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  1. edit: damnit why do i always misread bleck's posts hes like a wizard or somethin
  2. I disagree. I've gotten a few of my videos over 10k views based off of their merits alone versus paying Youtube to shove my videos into people's faces. I don't mean to be a dick but I kind of vaguely know what I'm talking about. Lots of people skip over videos with few views. You can't watch everything, so you might as well go with the videos with the most views and hope they're good enough.
  3. In general my videos will takes a few months to get to 1k, and then after that the amount of views I get per day more or less double. It's not a spike but it's an improvement. 1k views makes your video "established". Less than that gives off the impression that your vid is new. It depends on what "scene" you're part of. Video responses are really your best bet. Timing is a large factor too...
  4. once you hit 1k you're golden. just saying. getting to that point can be hard though.
  5. What I'm hoping for: Every other miniboss to be a variation of stalfos GirlyVaati to be some random villain who only sort of resembles vaati and who doesn't really have any solid motivation. Tons of puzzles where I have to spin around this block I found so that it fits into a slot. Most enemies to require me to cut them horizontally or vertically with really big lines on their bodies to help me choose. A Zelda that stays very true to the OoT formula and doesn't try anything new. heres hoping
  6. is it possible. cause that would be fantastic if it was.
  7. i have no idea what any of you are saying i guess that makes me a bad mixer
  8. Too Afraid to Love You - The Black Keys theyre awesome
  9. why is the wolf at the top of the huge picture since when are wolves godly oh and would someone like to explain to me what's so great about oot's soundtrack? i never really understood that. for me it's one of those games where it's amazing background music, but i cant listen to it on its own. i just wanna know what the appeal is. Maybe they should give it to the guy who did the ds zeldasoh wait
  10. Well I guess if you're this good a musician you have a bit of a right to be cocky as all hell (Referring to the music composition whatsit board). Noice.
  11. YES I don't mind the bells. To me high pitched bells are almost like a trademark of sonic remixes. Specially on Youtube. Yeah that's a terrible argument for keeping them, but I didn't think they were really grating. The ending should be fixed though, I don't like it at all. Also it's pretty short.
  12. is this dj velly the same as the amazing dj veli on youtube? i mean the names are pretty similar.
  13. youtube isn't really a fair example. go to any video that has a black person in it, that has more than 10k views, and you'll probably see a bunch of racist comments being posted. kids are immature. kids use youtube. no huge surprise there.
  14. they did it for japan 20 bucks there isnt a minigame where you have to put the 'mote between your legs and the other person has to gently caress it. because that's dirty
  15. i like it when people do crazy stuff with their synths. you did crazy stuff with your synths. automatic stamp of dopeness. seriously this is awesome. i love how every year there's always new blood and new talents in the wip board who go from relative mediocrity to total star status. i love ocremix so much, not necessarily for the posted mixes but more so for what the site can do for a person, you judge gents have no idea what you've created here. it's like the proverbial "american dream" except actually real and in internet form. *tear*
  16. Majora's Mask changed my life. damn good game hruff how could you not like it hrgh But, anyway yeah it would be dope if a western studio tried doing a zelda game. Will it happen? Nope. So there's really no reason to be saying "But then the fans will be pissed!" Because, it's not going to happen. It'd be cool but I don't think anyone in here expects anything to come out of their wishing. I feel kind of alienated by the over japanification of some classic series that used to be pretty unicultural. It seems like after TWW they just couldn't go back to not being super kawaii. I enjoy Wind Waker and still do for what it is, but seriously, TP? That game was terrible. Even Super Mario Galaxy was more "mature" and "edgy" than that game was. It's like, they couldn't not make the game adorable. I can agree that the handheld zeldas have been crappy since the original gameboy, mostly because I haven't really felt any need to get them so naturally I don't like them. But the console games were pretty good. A Link to the Past would be a better game than OoT if they did a 3d remake, that's true. But OoT, MM and TWW were all pretty awesome games, just not nearly as epic in scope as ALttP. But that's really just opinion.
  17. I made a (rather short and technically unfinished) rap beat in probably 4 or 5 hours. That's pretty much the only non-solo piano piece I've ever finished. My biggest issue is that once I get something that hey actually sounds kind of cool, I just listen to it and revel in my luckiness and before I know it I hate the damn thing and it's been a week and a half and I have no idea what I was originally writing and then my computer freezes and I lose the track. Fun.
  18. well damn, this thread is filled with apparent music nubs and people with hugely overinflated egos (woohoo i got posted on ocremix clearly i am ubermusician) i liked zircon's post and the post he quoted. they seemed logical. also the mono idea makes sense.
  19. over the past year ive spent maybe a hundred dollars. i rarely ever buy anything.also yes i do derp
  20. Yeah, I know, I've been using FL for maybe two years now. I'm kind of decent with it. My biggest problem is that I'm a kid (Well, 17 is a kid by my standards), and I'm jobless. And I need to worry about money for college. So yeah, buying FL Studio is a pretty low priority now that I realized that exporting to midi is almost as good as being able to save.
  21. I know, I was talking to Mr. Yamori (Whose Genesis remakes on Youtube are pretty amazing).
  22. My biggest issue, aside from the fact that I make music with a laptop, is that...uh, I use the demo version of FL Studio. I haven't bought the actual thing, and I'm too big of a noob to pirate anything. So, I don't think there'd be any purpose in installing all those vstis or whatever them things are called. so that's why im looking for a soundfont. thanks for the link, btw.
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