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  1. She was far prettier in black hair.
  2. Yeah, Schala's Theme for sure.
  3. I even like Rock VGM tracks, but I truly enjoyed this one. Congrats!!!
  4. Hi Feather, good to see you again.
  5. Chrono Trigger is 15, he is 22, so it's almost the same age. Well, I guess it is cool.
  6. I saw your last post, it is about a month ago. :-(

  7. All songs SF2 song are great. I'll pick just one for the best OK. Congrats.
  8. What do you think about composing with just 16th notes? Personally it reminds me a lot my young days messing around with MIDI files.
  9. I found it cool. Except of the fact that I incresed the pattern length and it didn't work, and when you hit the piano roll it makes no sound, everything is cool. I didn't tested the devices, I hoped that I could find some project on the internet to do this for me. But since it support VSTs as you said it not configure a problem at all.
  10. I like it a lot. By now I am a little bit confused, it is almost the same feeling that I had when I opened Blender for the first time. It seems like you will not learn a thing from it, let's wait some more. I found the interface pretty awesome, simple and clean, something like every free / open software should be. Nice addition.
  11. If you already take into consideration what AMT said, which is much of what I think and more, I just wanna add a few points: - if I was you I will choose other instrument for the lead, or maybe drop many effects on it, like a flanger and much more reverb. - you should use some higher notes on your song, it is not the first time I feel bad cause you just take the middle way. - maybe an automation at some point will be of great value too. Let's see how it will sound after you work on these thing we pointed, then came back so we can see how our trance track is sounding.
  12. I am also down for it. It's one of the best SNES soundtracks and truly deserves attention.
  13. I wonder how much Katamari Damacy composers are envying you at this very moment.
  14. You release a track way fast bro, nice to the community. Since this is a WIP forum, let's go to work: - You can play hats far later in your song. An early appearence threw them in first plane for too long. - Why don't you raise an octave at 0:27 or any other place. The last note on the arpeggio deserves some raising too. - I didn't see what call that big silence. Now everything is related to after 2:38 - I can't hear that wind sound there (bad speakers that I have here) but if it was there, just drop it and place any other instrument and filter it throughout those bars. - I really miss bass frequencies. - Both points above can be taken together. - I don't wanna be negative here but in my point of view now you have some mastering issues. I wish someone could appear to endorse or not what I am telling you. I am not expert. If you wanna work professionaly this is what I had to tell you, I enjoyed the track, even with those issues I pointed. Plus you can work greatly the creative side of this song, I just don't know if is this what you want, cause its already sound like those military march to victory. I didn't know this guy. It is not a shame at all, Wikipedia doesn't know him too. I listened his tracks on youtube. This one is insane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04rdkseCY7A (wow, almost an hour to review your song, I am asshole)
  15. I never heard of ABP either, but for L.A. Noire I can't say the same, indeed I got scared when I saw the date of its first trailer in gametrailers. I problably saw it there: http://www.gametrailers.com/game/l-a-noire/3244 If it is true and they still making it seems that will be a great game.
  16. You meant downtempo as a genre, now I see. Sorry, bro. I can't see you getting any good in this territory. Are you kidding me? Hehehe. We can work on this later.
  17. http://www.digitalbattle.com/2010/02/20/top-10-most-expensive-video-games-budgets-ever/ Discuss.
  18. I don't get it why you emphasize it is a downtempo track. For me it is a normal tempo and you composed the way it sounded better for what you had in mind. I have no critiques for your track, I could say it was composed for a very specific occasion, but I think of you already figure it out. So fine, it's done. I am under the impression that I need to follow you closely bro. You play a very consistent style. Why don't you try to release a album, I just say that you need to be homogeneous throughout your whole work, keeping the same style. I think it will gonna be an amazing work!!!
  19. I've been listening your track those days, since you didn't tag your file I need to came back here to get your name. You made a good rearrangement out of the original, I got your mix cause I liked it much, but I didn't compare it to the original, and now I made it. This blend of eletronic instruments playing a very swinged song it's something very amazing to hear. Congrats! You didn't post but I find the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyPH6Qlp-u0 What is the genre of the original track? Is it Salsa, don't? The funny thing about this song and some others that I listened is the composer even need to be much innovative, I mean, he just needs to play simple and he gets the song.
  20. Hi Darke, I ask cause I didn't see them at the first page. There is a way of you make it clear, like post here or something.
  21. Strangely, you get no responses till now. This community never stops to amuse me. Your song is really amazing on the production side making the six minutes length very worth. I feel it it is a rare case for this genre. Congrats.
  22. Despite of all judge hate now I can ask fairy judgement, I mean, fair judgement. Go females on board and congrat DA. First post on the thread and he came up with sorrows. Nobody deserves this Fishy.
  23. Sorry bro, sometimes I very bad at technical language , I will try to make myself clearer this time. I feel yourself very confident about what are you doing in the mix, it's a good thing. Are you aiming for submitting it? I can driven myself better for this purpose if you aiming at so. This is why you need to work on layer others instruments on it. By the way your song sounded empty cause it is so downtempo, I mean, if you note the original mix it don't have many instruments either, and it sound completed musically speaking cause it is more upbeat, plus it has many drum breaks I speak of in other items. Correct if I am wrong. I use the definition beat-bar. Your song is 4/4 or four beats per bar. You use claps this way 1-1-1-2 through your song. I tried to mean it was better if you use 1-0-1-0 and others structures for drum breaks. Or maybe a little more conservative than agressive with the claps.I think we can understand each other this way. Not too sure of what you mean here. The main melody?I can call it main melody on the original, that funky bass sound predominant through the mix. In your song is the one that play at the start.Guy, I listen your song at home and this space pad made your song one of the loudest I have in my computer. It is an option, ok, but just remember you need room for others instruments either. Even if you don't use them to break section, I strongly recommend you use a few drum changes in your mix, above all if you wanna submit it to OCR. A good way to incorporate them is listen the melody carefully, it always leave some good spaces you can fullfill it with a couple drum changes. The whole process is sometimes boring and it passes through experimentation roughly. Good luck.
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