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  1. steam is awful and i could do without it audiosurf was ok but it gets old fast and fortunately i played in the beta so it got old for me before it ever got released and i never had to buy it tf2 is probably the current most overrated game
  2. Dammit, I had a good one, but I forgot it. Ugh, screw it. I'll go with another Mario one (take that Xelebes even though your suggested topic is actually better than mine!). MARIO CARTHAGE HI I'M DIDO!
  3. ok fine here is my revised submission
  4. i drew it, just not with conventional tools. it's pop art. you wouldn't get it.
  5. heh guy who missed the joke also musical taste is really important guys. i am gonna argue about it!!!
  6. my brother and i played zelda with our dad and we had a giant piece of grid paper that we used to map out the overworld and all of its secrets basically, we constructed our own guide
  7. all songs are good yami you just haven't listened to them enough
  8. My site has video game remixes and also a forum. In the forum on my site, people can discuss video games, music, and other things as well.
  9. I think the issue was more that it says June 27-28 in the title, while people actually met up on the 26th. As Moseph said.
  10. I can't come tonight. Friday is D&D night. I probably can't come tomorrow either. My fiancée is getting in after being in DC for a week. Sunday should be good though.
  11. Wait, are we meeting today or tomorrow?
  12. man, i hate driving around downtown, but i guess there's no way around it
  13. budweiser tour is only worth it if everyone's over 21 (and even then, it's not all that exciting)
  14. Wrong forum. n.b. This thread was posted in Off Topic for those who are confused after it is moved.
  15. the first post made it seem like basic will not be available in america in any form
  16. I can't imagine why I would want something more than Premium or how I could get by with something less. If I upgrade to Windows 7 at all, that is.
  17. I've been engaged for a while now to be married October 17th. We've been together for 7 years now (since high school), so for longer than I've been on OCR. Or known almost everyone I interact with regularly. As a general rule, however, I don't like married people.
  18. Given that it was almost a week away from the meetup date and this thread was almost on page 3 (with less than a page of posts), I'd say this meetup date likely needs to be changed to be successful. There is an UnMod Kansas City meetup the weekend of July 10, but I should hopefully be available any other weekend.
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