Merry Christmas, everyone!
  8. Listening to these right now! Very good find. Thanks for posting em!
  9. It's pretty amazing how open this community is. It's awesome yet scary! I have yet to meet any of you guys! When's the next big meetup?
  10. http://mattinc.net/Sonic1Remix1.mp3 My take on Green Hill Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog. Please note that this is an early experiment. I'm trying to go for ambiance! Feedback is appreciated!
  11. Wow, thanks guys! Glad you all like it! I'm still surprised this made it past the judge panel though.
  12. I usually choose females and female-types if given the choice. Every now and then I'll go for someone with a lot of testosterone, though.
  13. Grr, haven't caught that episode yet! > Pretty awesome though. Season 4 is actually my first foray into Heroes, so I missed out on the first three seasons. I love what I'm seeing though!
  14. Oh man, this is great. I love the ZOE games. I can't wait to see how much they improve the mech combat!
  15. Whew! That scared me. Is there going to be a new skin or something?
  16. Absolutely fantastic. I loved your interpretations! Awesome job. Hearing this music played on French horns(beautiful instrument!) really brought tears to my eyes! You should seriously consider submitting these.
  17. Whoa, glad to see it's real! I am SOOO stoked for this. This art style is fantastic.
  18. Oh yeah, I would definitely love to participate in this, and I agree with everyone else that it probably shouldn't be a competition. So, yeah, I'm definitely interested! So keep us posted. My style is mostly ambient/orchestral but I do experiment in other areas.
  19. Haha, actually, I've been listening to the remixes here since 2002, if I recall. However, I didn't consider becoming a member until this year! Yes, I am late.
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