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  1. By some strange coincidence, one of my best friends is having his bachelor party in Vegas on the weekend of August 7. If the meetup is, in fact, held at this time, it's potentially possible that I will run into some of you, but I doubt I will make it a point to meet you guys, given the whole bachelor party thing. No offense. Then again, there are quite a few names on that list that I wouldn't mind meeting, maybe just for lunch or a drink some day. Put me down as a maybe, I guess. EDIT: Oh wait, nevermind. The WEDDING is on August 7 in DC. The bachelor party in Vegas is in late June. I definitely won't be at the meetup.
  2. arena is better with fewer people so i don't mind everyone leaving when it pops up drop panic though and every ctf map
  3. But at the point where a bodyshot kill will get you more points than a headshot, it's not really a very good system.
  4. jimmy still needs a reserve slot please his current name is jerrybean
  5. I liked Diablo 1 when it came out, but it doesn't hold up at all. I still like D2, which is still miles and piles above Torchlight. Start with D2, take away half the classes, the majority of skill choices and interesting builds, and open spaces, and you'll end up with Torchlight. The only improvements in Torchlight over Diablo 2 are better graphics (hardly an achievement when 10 years have passed since D2) and the ability to pick up gold simply by moving over it. Torchlight is still a fun game, but, whenever I play it, I immediately get the strong desire to quit and open Diablo 2 instead.
  6. We did a relatively successful campaign at unmod.org using MapTool and Skype. I'd be interested in playing if this thing takes off.
  7. agreed. exactly what was needed after the whinefest that was 2.
  8. no you are incorrect and you can do that more effectively with the minigun anyway heavy isnt supposed to kill sniper from afar, just survive long enough to get close (same with most classes, for that matter) using shotgun allows heavy to kill people in an area with snipers without laying over and saying "HEY SNIPER I AM BARELY MOVING KILL ME NOW"
  9. this is not true i tried to play with him but atmuh just sits on idle server all day they say snipers are more dangerous for a heavy wielding a minigun this does not mean that a shotgun-wielding heavy can kill a sniper from afar, it means that a shotgun-wielding heavy is less likely to be hangin around shooting his minigun, making him a sitting duck for snipers given that we play on a (usually) extremely casual server, i don't see the reason for the change. crits are almost always on anyway, which is a far bigger random factor. i like randomness because i am not good but still like killing people.
  10. i don't think i've ever actually played ctf_well sawmill is really bad, 2fort and turbine are both pretty bad, and i still like doublecross, though that might just be because i haven't played it enough to hate it yet.
  11. i could do without turbine, 2fort, sawmill, and any of the custom maps. egypt can stay or go. i think the appearance of it bugs me more than any actual play issues. oh, and i still hate gravelpit, but i think i am the only one, so ignore me i guess.
  12. I'm not really a fan of either unofficial map in the rotation now, and it doesn't help that they tend to run a bit worse than the official maps.
  13. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=12559753&postcount=317
  14. this should be the case otherwise it is really frustrating but it should be close
  15. valve hates engis :c hopefully the sticky upgrade will be a gun that, when it shoots, automatically attaches stickies to the opponent's spawn door
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