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  1. I just saw this and of course it reminded me of you :P.

  2. Hey, I must have missed the previous email for Rocket Hub backers since I only just realized that the Hegg was released - Playing now.

    Have one question though: Is there supposed to be background music, because I'm on level 9 and there hasn't been any so far. Glitch?

  3. Oh cool! Did you use a gypsy for A Fistful of Nickels as well?

  4. Hey, how's it going?

    I really like your guitar tone on Balance and Ruin and I was wondering if you'd be willing to give me some tips on recording/producing an acoustic. I've been trying to get a tone that I'm happy with for the last few days and nothing's really hit me yet.

    Thanks :),


  5. Cool! I'm sure you'll love it :).

    Mostly just don't worry too much about anything. There's so much stuff in the game that nearly everything is optional.

    The only tips I'd really give gameplay-wise are to return to your house every once in a while, (especially if you're having trouble finding quests) and to switch up your abilities sometimes; It's easy to overlook them at first, but equipping more of them will let you unlock better techniques.

    Story-wise, pay attention to what happens in every quest, especially the ones with familiar characters. They might seem disjointed at first, but quite a few of them will start to connect as you proceed through the game.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  6. Cool, looking forward to hearing it!

  7. Hey did you get my PM from a couple weeks ago? Just wondering if you're still in :).

  8. Hey, think you can PM me?

  9. Hey, think you can PM me?

  10. Hey man, I've been having trouble getting in touch with you. Think you could PM me?

  11. Ah, no actually I'm not, I just chose my name back when I was really into Nightwish. It's a very pretty word :).

  12. Hey, thanks for the critique :).

    I knew there were some problems with the parts you mentioned (among others), but it's really helpful to hear someone else's perspective.

    If I come back to the track I'll definitely try and make them sound better!

  13. Hey! Did the power go out again?

    Just wanted to say that it was great working with you even though my stupid email kind of screwed us over (I think there were like 3 you didn't get XD).

  14. Maybe, but not right now. I have too much other stuff to get done.

  15. Not sure what else I can do, I'm pretty much burned out on lyrics, unless there's something else you'd like me to do.

    Oh! But I said I'd help write those track descriptions. Sorry, I completely forgot! If those still need to be done I can lend a hand.

  16. Sorry, I don't use Facebook :(.

  17. Ahah yeah, makes sense (Maybe you should have made it more like...400 :P).

  18. Hey, not bad!

    Sounds like a good idea, just make sure to run it by me first :).

  19. Hey Amaterasu, I just came across some of your videos on youtube, and I was like "Hey, I know who that is!" :P

    Nice stuff :).

  20. Hey, nice track on Vampire variations :)

  21. Hi Sam, I really like your jazz arrangements, but I can't find any LSD stuff anywhere, other than the 2 OCR pieces. Is there somewhere I would be able to download Uptime, or other LSD stuff?



  22. Wow, it sounds pretty finished to me!

    Actually, I think I like it even more than the first 2 :).

  23. True. I looked at your profile just after I sent that XD

    I don't speak, but I'd love to learn!

  24. Haha, no problem, I was just a little confused XD

    You speak Finnish?

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