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  1. You might want to check this out as well, I got an email about it the other day and it looks like an even better deal.
  2. Thanks guys And yeah, I agree with Tuberz. That was probably the best round yet!
  3. I don't know if you've heard of it, but Pocket Blakus is free (if you own Kontakt) and has both legato and spiccato patches (and a fantastic sound). It's not the greatest, and obviously it won't do anything for viola or violin spiccato, but it's worth a download considering it's free.
  4. Can do! That won't be very time consuming so I might as well just do it today. Expect something tonight or tomorrow .
  5. Hey, think you can PM me?

  6. Hey, think you can PM me?

  7. I want to put together a little video preview with clips of some of the closer-to-being-finished songs. What do you guys think? And what can I do for the video portion of it?
  8. Hopefully there's a better turn out this time than the last few rounds.
  9. Hey man, I've been having trouble getting in touch with you. Think you could PM me?

  10. Thanks for the feedback! I've learnt a lot in the last ~6 months and I definitely feel like each track I've worked on in that time has been better than the last. I understand EQ, Compression, etc. far better than I did when I was working on my earlier stuff, so I'm glad that it's a noticeable improvement. Also thanks for pointing out the harmony stuff. It's not really something I noticed while I was working on it because I guess I'm used to stuff that isn't completely harmonic or whatever, but I can definitely see where you're coming from. By the way, thanks so much MindWanderer for running this competition and to everyone I worked with and went up against. I've learnt so much from everyone and have really enjoyed listening to all the tracks.
  11. It is, but I have yet to hear it done well. DO IT BRANDON!
  12. The Wind Sings of a Journey is re-opened. Also there are a few people who have not returned my PMs about the missed deadline, so unfortunately I've had to reopen their tracks as well. All currently open tracks are below: The Wind Sings of a Journey Memory of Running Calmly Travelling To The Sea If any of you still want to participate (which I would love), please post here or PM me and I'll close your respective track again, but in the meantime if there's anyone else who is interested, please let me know as well. Thanks, Kuolema Need pics as proof. Glad to hear the track is coming along though . Edit: Accidentally Listed Wanderer's Path as re-opened the first time around. Sorry jane, my mistake .
  13. Wow, thanks! That means a lot to me. I'm really glad you like it . I'd definitely like to submit it, but I think I'm going to try and record it live before I do; I didn't really have enough time to learn the parts properly for the competition, so everything had to be sequenced. Once I've had some time to practice though I'm going to give it a shot.
  14. Wow, these mixes are a great way to close out the season. Everyone did a fantastic job!
  15. I'm done I think. Going to hold off on submitting for a few more hours though, just in case I get some last minute inspiration . Edit: Subbed!
  16. Solo piano pieces are awesome! If you can't record it before the deadline just take a shot at humanizing it yourself (Even a little bit of humanization can make a piece sound pretty good).
  17. This is pretty much exactly how I felt about that video.
  18. Part of the reason she needed the money was to buy the games she was going to be talking about. There's a picture floating around with her surrounded by stacks of video games that must have cost a good chunk of money. Also, we've only seen one video in a series that is intended to run for much longer. It's possible that later installments will be much more involved.
  19. Ah, I wish XD. I don't think you'll be too disappointed though .
  20. I should be submitting something. Just finished the arrangement after an excruciating week of trying to figure out which sources to use and how to fit them all together (Using 3 different time signatures in one piece when you have limited time isn't recommended XD).
  21. No worries, I remember talking with you a few months ago. Just let me know when you're able to get something done .