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  1. what about voodoo and all that stuff.
  2. as a very impressionable theist i always thought atheists were supposed to be extremely intelligent and logically sound, hence why they always put themselves far above the silly god-worshipping crowd what happened jack
  3. I think the reason why your girlfriend said that is because she doesn't particularly care and wants you to stop pursuing pointless endeavours that don't accomplish anything.
  4. dude calm down its just a video game etc etc
  5. Yeah I was gonna say. Better than packattack? Unlikely.
  6. The biggest mystery lies in...the user score Because why is it so high? Why is it that people I know in real life don't like it, yet the "user score" is high? Did someone make a bunch of accounts to boost it up? It's possible. Have we all just been coincidentally exposed to the people who hated it? Possible. Are the ones who enjoyed it too shy to speak up? Maybe. Or maybe the people who like it are the ones who don't forum. I haven't played the game myself. Naturally I can't judge. But it's just interesting how, not just on the internet, there are people who will got at length to explain to you why it sucks, and yet on a survey (user score), most people loved it. I thought it's supposed to go the other way around, the survey number is low because only those who hated it would bother to take the survey, while most people who you ask about it would enjoy it. Statistics class fails again. tl;dr we might as well be debating abortion.
  7. alright here's how it is. both zircon and phoenix are right (actually i havent read any of zircon's posts they're not emotional enough) They're both right, I'm guessing, based upon the sides of the argument that they represent. The critics loved it, yes, and the user score is pretty high too, as well. However, the whole thing with people returning the game and the price dropping really fast clearly means something. As you guys might remember, FF13 sold shit tons the day it came out in Japan. If many people shortly thereafter sold the game, then it's not like Squeenix lost any money from that, a sold unit is a sold unit (Unless they had to recall it, which they didn't, therefore irrelevant). But it does represent consumer dissatisfaction. So yeah the critics loved it, but there's a reason why many of us hear people complain about the game, and it's not just because fans are a bunch of whiny bastards. And really anything could be used to explain the high critic score, maybe they appreciate non-absolute shit games more than we do. Or maybe they were "bought off". Or maybe they're otakus. Or maybe. With the user score though, think about how much effort it takes to make an account and then vote on something. I actually think there'd be less of an incentive to make one as a person who hated the game versus someone who loved it.
  8. cloud protected his left shoulder.
  9. but the main character didn't even die!!!
  10. forgot about this: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/180111 total ear candy right there
  11. I approve of this post. Maxie is awesome. And I'm pretty sure Duane and Brando broke up.
  12. calm down guys its gonna be ok
  13. the japanrse loooove ff4. i dont get why. maybe because i've never played it. but seriously they teach music from that game at school in japan. that's kind of hardcore.
  14. it may come down to taste, but...too much of anything can kill its awesomeness. when cloud first omnislashed, im sure those of us who were 6 or 7 when that game came out were like "whoa awsum". but now that essentially every character can omnislash it's not cool. i found the fight scenes in advent children to be completely boring. like, two or three soldiers in the original.but yeah that last line pretty much sums up video game/literature related arguments in general. i could care less if someone thought my favoritest vidya game was shits (see: sonic 3), i just want to hear someone else's opinion.
  15. No but seriously, I don't think I've seen anyone say anything nice about square in years.
  16. wait what the i think he's talking more about stuff like zack getting killed by an entire army and all the high flying azn fighting in advent children. it's dumb.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheNintendoCode#p/u/8/ed2gxV6Shbo he has a good selection of remixes from lesser known mixers. i dont think any of them are groundbreaking, but they're definitely fun.
  18. i've finally purged the sound diddy makes when he dies from my memory (well i had until i started writing this post, fuck).
  19. ya i have a feeling we're going to see a redesign sometime soon.
  20. first remix i ever heard was fleeting ecstasy. it was aural goodness. good to see mr. briggs has grown musically though since then. it's not much like his old works, i think, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. bottomline is its still awesome anyway it was good i likd it
  21. really with the 3ds it seems like it would be wisest to wait the next couple years for the obligatory redesign. by then glasses-less 3d will be more refined, the price will have gone down, and yeah maybe they'll get a better battery. not to mention there'll be a ton of good games on the market by that point.
  22. yeah i dont mean to bandwagon but the cover is seriously beautiful. also nice touch with the japanese writing, i imagine chiptunes are far more popular in the east than the west.
  23. i feel like the sofa market is stagnating a little bit. there hasn't been much innovation in that sector in years.
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