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  1. Really cool, will be following this for sure.
  2. Ooh, cool. I'm taking Gaelic in University; just had my first class last week . My teacher linked us to this website which has audio samples for a lot of words. Might be of some help to you.
  3. I'm late to the party, but I wanted to give this a shot so I spent a few hours on it this afternoon. https://app.box.com/s/qw5e9p2fabpaoc8nhl71 Some things worked out better than others I think. It was my first time mixing vocals into a finished track so that was interesting. It took a while to work with all the backing vocals, but I think I was able to fit them in decently in the end. I'm not too happy with the drums. Those cymbals were especially difficult to work with. I hadn't listened to the original mix for a couple of weeks before I started and I hadn't listened to any of the versions
  4. I got my copy of the album a few days ago. So fucking good! Even some of the lyrics I didn't love at first are growing on me (Oh, My Dog keeps getting stuck in my head XD) and the guitar work is just wonderful. Congratulations on a fine release .
  5. I just saw this and of course it reminded me of you :P.

  6. I have that game! Literally the only Pokemon game I've ever played.
  7. Thanks guys, life is pretty great despite my name .
  8. I finally caved and made some electronica for this round. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  9. Geez, I just uploaded my track and what is soundcloud doing to my audio quality??
  10. Hey, I must have missed the previous email for Rocket Hub backers since I only just realized that the Hegg was released - Playing now.

    Have one question though: Is there supposed to be background music, because I'm on level 9 and there hasn't been any so far. Glitch?

  11. I talked about this with Manga Man a while ago, but I still think that there needs to be a stronger initial concept for what you guys want lyrically from each song. The notes that you have are good, but it's still difficult to figure out what exactly needs to happen story-wise in each track. I'm convinced that having a little piece of plot linked to each track ("This track needs to start here and end here") will help prospective writers a lot and make the overall album a lot more cohesive.
  12. This is a really cool arrangement. Somehow it reminded me of FF12 in several places.
  13. Just found out that Alissa White-Gluz is involved with this. So excited!
  14. This is really cool. Love the track and I plan on trying to mix this after I'm done my WCRG mix for this week!
  15. My guess is this describes anyone who does music, period.
  16. I've been composing since I was like 10 or something, lol. Not very well of course, but I would always sit down at the piano and make something up rather than play what I was supposed to. Or, like Angel, just hum melodies and make things up in my brain. I imagine that having that drive to create from a young age has helped me in some way when I started to really take composing/arranging seriously. At the very least, it made me realize that I was more happy writing my own stuff than playing things that other people have written.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5FHdFQkK9M Awesome!
  18. Anyone heard of this? It's a Rock Opera in video game form. So yeah. I'm already sold. Plus it has some pretty big names from the rock/metal community! Currently on indiegogo with 3 days left: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/karmaflow-the-rock-opera-videogame
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