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  1. As a non-musician that try music production sometimes I can say that what you said is VERY reasonable. I don't know how those things works for musician.
  2. It needs drums section, they will give structure to your song.
  3. A remix of this song is really welcome.
  4. Save me (OCR Edit) by SGX http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01056/
  5. I am here to vote. The last competition was amazing.
  6. Welcome new judges. Good luck on you!
  7. I usually give less importance for digital files, so physical CDs is sometimes better.
  8. Esker


    I knew it is a beautiful but I never imagine it has good music too.
  9. I'm gonna check out google. If you don't mind to get it worse.
  10. Well, a lot of discussion while I'm out. Sadly I forgot to mention a very important information. I wanna take the clean avenue. Suposing I am using reason which is the lightest DAW to use and I have a keyboard to connect to a USB port with which PC configuration I start to bring music to life?
  11. My opinion is that people usually gave up on copyright and if they decided to publish, it is copyrighted.
  12. Which is the most basic configuration a PC need for connect a keyboard, using a good DAW and ending up with a good song for nowadays standards?
  13. I wanna see what is accidental in musical terms.
  14. It's just an unfinished .mid file. Those doubts I described is for every song I composed and when I got something more "musical" I can't explain how I got it. It will be kinda unfair if I post that song I mentioned here. Anyway I hope with what I get so far I can make a better song and then I post it here, after I migrate it my DAW and things like this. @neblix Thanks for all explanation.
  15. I am totally noob. I can help you with this guide.
  16. I am very satisfied on how it sounds till now.
  17. It's still confusing me these questions. I read here once that layering many instruments in the song will cause some trouble, so let's say I use just the four guys that article recomend which I already did and I still have an empty song. I confess a little lack on the chord progression side but I really don't feel like it's just this the main problem. So the basic doubt remains.
  18. Full sounding music is exactly what I meant. I just thought time tricks could help me a lot. Am I right?
  19. I'm currently working on a new composition, I was following my general workflow with no trouble at all and then I realized that the melody will sound better if I raised the tempo a little bit, and implying I don't want to clip or prejudice the drum programming I already made. So... even I did all the stuff, the song is still kinda empty, I could possibly overlay patterns but it is not this what I want to. Now the questions, it's nice to write things in a lower tempo or there's a way to perceive it will sound good when I put the song at the tempo I first intended. Thanks for reading.
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