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  1. Been quiet here for a while...sorry about that. Contributors, expect a PM in the next couple of days.
  2. Love the arrangement! It's already been said, but I'm going to echo the trumpet criticism as it's really the only thing holding this mix back. Fantastic work with everything else, especially the guitar of course .
  3. I can't stop watching this now. So funny! They skipped a week two sundays ago. Not really sure why...
  4. Having read the books I knew what was coming, but damn...that was a hard scene to watch.
  5. Cool, looking forward to hearing it!

  6. Hey did you get my PM from a couple weeks ago? Just wondering if you're still in :).

  7. Fantastic news, congratulations! Now I'm looking forward to the release .
  8. I'm personally a big fan of booklet-lyrics, but if it'll save you money then by all means leave them out.
  9. Yeah, it's too bad turnout has been so low recently. Hopefully there will be revived interest in a few months. Congrats to all the participants though!
  10. I would definitely be okay with that . Really sucks about your guitar though...what happened?
  11. Damn, that's heavy! It kind of works though, I wouldn't have known those lead melodies were bass if you hadn't said so .
  12. You need ASIO if you're going to be doing any real-time recording, but for everything else Direct Sound is fine. I'm not really sure what you would use the program for if you're not going to be recording or using synths...what do you want to do?
  13. Yup, me too. To be fair I enjoyed most of it while I was watching, but by the time it was over I was really disappointed by how much of a mess it all was. They gave pretty much no indication of any of the character's motivations, and, partly as a result, the plot just didn't make any sense. I mean seriously. What the fuck were any of the villains trying to accomplish?
  14. I use free samples from http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/backline/529782-sharing-my-collection-drum-samples-here.html which is a collection of samples recorded by a whole bunch of different people, mostly for metal/rock. You have to go through and find what you like (some of the samples aren't so good), but there's plenty to choose from and they sound really good layered. One thing I've been looking for is free cymbal choke samples. It's a shot in the dark, but does anyone know of any?
  15. You should stick a link in your sig. I don't know if it will actually help, but it definitely couldn't hurt!
  16. I usually feel that the negatives outway the positives on the "classic" FF games. Really the only ones I like are 1 and 9. I also kind of like 10, but it does have some massive flaws that bring down the enjoyment level for me. 12, apart from the plot, is fantastic. I don't care what anyone says. Anyway, as a response to the question of why we forgive older games for having flaws, but not newer ones, I'd say that flaws don't make or break a game. My favorite games actually tend to have massive flaws, but if the pros outway those then it just doesn't matter. I don't play many modern games but I
  17. Only Children of Mana here. It's really bad, but I just can't get rid of it... O_o. What? Agree completely. I'm still baffled by how many people claim to like the plot.
  18. Yeah, this was really wtf... With something like that it's pretty unlikely that the police were wrong, but he's pleading not guilty... Well I guess you never know . I haven't actually heard any of the band's music, so I don't really have an emotional reaction on that level. Any fans?
  19. You can also right click on the item, select item properties and change the playback rate. This will let you be more accurate (if you need to be).
  20. Embertone is releasing their Solo Violin library next week and it sounds like it's going to be amazing; Definitely the best I've come across. Plus it's cheap (only $110) and it works with the free kontakt player. If you pre-order it before May 15th they're offering 20% off your next order. Not the greatest deal, but their stuff is really good, so it could come in handy!
  21. The Silent Hill series needs to be updated. I noticed http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00451/ doesn't list Theme of Laura (and possibly other sources) as a source even though it's clearly one of the dominant themes. http://vgmdb.net/album/1082 http://vgmdb.net/album/13384
  22. I've never been into the band, but it's amazing seeing all the messages from people/groups on facebook saying how much he inspired them.
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