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  1. Just a note for all the mastering newbies, it is possible to have clipping in your track even if you put a limiter on the master. No, the sound level will never go above whatever you set the ceiling to, however it's still possible to clip a signal before it gets to the master track, in which case you will still be able to hear clipping. Really you need to make sure that none of the individual tracks are clipping before they get to the master, as well as any incoming signal if you are recording live instruments.
  2. Everyone likes something different. It's fine if you'd rather not listen to a certain genre, but that doesn't mean that it has no place here.
  3. Just finished up some last minute tweaks and submitted!
  4. I'm not allowed to say. Just thought it was funny because that lyric kept going through my head while I was there
  5. Just wanted to mention that I've been listening to Get the Candle for Fireballs a lot lately because "fuck you and fuck disney" is a pretty apt description of how I feel after having been an extra on a disney movie for the past week .
  6. This is something I noticed too, but I thought it was an intentional attempt to mimic the lyrics (falling and dying). I thought it was pretty cool actually .
  7. Free EZ Drummer lite: http://www.timespace.com/product/EZDLMR-120/6/ezdlmr/toontrack_ezdrummer_lite__music_radar_drum_expo_offer.html Just enter the code in red for a 100% discount.
  8. So Flying Dog Platform is lyrics central huh? Keep them coming guys! Edit: You need to make an "uncensored" version. Just imagining this is making me laugh.
  9. I really like Plug and Mix's Plate Reverb. I got it for free when they were doing their Facebook promotion. ...And it turns out they're still doing it. You can grab it or one of their other plugins for free if you like them on Facebook. http://www.plugandmix.com/nfr/
  10. So no-one will know which team member did the remixing? Or do we have to declare it when we submit?
  11. I actually have no idea who to vote for. If we had five slots I could probably do it but there are too many good tracks to choose just 3...
  12. I've totally thought about doing that too . I wouldn't though.
  13. For sure, that's who my response was directed at. Obviously people are going to have preferences, I just think it's a good idea to keep as open a mind as possible when it comes to music (...well and everything else ).
  14. Unfortunately. I would seriously urge people to try and enjoy new things instead of automatically dismissing something based on genre. Personally I'm not a big fan of hip hop, but I always give it a try if I hear it in one of these competitions (or anywhere, really) and I actually really like a lot of tracks, from OCR especially, that are in genres I don't usually care for. In fact I never say that I hate an entire music genre, because I seriously doubt that there you could find me a genre that I hate everything about.
  15. You can have parallel fifths. Parallel just means that there are multiple fifths, fourths, thirds, etc. in a row. By the way, there's nothing inherently wrong with Parallel fifths. Most of the time people will tell you not to use them if you're writing counterpoint, but even then it's your choice. In modern music parallel fifths are used quite frequently.
  16. Wow. No. It doesn't matter. I haven't been in here forever, but come on. No-one would be upset about that if the series wasn't about feminism.
  17. And supposedly it works with Kontakt Player, so you don't even have to buy that! I haven't used it much yet, but it does seem pretty great so far.
  18. Okay, I see it now. I couldn't find it before because I was looking under the voting section and in the social group. Ooops!
  19. Btw, I still don't see where this is written in the rules...maybe I'm completely missing it, but I can kind of understand why people thought they had an extra day last week. Also, I forget how this works...could someone explain how to access it?
  20. I'd be interested. To be fair, thinking in keys can sometimes be limiting and it's not always necessary to stay strictly in one key, however if you don't know the theory behind it all you should probably learn how to compose/arrange in one key before getting more creative.
  21. Week 1 Reviews...thanks to everyone for the feedback so far. The drums definitely weren't my strong point this week; I was trying something very new and I probably could have done a lot better if I'd had more time to play around with them. Bubbleman's Beach: I really like the writing in this, but I wasn't really hearing any integration of the 2 sources. Sample quality/humanization was a small issue, but it was mostly the percussion that I think needs to be stronger. Gravity Bandits: Love the sax but it could have used a lot more humanization. There was also some muddiness, especially toward th
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