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  1. I don't see why they wouldn't just put both track lists up and let people pick and choose which ones they want to do. It could be a 'double cd' type fair. anyway enough of that the boss fight in labyrinth zone was a bitch wasnt it
  2. OH NUTSACK THIS IS COMING OUT TODAY? best present ever omg <33
  3. the chance of anyone actually doing this for you is similar to that of catching a legendary pokemon at full health
  4. this is a serious matter i do not appreciate your trolling ok that is dddooope
  5. i dont get the love for senoue anyway. he didn't even do the music for the original sonics (sonic 3 was a ton of people so that doesn't count), meaning that he's been doing all of the garbage punky tracks we've been hearing since, frankly, adventure 1. sonic colors to me is a total surprise. i didn't know he was capable of that. anyway my guess is that senoue probably knew sonic 4 was going to bomb so he put more of his effort into colors.
  6. I don't watch a ton of anime, to be honest. BUT, one thing that drives me absolutely NUTS is how in Japan, "..." translates to "NNGHHHH". I'm pretty sure "..." means for you to just be quiet for a moment and attempt to be poignant i mean gosh is it really that hard. No but seriously, I wonder if in Japan whenever someone is like "Dude, [some person] died" the person being spoken to starts convulsing and makes weird grunting noises.
  7. Ok but how was anyone supposed to know that he took a midi from vgmusic with the sole intent to use it as mixing practice? He didn't mention it, in fact he even says "This might just be the one that makes it..." in the first post. Something tells me he was trying to sell this as being his own work. The majority of us can't read minds, so I would think he would have the sense to at least tell us that he's not trying to get posted and is only messing around
  8. so i was in the living room doin something when my computer turned on and rhumba rumble started playing (my laptop had run out of juice and i was recharging it). it was at that very moment that i realized it was the greatest ringtone evur (my review? the entire album kicks ass, but it definitely had to grow on me, initially i only liked a few tracks. the only song i dont like is the remix of the map screen, mostly because i expected it to be godly because the source is that in itself)
  9. first boss music ^^is this some kind of sick joke
  10. You guys pretty much brought it up already, but what I mean is the variety of locales and the general charm. DKC2 was 'darker', but it was still charming at the same time. DKC1 was jungles, and caves, and factories. Plus I hated using DK...It'll still be a good game, I just don't know if it'll top DKC2. And I'm not some nostalgia noob, I played the DKC games for the first time a couple years ago, I had to force myself to beat the first one, and I didn't bother with the third.
  11. I don't remember where I heard this, but I vaguely remember Uematsu saying that Assault of the White Dragons is one of his favorite tracks... I honestly don't remember where I heard it though. It's funny that it's unclaimed, but then again I don't know how you'd remix it aside from sup0r epic guitars and that might end up being a little generic i ramble
  12. I hope it's more like DKC2 than the original. I didn't like the first one at all, but it definitely looks like it share a lot more in common with that one.
  13. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was actually the first game I've enjoyed from Nintendo since...maybe Metroid Prime 2. I didn't like the original all that much.
  14. aw nuts i had to login just to reply to this While I do agree that Nintendo's games just haven't really been all that appealing as of late, people have been saying that since pretty much the N64. Most consider the Cube to be a flop, and for the longest time I heard people say that the library was mostly garbage. What's funny is that they said the same thing when the 64 was still in the market. Anyway my point was that, uh, who does it better than Nintendo, honestly? I don't mean to be a fanboy, but who radically changes up every single game they make so that none are the same and they're all an entirely different experience? No one does. I guess Team ICO does, but how many games have they made? Nintendo does pretty well with their series in comparison to most other developers out there. Look at Black Ops, some reviewers are saying that there aren't really any changes. I'm sure you already know that from an economic standpoint Nintendo really should just churn out Twilight Princess styled OoT ripoffs and sell them because people eat that shit up. So I won't mention it. But from a quality point of view, Nintendo has consistently done pretty good with their franchises. I don't really get what you're complaining about, each series only has maybe one bad apple. Mario has Sunshine, Zelda is stale in general, and Metroid now has Other M.
  15. One of the best things to be posted on the front page in awhile. Really nice.
  16. call me crazy but i like the original ending better (i would totally sing with y'all but my mic is awful. so mr. spakku will have to muster the cajones to perfect this work of art).
  17. if you wanna be 'authentic' you might want to change your channel name/make a new one
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