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  1. I haven't spent proper quality time with my couch in many, many years.
  2. i wish you didnt say it was your opinion because i wanted to challenge this statement but now i can't speaking of classics, assassination bureau and the pink panther are both awesome old school flicks. though im sure everyone already knows pink panther, given the crappy reboot from a few years back (it's probably more than that now)
  3. name themwhat bothered me the most about inception was how everyone was like "durr its so complicated! i didnt get it at all!". these are the same people who think watching a movie = making out with your girlfriend with noise in the background. ...but uh, i didn't catch any plot holes. i didnt think it was some intellectual mind bender, either, but it was a fun thriller.
  4. Yeah, I would like Beautiful Mind better had I not watched it with my sister...that was just awkward. I can relate with both characters, I'd say more so Nash than Will. I used to be more of a pompous dick like Will. Though I guess most would say that I still am but...um...oh well. I don't think I've ever actually cried watching a movie, I always just come really close to it. I get moved way too easily
  5. the scene where he bawls gets me every time. i feel like almost everyone can connect to that.
  6. All I know is switcheroo and music madness were totally ripped from mario galaxy 2 wat Good levels regardless. Except switcheroo. It wouldn't let me rush ;-; Probably one of my favorite moments in the game that I still remember was last night as I entered World 8, just expecting random lava levels. Last worlds tend to be really easy, and I'm probably the only one who thinks SMB3 is easy as hell. No but instead I was introduced to flaming boulders from hell. And I died multiple times. And it was amazing. this pretty much takes the awesomeness of the rocket barrel stages to a whole new level.
  7. I'd say World 6 but that's probably just because I'm not the hardcore gam3r that I used to be. Stupid back flap thing. My biggest problem with the roll, is actually something no one ever complains about. Aside from it being semi-often unresponsive during time trials, it also goes off sometimes when you're blowing on a flower and you accidentally hit left on the d-pad and plummet to your doom. It honestly would've been better mapped to a button, they really had no reason to make it waggle controlled other than "well it's the wii". Really the biggest problem with the roll is time trials. It's good enough for the main game.
  8. necro bump. well, more or less. what did you guys think of the soundtrack? i don't think the game is really all that remixable, aside from the songs in World 8, most of the original non-remixes were either horrible or just simply forgettable. the game itself is amazing (amazingly difficult), so i dont get the hate in the gameplay department. yeah the roll mechanic sucks, but you can blame the wii for that. and yeah, considering how it's already sold 2 million copies im sure there'll be a sequel.
  9. hey are you still planning on doing this? my fingers have been crossed hoping that the tutorial comes out
  10. Whoa. I didn't know that was going to be that inflammatory. chthonic you're gonna have to explain. And Salluz, as for your generalizations about Halo and the people who play them, that's not really fair. Halo has a plot, it has characters people get pretty involved with. I can confidently say that most kids probably liked Sgt. Johnson over Master Chief. Halo is interesting because while its main focus isn't necessary plot (Though it does have an average one), it instead chooses to focus on gameplay which strangely gets all the 'old fogeys' pissed for some reason. What, was Mario not all about gameplay? Was it not about killing random enemies and getting to the goal line? Sure, the marketing is focused around being a badass d00d with a gun who kills aliens. But um, marketing has always been like that, in regards to just about every product on the face of the planet. Do people like Mega Man because of those godawful cover arts? Or the cheesy 80s commercials? I don't think so. Most arguments I've heard against modern games just don't make any sense. Older gamers have double standards. I don't really even have any next gen systems, frankly I'm the one who's out of touch. But the thing is, being a 17 year old most of my friends are around that age. So I'm pretty much always exposed to their tastes in games. Maybe I worded my original post crudely? I dunno. For the record, Sonic 3 & Knux is probably my favorite game, ever, so don't go thinking that I'm some nub gamer. I appreciate the classics.
  11. I think a big part of the problem in this discussion is that older gamers are really 'out of touch'. I'm 17, and really you can ask just about any other kid my age what their first console was and they'll tell you it was the N64. Maybe the PS1. A couple kids will say they only had a Genesis. The fact is, platformers were all the rage when we were young. Those who are 17+ had much more exposure to those kind of games than us 64-bit gamers. Then suddenly, a generation after that, first person shooters became the big thing. Clone after clone came out, emulating the exact same thing. You old fogeys got disillusioned and began to complain, while the vast majority of us 15 and 17 year olds merely adapted and started playing those games. Not all kids did that, I know I didn't, but all this aversion to Halo and Call of Duty is pretty stupid. They're not bad games. Nobody would like a bad game. Gaming has "evolved", if you will. Super Mario Bros 3 is a good game, yeah, anyone who has played it who is above the age of 12 can't dispute that. But just because people like games that aren't Mario Bros 3, it isn't a bad thing.
  12. So I went through your youtube account and I found this piece of art If you were to expand your wing cap/starman theme into something fuller, well that would be amazing. Your Bob-Omb Battlefield arrangement is equally amazing though
  13. yeah i ended up not reading them eventually (im still not done with the album, im halfway through) call me odd but i totally got a dark side of the moon vibe from certain parts of the album. and one thing i love about dsotm is that you can technically take some of the trippier songs on that album and interpret it in your own fashion. there's an official interpretation for each track, but it's interesting to read and hear what people think each track and the ordering of the album was supposed to convey. but that's just me. im probably the only one who was reminded of dark side.
  14. im on the first song so far, and damn, man. as someone said somewhere else, um, this is good.final impressions will come in approximately one hour edit: holy wow animal counterpoint. this album is making me dislike many previous ocr albums i was mostly indifferent to. hell this album is defining what an album really should be. wow minor grips so far: threshold of a dream should've been first i dont think prophetik should've put up descriptions for each tracks. personally i would've just laid the track out to the listener and let them think of it for themselves. but that's just me.
  15. Yeah it's probably something else. It's probably just straight up metal. All I know is a lot of the ocr albums have some of the big name tracks done in this one specific style (that involves imo an excessive use of guitar) and it always bothers me.but i digress (good word)
  16. sounds like a negative review to me all im really expecting is an album that is chill and doesn't have your typical ocr album synth rock tracks all over the place. i kind of doubt i can be displeased based upon that. i guess we'll see.
  17. omg no technically im busy too, just being that im not married or even in college i have the ability to procrastinate and not do anything and only sort of regret it later
  18. omg yes (i actually am pretty excited, since it's pretty much guaranteed to deliver)
  19. it is not my intention to be ill-mannered, sir, but is it still on for this week or is it just in the month of december now?
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