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  1. So the deadline was yesterday, and I've only heard from a few people. If you haven't already, please shoot me a PM to let me know what's going on.
  2. Tensei pretty much said it all. For a long time I didn't get it either, but once you find someone you like it can be pretty easy to get into their videos.
  3. This is why I created this thread. Yeah, almost everyone out there is really bad at it, so it's nice to be able to find the people who are any good. I've watched a bit of retsupurae, but I don't really like their videos very much, they get pretty boring quick.
  4. So since 90% of everything is crap...who are some of your favorite LPers? Apart from a few people that I really love I have a pretty hard time finding anyone I enjoy watching, so I figured I'd start a thread to help filter it out. Anyone want to share?
  5. Shit, I forgot to vote this round. Sorry guys! Some really nice tracks this time around, had I remembered I don't know who I would have voted for.
  6. Really cool idea for this final round! The tracks I sent you at the beginning were totally just WIPs; practically no production and shoddy playing/crappy midi all over the place, but here they are: Man, I've still got to finish that Chrono Cross one... Edit: So yeah, I'm in
  7. Just under two weeks left until the next WIP date! How are everyone's tracks coming along?
  8. To be honest I'd kind of like to see somewhat more open-ended themes for this competition. I liked the pilot and ep. 1 a lot because they didn't really limit what games participants could choose from and yet they still maintained solid themes. It seems a bit unnecessary to me to put restrictions like no PC games on the theme. Anyway, just my thoughts on the subject, Probably not the best place to put this, but I just thought it was worth mentioning. I know coming up with themes isn't the easiest thing to do and otherwise I think you're doing a great job with the competition .
  9. Why is this directed towards DarkeSword?
  10. Where are all the stars? Hopefully we get a few more in here by Wednesday! That being said I think I'm going to step down for this round, I have other stuff I need to deal with for the moment and this probably won't help much. I'll do my best to get a bonus mix submitted though .
  11. I don't have any problems using my usb hardrive for most Kontakt libraries and I'm pretty sure it's only 5400 rpm. That being said it can't run libraries that require a lot of memory very well (Shreddage 2).
  12. I just got an email from Native Instruments: Looks like Komplete is actually going on sale for once .
  13. Great job everyone, there was some really cool stuff this round! Big thanks to ectogemia for all the help .
  14. I would be wary, I didn't have to show them anything when I bought Kontakt. I'd recommend shooting them an email to make sure it's legit before sending them any personal information.
  15. None of the ones I was a part of, though considering I haven't submitted any of them that's not surprising . Anyway that sucks about your entry Tuberz, it's really good. BTW, both of the sources you linked to are the same, any chance you could post the other one?
  16. Oops, I forgot to send my sources with the entry. I did Chrono Cross - Dilemma and Chrono Trigger - Schala's Theme (Yeah, I know...Sorry, I couldn't help it! XD). I'm looking forward to seeing just how many Chrono remixes there are this round .
  17. Actually, there's really no reason why you wouldn't be able to use soundcloud (as long as it doesn't change the filename). If you want you could use one of these though:
  18. Probably, but you might want to use something else just in case.