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  1. In undergrad, I usually got 10-12 hours of sleep a night (more on weekends) unless I had a paper due the next day, in which case I'd pull an all-nighter. Classes were easier than in high school and I never did any homework. Hell, I discovered OCR my freshman year just because I had so much free time that I could spend hours and hours every day just browsing the Internet. Grad school, on the other hand, was a bitch.
  2. It's pretty likely that I'll be able to come, as I am currently located in the STL.
  3. Since middle school, I've always said that I'm invulnerable until I'm 25. I never worried about car accidents (I've been in two in which the cars were totaled and come out unscathed) or terrorist bombings (lived in Washington, DC, for the four years after 9/11) or pandemics (swineflulol), etc., because I just couldn't be harmed or killed until May 13, 2009. Today, I am 25 years old.
  4. Sleep paralysis is so cool. It happened to me freshman year of college once and I was terrified. So after I snapped out of it, I tried to put myself back into it and was able to. When you do it knowingly, it becomes less scary and more awesome. I am unfortunately not able to do it at will.
  5. Wario Ware: Pyoro EDIT: Stupid gifs not allowing partial transparency. Worse version without white pixels: Ugh, I guess I'll work on it some more. These are all horrible. What is wrong with the original? Who cares about white pixels? Actually, the more worse ones I make, the better the second one looks. It's not so bad, is it? If someone is legitimately good at this sort of thing, here is the original, unshrunk png: LT: Unlike what FR said below, the white-ish pixels of the 1st one were fine, because the images are on an off-white background and are colored that way in order to smooth the re-sized image. Stray pixels are bad, but not stuff for smoothing. So this one is good. Can you lemme know which specific WarioWare game that art is from?
  6. http://www.last.fm/music/Eulogic
  7. alas, was it the existence of google that gave me away?
  8. AVangelion Geon Nenesis? AVG Norton? AVeraGe Noob? Aqua Veen Gunger Norce?
  9. Also, they should add alternate models for each race. Horde Orc - Brown Orc (Mag'har skin) Troll - Buff Troll (Amani skin) UD - Undead Elf (Dar'Khan skin) Tauren - Taunka BE - Wretched Alliance Human - Half-elf (possibly a polished version of the pre-BC elf skin) Dwarf - Frostborn Gnome - Mechagnome -- as seen in that one Icecrown quest, they seem to have some self-awareness NE - Antlers (Malfurion style) Draenei - Broken It wouldn't require too much effort, as most of the models/skins are already in the game (though they'd have to add alternate faces and a lot of female skins), and they'd make a ton of money on the paid character changes.
  10. dialect lol ur prob bein sarcastic but i sure dont care!
  11. dickhead-pokedex thx molto also unoriginal idea i wish you hadn't stopped me from navigating away after the first sentence!
  12. Blackbog's Sharp? I want to make a poisonmancer every time I get that thing.
  13. Next patch, they're changing the mounts from the Argent Tourney to make them cooler looking and making the old mounts available for 5 seals and 500g. I wish they'd make the 100 seal ones flying mounts exclusive to each race to actually make it worth the cost. You could have something like: Horde Orc - Stonetalon Wyvern Troll - Zangarmarsh Wasp UD - Bat Tauren - Wind Serpent BE - Bird of Paradise Alliance Human - Dalaran Supersweeper (like a fancier, permanent Halloween broomstick) Dwarf - Wildhammer Gryphon Gnome - Personal Transporter (like a floating Segway) NE - Owl Draenei - Outland Chimaera It took forever to think of something for humans, and I'm still not really happy with it. What a flavorless race. I'm also not sure how the tauren will ride puny little wind serpents. I thought about giving them chimaeras (the brown Azeroth kind) first, but I figured that they were NE units in WC3, so they should stay with the Alliance, and, as the Draenei are closest to the NE and also from Draenor, the Outland variety of chimaera clicks pretty well. Speculation is awesome and totally useful. I'm having a lot of fun playing the WoW in my head.
  14. hosiery mill used to be a big deal, actually sweetwater used to be a pretty major train stop because of it
  15. Blizzard's seeming refusal to nerf sorcs almost makes me want to roll another Meteorb. The two things stopping me are how annoying it is to level them up and how two-minute Meph runs would consume my life. Actually, boss runs in general are probably what is going to stop me from joining in on this altogether. We'll see.
  16. I'll probably be running a skelly(/CE) necro too, just because I don't know what other Necro builds are viable for PvM. I ran a good iron golemancer a long time ago, but that was an entirely different game. I could clear Hell cows nearly as fast as javazons and sorcs though.
  17. The leveling group is for actual main playing characters, not MF sorcs or anything like that, right? I think I'll make a thornadin just for funsies. EDIT: Nah, I love necros too much.
  18. heh farragut... has turkey creek completely taken it over yet? how old are you anyway?
  19. Knoxville has lots of cool spots. You just have to know where they are. And the weather is really nice. And East Tennessee is beautiful.
  20. trashville's got nothing on roxville radanooga comes close though
  21. I vote St. Louis as I live there and doubt I'll be able to get out to Chicago, but defending it against Chicago is fairly difficult.
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