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  1. holy dhit this is awesome shame it's not free though, i'm low on cash right now
  2. I'm in love. Though I'm slightly biased because of this I don't think it's all too liberal though. I'll let the pros give you real constructive criticism, but I just wanna make it known that this definitely has promise (In my mind).
  3. i dont have a specific song, but... lego island <3 Really? That's probably one of one my favorite soundtracks (Though not as a standalone ost, it's perfect in game).
  4. dearest bleck, did you even bother to properly think out any of those points you brought up? the only one you're probably right about is what is "fun" and what isn't.
  5. I haven't seen a lot of that, actually. Philosophy major or not, your arguments are weak as anything.
  6. What the hell? I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying it's entirely possible to not like something that happens to be vulgar for entirely different reasons. Going back to the ffiv rap, i didn't think it was witty, the lyrics were sloppy and careless. Most people who didn't like the song felt that way. Yet for some bizarre reason those who DID like it acted like we were all offended by the bad words.
  7. ahem the whole stupidity of this argument is that both sides are taking it to an extreme. some of us who hate that rap song more or less stalk the creators telling them how much it sucks, and some of those who like it are totally into generalizing and making straw man arguments. FOR EXAMPLE. every time this subject gets brought up, i always say what i said in the quote. and then everyone ignores me. then some random nub says something that could be construed as being hate for vulgarity and wanting things to be good and holy, and you guys love that. you rip the kid to shreds.
  8. Honestly guys, it's possible to not like something that just so happens to be profane for reasons other than the presence of oh-so-evil cuss words.
  9. the middle part of the thread was pretty ridiculous. if you thought other m sucked, you were a hardcore metroid fan who hates stories and using your head. and if you liked the ridley scene you're just plain dumb.
  10. That was a fanfic, actually. Though I wouldn't be surprised if someone has made it into a fan comic by now. As for Zero Punctuation, I doubt Yahtzee tries that hard to single out the Wii...you're looking way too far into this. Maybe he's a little biased, I dunno. But I do remember him tearing apart God of War 3.
  11. you gotta be kidding me. have you only watched wii game reviews? yahtzee hates everything, that's the whole point.
  12. http://wii.ign.com/articles/112/1122068p1.html lol. even though i didn't like other m, i feel like she missed the point entirely. in america's quest for sexual equality, there a few numb nuts who themselves forget that women too are capable of emotion. it's only human, people, we've all cried before. was other m over the top? yup. was the plotline poorly planned out? yeah. was giving samus actual character and personality while retaining some badassery a terrible choice? no, that was one of the few things they did right.
  13. ^^^ I never thought of it that way, you're probably right though. As for the Neblix argument, uhh if it's really as hairy and terrifying as you're all making that subject out to be, I'd rather throw in the towel than end up in a rhetorical debate of abortion-esque proportions.
  14. "Once again"? Are you implying that "judge" and calling something "not legit" in an argument doesn't mean that his point is invalid? Those aren't opinion terms, you're telling him what he is saying is wrong. You're dismissing his points because according to you they're not "legit". How is doing that an "opinion"?
  15. What exactly makes you the judge of what is legitimate and what is not? You're acting as if I didn't make that post earlier about you oversimplifying everything. Edit: That sounded dickish. My bad, my point still stands but I apologize if I'm coming off as rude.
  16. I really hate it when people oversimplify the other side of an argument for pretty much no other reason than to feel smart.No one thinks there shouldn't be a story. Most of us think that it was just presented in poor fashion and that a good number of the scenes were written terribly.
  17. That's when the approach to Metroid games was different. We aren't told that Samus is sad, we're supposed to infer it. When Gandrayda is dying she looks away, remember?
  18. The deleter subplot was handling perfectly. I was surprised when the dramatic face off scene I expected to have to endure through never happened. You don't have to explain everything, and Sakamoto got that. but,I just didn't like the anime-esque "slow-mo spinning, women screaming every 5 seconds" ending. melissa bergman deserved a less awkward death. And if you think about it, Cerrax has a point, but really all Nintendo titles have that problem. I'm especially sick of Ganon, and I don't mind Bowser too much because it's not like anyone looks forward to those fights anyway.
  19. while that was a good article... i agree with one of the comments i read. he was arguing that the main problem with the new game is that samus always seemed introverted, not getting anyone involved with her own issues like most ptsd suffering folk do, and then all of a sudden in other m she's telling anthony stories about adam and how she tried to save his little brother, and she's screaming aloud when she confronts ridley, and... it's just way too over dramatized. i can accept samus is traumatized, i just don't think the scene, and the entirety of the story, was done very well. that guy who showed the soldier that scene should've also showed him the ridiculous ending scene with mb and the soldiers and all that.
  20. you know i wish women would stop getting so up in arms whenever a female stereotype is presented. there are male stereotypes too, and they pop up everywhere, yet we just kind of deal with it because either we fall into that category or we know that it doesn't apply to us. you're bothered by whatshisface saying it's ok for samus to act like a woman. should i be bothered any time i hear someone tell someone else to man up? of course not. i doubt that other guy thinks that women are their own type of human being and that they should be in the kitchen making sandwiches. that mindset is really, really dated now. i doubt anyone who knows how to use a computer would be that misogynistic. so, tl;dr: chill out.
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