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  1. I'm gonna wait and purchase the game on this one. Though I do wish a demo was available. I would love to see how my machine handles Crysis 2. I'm trying to convince myself NOT to give in to the leaked beta for the sake of seeing how it runs.
  2. Oh mannnnn this is gorgeous. Fantastic stuff as usual, zircon!
  3. Woooah, thanks man!

    That's quite the honor!

  4. oh GAWD this is amazing. Fantastic work as usual, sir halc! :]
  5. D'awwwwwwwww. That was one of the most adorable proposals I've seen.
  6. Wow, you guys are fast. Now I'm inspired to take on this challenge.
  7. "I lost..." "YAY!" Haha, I looked up other Pico games! The one I played for sure was Tails and the Music Maker.
  8. This. Haha, I actually remember playing on one of these in my childhood. I recall some sort of Sonic-themed learning game. Now I'm curious to check this out. How was the music for the games?
  9. The minecraft review is definitely my favorite. I was lolzing so hard, I woke my roommate up.
  10. Just finished listening to this! Fantastic stuff anosou, Jill, Deia, and Kota I'd have to say my favorite track at the moment is RAY of Speed.
  11. The new trailer looks freakin' crazy. I am soooooo getting this game.
  12. Excellent mix of "Uncharted Worlds." I'm diggin' the atmospheric ambience here, and great synth work! I'm also reminded of Daft Punk's soundtrack for TRON. I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite mix on the Citadel.
  13. Excellent news! Can't wait for the July release!
  14. Finallllyyyyy. About time they started showing love to them vidya gaems.
  15. Yeah, today's sale is a little... eh. Though if you haven't played 'em already, I DO recommend picking up Bionic Commando: Rearmed and the HL series.
  16. Ooh, another cave story mix! Very neat arrangement ideas for this one. This could adapt to a live symphony quite beautifully! The production could've used a little bit of touch-up, though. The samples were nice for the most part(with the exception of some string sections), but personally I think you could've spent a little more time doing audio mastering/adjusting EQ/etc. It just needs more punch! Overall though, I enjoyed it, and it's a worthy take on Cave Story's music! The arrangement is what matters more here, and it's fantastic. Keep it up!
  17. Once the steam sales are over, I'm gonna have like 1000 games to play through x_x I still haven't even played through all the games acquired through the last sale.
  18. oh gawd YES. I especially loved the theme for the giant robot you pilot in this game.
  19. If I had a 360, I would definitely try this! The trailer looks awesome, music sounds awesome.
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