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  1. That's why I organize my music only using eight broad genres: Pop Rock Rap Electronic Folk (incl. Jazz/Blues) Classical Indie Indie Pop
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV2d8OpdTfw This is molto's life now.
  3. Eulogic


    I don't look at timestamps. I assume all posts were made two seconds before I respond to them. Also, jimmy is a pretty good guy if you get past his tongue-in-cheek style.
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    I don't think you're thinking of molto. He moved in with his girlfriend in Michigan (or somewhere around there) about a year ago and is pretty much never online anymore. Also, the closest molto ever got to trolling anyone was making snide comments about them on IRC.
  5. It was probably me. I've complained about pretty much everything.
  6. Maaaan, I was really hoping for Athenian philospher Batman or Roman Batman, working with a straight member of the largely corrupt Praetorian guard to bring down criminals.
  7. to be fair, they never even really tried to pretend like he was actually dead this time
  8. http://kotaku.com/5466549/nippon-ichi-software-this-cant-be-good-part-ii Oh wait, you're looking for good games, not depressing news.
  9. So because a sequel uses the same engine as an earlier game, it is basically a mod? That's more absurd than the L4D2 thing.
  10. I don't like Oblivion, but liked Fallout 3. I haven't played any other Fallouts (but I did play Arcanum, which, as I understand it, is similar).
  11. I wonder how much they'll carry over from Fallout 3 gameplay-wise. I'm not gonna lie--I think a large part of the reason I liked 3 as much as I did was because it was set in DC.
  12. I mean, it's a fine map to have on the server where, if someone really wants to play it, they can RTV to it. It just doesn't seem like a popular enough map to have on the regular rotation.
  13. Atmuh is certainly a jerk and takes a view of this game that most people here (including me) don't care about. At the same time, however, you have to acknowledge that "the server doesn't empty out right away all the time" is a really weak argument. Even if it is not 100% of the time, the map still clears out the server pretty reliably (even more so than 2fort and Turbine, which I also don't like, but are undeniably more popular than Panic). Whatever. It's not my server. Do what you want.
  14. This thread is vicious. Why is everyone so mean to each other?
  15. By the time most of those conditions roll around, I'm done with the map anyway. Votescramble at the first sign of imbalance. It's not like teams are meant to be long-lasting anyway.
  16. very little on the internet is funny but it sure is repeated a lot!!!
  17. i votescramble pretty much every round regardless of who is winning or whether or not it is balanced
  18. In any situation where KotH is good (such as with fewer players), arena is better.
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