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  1. It's a good track for a break in the meanwhile.
  2. Esker

    Tron Legacy

    I found no energy on those CD battles, maybe it's a misconception of mine. The first Tron rules better at this aspect.
  3. I think after three generations of gaming you should be bored somehow. Stop playing games.
  4. Super Mario 3. Sometimes NES songs ain't sound that bad.
  5. It heavily depends on your music composition skills, programming is time consuming, you can do no miracle.
  6. God of War 3 music is disappointing to me.
  7. There's a missing flag in Jerusalem. Assassin's Creed. Some Templar buried the flag.
  8. Shadow Hearts. After a few days playing I figured out the last boss (or its legion, I confess I don't remember much) are over powerful for my standard party. I gave up and never saw its ending and now this is funny somehow.
  9. Three hundred posts.

  10. You're in the right place. People make sound here too.
  11. I didn't knew it came out. Let me check out some videos to see if they brought new effects, new atmosphere to the game. Good news.
  12. Team ICO wants you to buy their games again. I played both titles real fast, maybe having them both will be a better entertainment.
  13. Every game borrowed should be returned in a week or two.
  14. You can climb any building in the city. (Assassin's Creed) Ramdomly generated levels bring you many gameplay hours. (Disgaea 3) Colors make a lot of diference. (The Saboteur)
  15. English in a broad sense. Enemies are always one step away of attacking you. You will never good admire the same landscape for the second time.
  16. King Allant is the only one who decreases your level actually.
  17. It's the first hack and slash I played over three times since my memory doesn't fail. Needless to say I like it. It's been a long time a non-blockbuster impresses me heavily.
  18. You deserve a visitor message. Cortesy of a friend of yours.

  19. Come on, I saw a picture of you at "Pics of Yourself" and you're a sis. Hahahaha.

    I need to visit these forums more often. :)

  20. Medal of Honor. First Thought.
  21. Which was the song I was supposed to hear?
  22. Yeah man, check this out. It seems pretty hot to me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0-CdEtz5js
  23. Happy birththhthchthday!!!
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